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Do you love the idea of cruise holidays, but are put off by the idea of long queues, loud dining rooms and busy outdoor spaces on large cruise ships? If so, Azamara Quest is the ideal cruise ship for you!

The Azamara Quest is a luxurious boutique hotel at sea. A mid-sized ship that’s intimate but never crowded. Re-imagined staterooms include modern amenities, furnishings and European Linens. Azamara Quest has a high number of staterooms that include a veranda, perfect for taking in that fresh sea air and beautiful views first thing in a morning.

Azamara Quest combines the best of both large and small-scale cruise holidays into one fantastic premium cruise ship with a capacity of around 700 passengers and a relaxed, calm and friendly atmosphere. This cruise ship joined Azamara Cruises' fleet of mid-sized ships in 2007, and is designed to cater to a wide range of cruise holidays including family holidays, couples' holidays, luxury breaks and even budget holidays.

You will expect to find authentic service that goes beyond your expectations. Friendly, attentive and approachable staff are happy to offer everything from poolside service to recommendations for any on-shore adventures. You would also expect world-class dining options and spa experiences to relax and refresh, plus all-new entertainment offerings.

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