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Since 1991 Star Clippers Ltd. has offered sophisticated travellers the ultimate cruising vacation alternative – a tall ship “mega-yacht” experience aboard authentic re-creations of the classic sailing clipper ships that ruled the waves during the 19th century.

Star Clippers operates three of the largest barquentine and full-rigged sailing ships in the world. Star Clipper, Star Flyer and flagship, Royal Clipper are a triumvirate of four and five-masted sailing ships that offer the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht at a price which is often less than one would pay on a large, mass-marketed cruise ship. With Star Clippers, the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Krafft, has realized his lifelong dream to provide a unique sailing experience for his passengers in full harmony with the environment, the sea and often away from ports congested with tourists.

There is so much to do and see on a Star Clippers cruise. A marina platform conveniently lowers from under the Royal Clipper’s stern for diving and water sports and the Star Clipper and Star Flyer offer similar activities from the tender service or on-shore facilities. The friendly, professional Water Sports staff helps passengers enjoy more uncommon adventures, such as scuba diving along incredible reefs and largely undiscovered wrecks or snorkelling face-to-face with tropical fish and all passengers have access to complimentary water sports including banana boating, sunfish sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. 

Explore the Western Mediterranean with Star Clippers from Cruise Circle on Vimeo.

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