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What does the P&O Drinks Package Include...


More reasons to say 'cheers'

To help you tailor your holiday just the way you like it, P&O have created four drinks packages that offer unbeatable choice and value. Each is available on any holiday of five nights or more and you can use your package in all the restaurants, bars and cafés on board. So, what’ll it be?

The ultimate drinks package - £39.95pp per day

Say ‘yes’ to a cocktail or simply sip your ‘usual’. Enjoy fantastic value and the choice of nearly every drink P&O serve. A Children’s package is included too. 

What’s included: An incredible array of beers, single-measure spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to £6.95 as listed on our menus | Unlimited draught soft drinks, mocktails, and small bottled water (500ml only) | Primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas, hot chocolates | 20% discount on the following items: drinks above £6.95, bottles of wine, large bottles of water, canned and bottled soft drinks, juices and smoothies | Travelling with children 16 or under? We’ll include the Children’s drinks package at no extra cost 

The Non-alcoholic drinks package - £19.95pp per day

From a poolside mocktail to a primo Costa coffee, take your pick from a huge range of refreshing soft drinks. 

What’s included: Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected juices, mocktails | Primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas, hot chocolates | Small bottled water (500ml only) | 20% discount on the following items: large bottles of water, canned and bottled premium soft drinks and juices 

The Hot drinks package - £10.95pp per day

With a choice of unlimited primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas and hot chocolates, it’s no wonder some like it hot. 

What’s included: Unlimited primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas and hot chocolates | 20% discount on the following items: large/medio Costa coffees and hot chocolates 

The Children’s drinks package - £7.95pp per day

We know how thirsty they get! Relax with unlimited selected soft drinks (also included with the Ultimate package).

What's included: Unlimited draught soft drinks, such as lemonade and cola | Selected juices | Primo/small hot chocolates


Launch dates for each ship:


Drinks packages will be available to buy onboard across P&O's fleet from the following dates:

Azura: 26 March 2019 | Britannia: 7th April 2019 | Aurora: 8 April 2019 | Oceana: 18 April 2019 | Ventura: 23 April 2019 | Arcadia 5 May 2019


Terms: The Ultimate drinks package excludes any drinks retailing above £6.95, all bottles of wine, large bottles of water (750ml/1.5L), canned or bottled premium soft drinks or juices and smoothies. The package does not apply to bottled spirits, bottled wine or any items offered in shops on board. The package cannot be used for Room Service or Mini-Bar items. The Ultimate drinks package excludes beverages offered via self-service or vending machines. The package may be used at all food and beverage venues and other areas such as public spaces that offer beverage service. The package is only available on cruises of five nights or more. Local tax may apply for certain ports or itineraries. Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6 am to 6 am). Ordering a double shot or a large glass of wine is not permitted under the programme as it counts as two drinks.

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