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Cunard Summer 2018 Launch!


Memorable adventures await with Cunards' new 2018 cruises. Temptation may arrive in the form of Transatlantic Crossings, US and Canada discoveries, Norway’s fjords, the Baltic Sea and St Petersburg, or a European short break. The Mediterranean is yours to explore, whether from Southampton or a fly-cruise, and you could also savour the sun-kissed Caribbean and Canary Islands


So.. What's new for Cunard in 2018?


Cunards' ships will make over 20 maiden visits in 2018:

Bodo; A visit to Bodo takes you into Europe’s northern extremes, as it occupies a peninsula just inside the Arctic Circle. 

Donegal; Killybegs is a natural deep-water harbour in County Donegal in Ireland. 

Gijon; The northern Spanish city has looked out onto the Bay of Biscay since ancient times. 

Haugesund; on Norway’s southwest shore, is graced with majestic vistas all around. 

Hvar; one of the best-known Croatian islands and with good reason. 

Klaipeda; Lithuania’s third largest city has stood for almost 800 years. 

La Rochelle; stands at around the mid-point of France’s western coast. 

Narvik; Considering its position 220km inside the Arctic Circle, Narvik is surprisingly mild, and this climate enabled its growth as an ice-free port for exporting iron ore. 

Port Mahon; One of the four main Balearics, Menorca has been inhabited since at least 2000BC, and one of its great intrigues are the 35 ancient monolithic stones scattered over the island. 

Portoroz; Here on Slovenia’s short coastline, Portoroz sits among mountainous backdrops and clear Adriatic waters. 

Portree; The village of Portree nestles among soaring hills on the east side of Skye, often known as the ‘Misty Isle.’ 

Propriano; on the southwest shore of Corsica, has an attractive centre of sand-coloured buildings with terracotta roofs, whose harbour shelters modest fishing boats and exclusive yachts. 

Puerto del Rosario; is the capital of Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands and a windsurfer’s paradise. 

Riga; Sitting on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava, Riga is the enchanting capital of Latvia. 

Rijeka; northern Croatia, the octagonal church of St Vitus Cathedral, the medieval Trsat lookout and a Roman arch are just a few of the highlights. 

Rockland; Standing on the rugged Maine coast, Rockland is small town with a red-brick charm and a harbour filled with traditional Windjammer sailing boats. 

Sept-Illes; stands on the Gulf of St Lawrence, where the legacy of the Innu people lives on in a setting of tranquil beauty. 

Taormina; occupies a charming clifftop setting on the beautiful island of Sicily. 

Visby; the largest town on the Swedish isle of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.




Cunard Special Event Cruises in 2018


In 2018, Cunard are delighted to once again host a number of cruises devoted to a specific theme or which coincide with a particular occasion or celebration. These intriguing event cruises can provide a real insight into the places you’ll visit, by combining knowledgeable speakers and exclusive events on board with an array of bespoke optional excursions once you step ashore.

So why not broaden your horizons or add a little extra discovery when planning your next holiday? Here are the wonderful special event cruises we have planned during 2018.

  • Voyage du Vin: Celebrating Cunard’s revised wine list, which represents more than 400 wines from 23 different countries, Queen Victoria’s first dedicated Voyage du Vin features an array of expertise from the world of fine wine, and calls at some of Europe's finest wine-producing regions. 1 June 2018, Queen Victoria. Click Here
  • Photographic Journey: Journey on board Queen Elizabeth to the Land of the Midnight Sun - experience the ethereal beauty of the Arctic Circle and learn how to capture the moment using your camera. With expert insight into the world of landscape photography, interactive workshops, and guided excursions ashore, you could take home new photography skills to last a lifetime. 1 July 2018, Queen Elizabeth. Click Here

  • Big Band Ball: This four-night jaunt features an overnight stay in Amsterdam. Explore its circular canals, picturesque bridges and tall gabled houses. You can also browse the vast Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, the moving Anne Frank House and various quirky collections around the city. 24 August 2018, Queen Elizabeth. Click Here
  • Transatlantic Fashion Week: Renowned for glamour, dressing up and unforgettable special occasions, we are delighted to once again bring you Queen Mary 2's annual Transatlantic Fashion Week. Join this luxurious flagship for a glamorous array of fashion shows, exhibitions, audiences with our special guests, hosted dinners and more, arriving into New York for New York Fashion Week. Graduates from world famous Fashion College and models from a leading modelling agency will also be on board. 2 September 2018, Queen Mary 2. Click Here

  • Journey of Genealogy: This route's wealth of history, links to the new world, and personal stories of emigration provide an evocative setting for a dedicated family history cruise. 4 November 2018, Queen Mary 2. Click Here



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