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Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Spirit joined the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet in 2004, and offers a wide range of facilities, accommodation and activities for family holidays, luxury cruises and romantic breaks alike.

Whilst onboard make a trip to the Tivoli Pool, soak in one of the four outdoor hot tubs, or take the kids to Buccaneer's Wet and Wild. That's just the beginning - with 14 delicious dining options, 12 bars and lounges, the Maharaja's Casino, and the Roman Spa & Fitness centre at your fingertips, you're ready to have a holiday of a lifetime!

Norwegian Spirit has plenty of outdoor space, including a full wrap-around promenade deck, a jogging track and four decks of sunbathing areas. The interiors are just as impressive with a stunning two deck high atrium complete with three glass-walled lifts, as well as a wide array of shops and cafes leading off it.

Norwegian Cruise Lines pride themselves on their 'Freestyle Cruising' approach with no fixed dress code or set dining times. This is ideal for those who enjoy relaxed, casual holidays. 

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