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Cunard Summer 2020 release  

Cunard Summer 2020 release


In summer 2020 the Cunard fleet will travel over 169,000 nautical miles visiting incredible places across Europe and around the World. The most famous Ocean Liners in the world call at 110 destinations in 34 different countries, including 14 overnight stays, 19 late evening departures, and 8 new maiden calls. Each voyage, whether it’s a 2-night short break or a 40 night Grand Voyage aims to ensure you feel inspired, feel special and feel free. 

Cunard’s deployment helps to set the brand apart by offering voyages that are different from those operated by other cruise lines:

Cunard are the only cruise company to offer a regular service of Transatlantic Crossings; the new summer 2020 product launch includes 19 new transatlantic crossings. Cunard consistently operates full-day calls in ports throughout all of their voyages. Over 86% of all Cunard's port calls on voyages in summer 2020 are between the hours of 9am to 5pm or longer, with the average time in port being 10 and a half hours per call.

The destinations that a Cunard voyage visits are one of the main reasons why guests choose to holiday with them. The most iconic destinations all share qualities that fit the Cunard brand values such as history, glamour, romance, and renown. Cunard ensure that all of their voyages feature destinations that consistently receive the highest scores in guest satisfaction. They have also included a number of voyages that are designed to appeal to experienced cruisers, which feature the perfect mix of favourite iconic ports with lesser-known destinations and hidden gems


So.. What's new for Cunard in 2020?


Summer 2020 will see eight brand new port calls for the Cunard fleet, plus a further four individual calls that are maiden ports for Queen Victoria:

Port Date Voyage 
Fleet Maiden Calls:    
Bornholm, Denmark 18/05/20 V016 
Nordfjordeid, Norway 03/06/20 V017 
Ringaskiddy (for tours to Cork), Ireland 09/06/20 V018 
Seward, USA 16/09/20 Q027 
Kushiro, Japan 24/09/20 Q027 
Tokyo, Japan 28/09/20 Q027 
Ishigaki, Japan 29/10/20 Q031 
Jakarta, Indonesia 10/11/20 Q033 
Ship maiden calls (Queen Victoria):    
Bodo, Norway 08/05/20 V015 
Riga, Latvia 25/05/20 V016 
Leknes, Norway 12/08/20 V023 
Skjolden, Norway 16/08/20 V023 


Some destinations offer so much for you to experience that Cunard believes they deserve two full days in port to truly do them justice. The overnight stays listed below allow for more in-depth exploration of the destinations. 

Port Date Voyage
Amsterdam, Netherlands 02/04/2020 V011 
Barcelona, Spain 11/09/2020 V026 
Hong Kong, China 31/10/2020 Q031 
Quebec, Canada 17/09/2020 M029 
Quebec, Canada 18/09/2020 M030 
Quebec, Canada 15/10/2020 M033 
Quebec, Canada 16/10/2020 M034 
Reykjavik, Iceland 26/06/2020 V019 
Reykjavik, Iceland 29/07/2020 V022 
Reykjavik, Iceland 08/08/2020 M024 
Singapore  07/11/2020 Q032 
St Petersburg, Russia 22/05/2020 V016 
St Petersburg, Russia 16/07/2020 V021 
St Petersburg, Russia 31/08/2020 V025 


Having plenty of time in port is important for getting the most out of a destination. Cunard offer a number of late evening departures to allow you time to explore at your leisure, and perhaps dine ashore or take a special evening tour. 

Port Date Voyage
Aomori, Japan 25/09/2020 Q027 
Aomori, Japan 13/10/2020 Q029 
Bodo, Norway 08/05/2020 V015 
Boston, USA 04/07/2020 M020 
Dublin, Ireland 10/06/2020 V018 
Halifax, Canada 01/07/2020 M020 
Hamburg, Germany 30/03/2020 V011 
Juneau, USA 11/09/2020  Q027 
Malaga (for tours to Granada), Spain 20/04/2020 V013 
Malaga (for tours to Granada), Spain 24/11/2020 V031 
Malaga (for tours to Granada), Spain 18/12/2020 V034 
Narvik, Norway 09/05/2020 V015 
Narvik, Norway 16/10/2020 V028 
Narvik, Norway 11/11/2020 V030 
Rotterdam (for tours to Amsterdam), Netherlands 21/08/2020 V024 
Sakaiminato, Japan 02/10/2020 Q028 
Southampton, UK 14/08/2020 M025 
Tromso, Norway 14/10/2020 V028 
Tromso, Norway 09/11/2020 V030 


The Transatlantic Crossings – Queen Mary 2


The Transatlantic Crossing on Queen Mary 2 is the ultimate Cunard experience, the most luxurious way to travel between the Old and New Worlds. Cunard’s Transatlantic Crossings are unique in being the only regular Transatlantic service and the world’s only remaining true ocean liner experience. Queen Mary 2 will make 19 Atlantic crossings from April to December 2020. 


Round trip Southampton voyages - Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2


During the summer 2020 programme, all of Queen Victoria’s voyages and selected Queen Mary 2 departures will operate round trip from Southampton. There’s a wonderful simplicity to a voyage that starts and ends in the UK and Cunard will offer:

  • 32 round trip Southampton cruises
  • The most popular destinations with voyages to the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Canada and New England
  • 1 Western Mediterranean voyage 
  • 1 Central Mediterranean voyage
  • 3 Canary Islands voyages
  • 3 Baltic voyages
  • 7 Short break voyages
  • 6 Norway Fjords voyages
  • 2 Northern Lights voyage
  • 1 British Isles voyages
  • 2 Iceland voyages
  • 3 UK-UK Canada/New England voyages 
  • A range of durations; voyages range from a 3 night Western Europe Short Break to a 28 Canada / New England voyage 


Asia and Australasia - Queen Elizabeth


Continuing with the exciting new voyage types first introduced in 2019 our intrepid voyager, Queen Elizabeth, will continue to roam among far-flung and beloved destinations to bring our guests a taste of the exotic in summer 2020. Starting in September, Queen Elizabeth will embark on three round trip voyages from Tokyo as well as Grand Voyages that cover the North Pacific, East Asia and Australia. These can be taken as shorter individual voyages from 2 to 18 nights, or grouped together into longer combinations of up to 40 nights, to satisfy any discerning guest’s need for exploration. 

The Cunard Fare


The Cunard Fare is available on all cruises at all times. You can enjoy the choice of stateroom number (subject to availability), Britannia guests will have the choice of early or late sitting in the main restaurant, subject to availability, and be eligible for upgrades (where and if available). In addition, and where available, will also benefit from a complimentary shuttle bus in selected ports. The Cunard Fare comes with a choice of additional benefits, including one of the below:

  • On board spending money Available on cruises of 7 nights or more. On board spending money varies by cruise duration and Meta category and applies to the first two guests sharing a cabin. This can be spent on shore excursions, drinks, spa, and in the shops. On board spending money is nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • Car Parking Available on all Southampton roundtrip cruises of 7 nights or more
  • Coach transfers Available on all Southampton roundtrip cruises of 7 nights or more


 Cunard World Club Member Saving


Cunard World Club Members will benefit from a 5% past passenger discount, available until 30th November 2018.


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