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 Voyages to Antiquity combine the relaxed, boutique feel of a club cruise with the ancient and historic ports of discovery cruising. They are ideal for those with an interest in the history, art, myths and architecture of the ancient world. They have carefully created a cruise experience which is designed for travellers who want to understand more about the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world.

The on-board atmosphere is friendly and congenial which enables you to get to know your like-minded fellow travellers. Whether it’s over dinner, in conversation about a lecture or on your designated shore excursion coach, friendships are easily formed. Passengers also appreciate the informal dress code. This along with the fine dining and fantastic service of a premium cruise line ensures a winning combination.

The onboard lecture programme connects you with the places you'll visit before you even set foot ashore. Celebrated guest speakers are carefully selected for their knowledge of the areas visited and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilisations and cultures to life.

Their small ship, Aegean Odyssey, is perfectly suited for island and coastal cruising enabling destination-rich itineraries. Aegean Odyssey often overnights in port, as evenings are the perfect time for clients to enjoy an aperitif or a stroll ashore.

Excursions, gratuities and house wine with meals are included. If you like to avoid crowds, wander around beautiful islands, cruise remote inlets, visit charming villages and explore ancient sites that are inaccessible to others, then these cruises are for you. 

Voyages to Antiquity recently received the 'Best for Enrichment' award at the 2018 Wave Awards and a British Travel Award for '2017 Best Specialist Cruise Line'. They have also won 'UK Cruisers Choice 2017 Best For Shore Excursions (Small Ship)' from Cruise Critic.

Itineraries consist of the Mediterranean and Northern European ports in the Summer plus South Africa, India and South East Asia in the Winter.

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