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Even before MSC Sinfonia sets sail, stepping on board is like embarking on a voyage of discovery.

Following a brief period of renovation, restyling and extension MSC Sinfonia has remerged with an impressive array of new features and facilities, now even better equipped to satisfy every need.

MSC Sinfonia is the second MSC Cruises ship to undergo renovations, after her sister ship MSC Armonia, Her renewed amenities and enriched onboard spaces mean that she now has even more balcony cabins, more spacious public areas, a greater choice of restaurants and new clubs dedicated to younger guests, including the outdoor Spray Park with exciting waterfalls and splashy water slides.

All this is just a taste of what a cruise on MSC Sinfonia can offer. There’s a world of new experiences to discover on board, day after day, moment after moment.

Because MSC Sinfonia is the ship that suits you offering an unforgettable experience.

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