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 P&O Cruises Summer 2018 Launch


Your 2018 summer story starts here. With P&O's brand new collection and exceptional early booking offer, the new collection for 2018 is brimming with all the ingredients to make your summer story unforgettable. Find inspiration in a host of new itineraries visiting diverse destinations from the Greek islands to North America and Canada, plus a variety of holidays to classic summer spots including the Mediterranean and the Canaries.


So.. What's New for 2018?


  • A choice of Greek Island cruises onboard mid sized ships Aurora and Ventura. Places in which you can immerse yourself in the different culture, foods and architecture.
  • Due to popular demand, more long Norwegian Fjord cruises, with two 12-night Fjord immersion cruises (Arcadia J810, Aurora R808)
  • Both Azura and Aurora will operate a 14-night cruise to Iceland in 2018. Azura travels north to Reykjavik through the Irish Sea, calling at both the Orkney and Shetland Islands, whereas Aurora travels to Iceland via the Norwegian Fjords
  • New cruises to Canada & North America. From the sandy beaches, mansions and vineyards of New England, to the towering cliffs and rugged beauty of the Canadian coast; the area is rich with history, natural beauty and charm.
  • New range of Discovery cruises for 2018 - Discovery cruises are leisurely holidays that visit less frequented ports and are perfect for guests who’ve been to all the classic ports before.


Maiden Ports 



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