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A voyage to the music of the seas. MSC Musica not only launched a new class of ecological cruise ship, she launched a new class of cruise.

Life aboard is a feast for the senses, you’ll be dazzled by the extraordinary central foyer’s three-tier waterfall and see-through floating piano, suspended on a crystal floor above a pool of shimmering water.

The venues on board are equally inspiring, whether you’re dancing to a band in the dazzling Crystal Lounge, pausing in the stylish Havana Club cigar lounge, treating yourself to a wine tasting, gaming in the Sanremo Casino or sitting back to a superb live show in the stunning La Scala Theatre.

The delightfully varied cuisine on this beautiful ship simply excels - all freshly prepared in the traditional manner from prime ingredients. Indulge in succulent Italian gourmet specialities in Il Giardino, treat yourself to the wizardry of the Kaito Sushi Bar, or explore a luscious array of authentic Italian pizzas and more.

Step aboard MSC Musica and experience a magical world of warmth and music that makes every minute of your cruise an unforgettable moment to savour.

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