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MV Aegean Odyssey is Voyages to Antiquity’s premium class ship and is traditionally elegant and sophisticated, without being overly formal. A boutique-style ship, the Aegean Odyssey has the intimacy of a small ship, providing magical sea and landscape views due to its ability to sail closer to the coast.

There is a particular pleasure that comes with cruising aboard a smaller ship. Hosting an average of just 350 passengers, Aegean Odyssey is no ‘floating city’. She is small enough to sail rivers and put into the more characterful ports inaccessible to the ‘mega-ships’, the service is more personal and you get plenty of time to interact with the onboard experts.

Priding itself on its educational entertainment, including lectures and scholar visits on subjects ranging from history and art, to food and culture, the Aegean Odyssey is ideal for anyone interested in discovering the history of the ancient world, in a relaxed environment.

With comfortable cabins of all kinds from large luxurious suites, to comfortable staterooms and cabins with and without balconies, there’s accommodation to suit everyone's needs.

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