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Azamara Pursuit is comparable in size to the Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest, allowing guests access to unique ports that larger ships are unable to reach. Radiating small ship charm, she carries just 777 passengers. What this means is that in no time at all you’ll experience the cruising camaraderie that comes with being surrounded by friendly, familiar faces.

With wood-style panelling, a grand staircase and traditional artworks, her ambience and décor are in keeping with the traditions of cruising. Yet being a 21st century ship, (she was built in 2001) there is modernity to her detailing, all of which is beautifully crafted. Her Living Room offers far reaching views by day and live music by night, while the Cabaret Lounge offers full-stage musical revues, bands and a wide variety of other entertainment. There is dining overlooking the wake and enrichment seminars and lectures to enhance your cruise. There is a card room with panoramic ocean views, ample sunbathing space and restaurants which include Aqualina, Prime C and delicious nightly selections in the Discovery Restaurant. And of course being smaller, everything on Azamara Pursuit is just a short walk away.

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