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World Cruise

The World Cruise - The classic cruise experience, circling the globe to explore new regions. Visiting more than 30 ports on a 3 month voyage, World-wide also includes segments of those cruises that cross two or more regions. Cruises can go in either direction around the world and can start in the UK, New York, Miami or Los Angeles. The most popular worldwide cruises are often those that follow the UK to Australia route but there are many combinations available that take in Africa, South America, India, southeast Asia, China, Japan and the Pacific.

Classic World Cruise

Going eastwards cruise the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and Red Sea to southern Arabia and the coast of India and Sri Lanka. Cross the Indian Ocean to visit Singapore, Bangkok and perhaps Hong Kong before travelling south to Australia and New Zealand. Now past the half way mark explore the islands of the south Pacific and then Hawaii, Los Angeles and through the Panama Canal to the islands of the Caribbean. The final leg crosses the Atlantic back to Europe.

South America and the Pacific

Another route might take you southwards from Europe across the Atlantic to South America, calling at Rio and Buenos Aires before rounding the Horn to cruise up the coast of Chile to Santiago. Striking out across the Pacific, cruises will visit Easter Island and the islands of Polynesia before arriving in New Zealand and Australia. Moving on to the Far East, China and Japan, the cruise ship may return to the UK via the Panama Canal and Caribbean.

Australia and Africa

A third route takes you southwards from Europe down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town and South Africa and out across the Indian Ocean to the Seychelles and Maldives. From there on to India, southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand before crossing the Pacific to the west coast of South America. Cruise Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia before passing through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and on to Europe.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides information about visa requirements and up to date travel advice. Visit:

MSC Magnifica

World Cruise

04 Jan 20 - - 116 nts Cruise-Only

Civitavecchia, Italy; Genoa; Marseille; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Funchal,... 

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World Cruise

06 Jan 20 - - 120 nts Ex-UK

Tilbury, London, United Kingdom; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel,... 

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Queen Mary 2

World Cruise

10 Jan 20 - - 99 nts Ex-UK

Southampton, United Kingdom; Lisbon, Portugal; Naples, Italy; Messina Strait, Italy;... 

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World Cruise

03 Oct 20 - - 79 nts Cruise-Only

Boston, Massachusetts, Usa; Newport, Rhode Island; New York, New York, Usa; Fort... 

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World Cruise

04 Jan 21 - - 74 nts Cruise-Only

Fort Lauderdale; Santa Marta, Colombia; San Blas Islands, Panama; Panama Canal Transit;... 

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World Cruise

04 Jan 21 - - 128 nts Cruise-Only

Fort Lauderdale; Scarborough, Tobago; Devil's Island, French Guiana; Amazon River,... 

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