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MSC Seaview is the second of two identical ships in the Seaside generation. At 323 metres long with a GRT of 154,000 tonnes, the ship features a maximum capacity of 5,179 guests.

Inspired by a pioneering concept, MSC Seaview brings guests and the sea closer, her unique design features elements that make the most of the warmer weather. Guests will be able to spend time outdoors eating, drinking and relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine with some of the best sea views in the world. Guests can also enjoy an increased number of balcony cabins, sea views and public areas, with every element carefully planned to make the most of the sea and the sunshine.

Waterfront promenade to always enjoy the sun

The impressive 360°promenade with glass balustrades runs around the entire ship. This stunning public space acts as a lively recreation area where guests can stroll in the open air, eat and drink al fresco from a variety of bars and restaurants or shop in the boutiques, all the while providing spectacular sea views as far as the eye can see.

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