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Refurbished in the spring of 2018 as part of The Norwegian Edge programme, Norwegian Sun is shining bright. Experience Bliss Ultra Lounge and dance the night away on Deck 6, head up to Deck 12 for Spinnaker Lounge, or grab a bite at Los Lobos Cantina. These are just a few of the exciting changes on board. Norwegian Cruise Lines pride themselves on their 'Freestyle Cruising' approach, and Norwegian Sun excels at this. Norwegian Sun entered service in 2001 and offers a wide range of facilities, accommodation and activities that are well suited to family holidays, luxury cruise holidays, budget breaks and romantic cruise holidays alike.

Norwegian Sun is a very spacious cruise ship, with an ultra-wide pool deck on the outside and a wide array of large and comfortable public rooms on the inside, as well as warm and contemporary décor. This cruise ship also has outstanding children’s facilities for fun and exciting family cruise holidays, and an overall casual and relaxed atmosphere that helps to make your time aboard Norwegian Sun so special.

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