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Star Princess cruise ship at sea

The Star Princess is the sister ship of the Golden Princess and the Grand Princess cruise ships, and it entered service in February 2002. The ship's large size means that it can cater for an incredibly wide range of cruise holidays such as honeymoons, anniversaries, relaxing holidays, family holidays and luxury holidays alike.

Before they even step on board to begin their cruise holidays, passengers will be very impressed by the Star Princess thanks to its eye-catching spoiler at its stern, which transforms from an observation lounge in the day into a spectacular nightclub at night.

On the inside, the Star Princess is just as impressive, with one of the largest casinos at sea, an improved Lotus Spa and a huge Fun Zone for kids to enjoy. So, whatever your needs during cruise holidays, the Star Princess cruise ship has something for everyone!

The Princess Star cruise ship sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fancisco

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