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Pride of America

Aloha! Come aboard Pride of America, Norwegian Cruise Line’s only cruise ship that sails round trip from Honolulu year-round so you can holiday on your timetable. As you journey from one exotic island to the next, learn about the Hawaiian culture through the eyes of native ambassadors on board. Island hop Hawaii in style, with more than 15 restaurants and 12 bars and lounges, excellent family accommodations, spacious suites and balconies – perfect for whale watching, witnessing Kilauea Volcano or taking in the dramatic views of the Napali Coast. 

You will be immediately impressed by the Pride of America cruise ship thanks to its stunning eight deck high Capitol Atrium, which leads to many of the cruise ship’s most popular facilities, shops and entertainment.

Pride of America has all of the features you would expect from a large cruise ship, as well as a few unexpected surprises! These include the tropical-themed Conservatory, the Newbury Street Shops and Rascal's Kids' Club, which help to make cruises aboard Pride of America ideal for luxury holidays, bargain breaks and family cruise holidays alike.

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