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Mini Cruise

A mini cruise is a great way to discover new places and enjoy a taste of life at sea. Consider it an introduction to a destination, or to cruising itself. Perhaps you want to find out exactly what life on board is like, or you want a short break with a difference.

There are plenty of mini-cruises departing from ports around the UK, to Belgium, Holland, France, around the British Isles and more. Or, if you want to go further a-field, fly abroad to meet your cruise ship at your chosen destination. Get a taste for adventure on a mini cruise holiday.


Mini Cruise

11 Aug 17 - - 4 nts Ex-UK

Southampton; Guernsey; Bruges (Zeebrugge); Southampton 

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Marco Polo

Mini Cruise

19 Aug 17 - - 1 nts Ex-UK

Greenock; Liverpool 

Queen Mary 2

Mini Cruise

19 Aug 17 - - 2 nts Cruise-Only

Southampton; Hamburg 

Queen Elizabeth

Mini Cruise

20 Aug 17 - - 5 nts Ex-UK

Southampton; Rotterdam; Bruges (Zeebrugge); Guernsey; Southampton 


Mini Cruise

25 Aug 17 - - 3 nts Ex-UK

Tilbury, London; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; Tilbury, London 

Queen Mary 2

Mini Cruise

29 Aug 17 - - 2 nts Cruise-Only

Hamburg; Southampton