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Silver Explorer

Silversea's Silver Explorer cruise ship in Alaska

Have you always wanted to explore the most remote corners of the world but have been unsure about going it alone? If so, why not choose cruise holidays on board the Silver Explorer cruise ship? This small and sleek cruise ship has been part of the Silversea Cruises fleet since 2008 after an extensive refurbishment programme, and offers expedition-style cruise holidays. 

The cruise ship itself is warmly decorated to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere, and guests will find an impressive range of public rooms and lounges to enjoy throughout cruise holidays. Plus, with a capacity of just 132, it’s very easy to mingle, meet new people and get to know everyone on board!

Passengers looking at the Silver Explorer cruise ship in Alaska

The Silver Explorer cruise ship specialises in Polar itineraries for its cruise holidays, and all guests will receive a pre-cruise amenities pack including a field guide, complimentary parka for polar voyages and water-resistant backpack. So, you can feel fully prepared for adventurous, exciting and unique cruise holidays aboard the Silver Explorer cruise ship.

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