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Silversea Cruises offers ultra-deluxe cruising at the very top end of the market and has established a good reputation for a lavish fully inclusive cruising experience.  

Silversea has eight luxurious ships providing spacious suite only accommodation. Silversea ships offer excellent service, the best cuisine, superb décor and facilties. They offer luxurious small ship cruises focusing upon the intimacy, close-knit camaraderie and the excitement of exploring secluded, rarely seen harbours where true adventure lies. Silversea ships offer richly abundant and highly personalised onboard experiences along with a meaningful and life-enriching travel experience for their guests.

Following the launch of Silver Cloud in 1994, Silver Wind in 1995, Silver Shadow in 2000 and Silver Whisper in 2001, Silversea Cruises introduced Silversea Expeditions aboard the Prince Albert II in 2008, offering the uncommon experience of authentic adventure combined with signature Silversea luxury. In late 2009, Silver Spirit debuted as Silversea's beautiful new flagship. In 2011, the expedition ship name was changed to Silver Explorer to better reflect the fleetwide luxury and more clearly describe the adventurous style of cruising unique to this vessel. Together, these magnificent Silversea cruise ships offer an expansive schedule of worldwide voyages that encompass all seven continents.

Sail directly into the heart of St Petersburg, down the Amazon River, under London's Tower Bridge and throughout Norway's breath-taking fjords. With over 700 destinations worldwide, longer stays in port including overnight you can indulge in close-up views and personalised opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of our wide world. From authentic polar expeditions aboard Silver Explorer to an unforgettable world cruise.

Silver Galapagos


14 Jul 18 - - 7 nts Cruise-Only

Baltra (Galapagos); El Barranco, Genovesa; Seymour Norte; El Eden, Santa Cruz;... 

Silver Wind

Northern Europe

17 Jul 18 - - 15 nts Cruise-Only

London (Tower Bridge); Haugesund, Norway; Flaam; Alesund; Bronnoysund; Leknes, Lofoten;... 

Silver Discoverer


19 Jul 18 - - 10 nts Cruise-Only

Broome; Yampi Sound; Raft Point; Hunter River Region; Vansittart Bay (Jar Island);... 

Silver Whisper


18 Aug 18 - - 10 nts Cruise-Only

Venice, Italy; Corinth Canal, Greece; Taormina, Sicily; Sorrento; Civitavecchia, Italy;... 

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