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Red Sea

A Middle East cruise offers the wonders of Egypt, the warm waters of the Red Sea and the modern cities, ancient fortifications, deserts, oases and beaches of the Persian Gulf. The Red Sea ports give access to beach and diving resorts and to the ancient wonders of Cairo, Luxor and Petra. Going south you enter the Arabian Sea explore the mysteries of Yemen and the rugged south coast of Oman. Entering the Persian Gulf, cruises will explore the beaches, markets and history of Oman, the Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

Red Sea

Cruise through the Suez Canal and you enter the Red Sea. Here you will find ports that give you access to the museums and pyramids of Cairo or the spectacular Valley of the Kings at Luxor. From Aqaba you can reach Jordan’s ‘Rose-Red’ city, Petra, and Lawrence of Arabia's Wadi Rum. Or you can explore the coral reefs in the warm waters of the Red Sea from beachside resorts like Sharm el Sheikh Beach. 


Crystal Symphony

Red Sea

04 Nov 17 - - 18 nts Cruise-Only

Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy; Alexandria/Cairo, Egypt; Ashdod, Isreal; Luxor &...