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Explore, discover and fall in love with the world’s most romantic continent during cruise holidays to Europe. This part of the world is famed for its beautiful cities, picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine and rich cultural and historical heritage. Plus, with so much diversity and variety within Europe itself, cruise holidays to Europe suit a very wide range of cruise holidays.

For beach holidays, cruise holidays to Portugal and the Spanish towns of Alicante and Palma provide beautiful sandy beaches, stunning landscapes and excellent bars, restaurants and nightclubs. History and culture buffs will love cruises to Italy, Greece and Russia. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic shore excursions to historic buildings, churches and landmarks, and discover more about these beautiful countries.

Europe is also renowned for its delicious and varied cuisine, and lively café culture. The best destinations to explore for this during European cruise holidays are the Barcelona in Spain, and Amsterdam in Holland. With so much on offer, cruise holidays to Europe promise fantastic, exciting holidays you’ll never forget.

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Regal Princess

Mini Cruise

30 Oct 21 - - 4 nts Ex-UK

Southampton, United Kingdom; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Guernsey; Southampton, United Kingdom 

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