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Silver Galapagos

The second of the Silverseas Expedition fleet, Silver Galapagos provides luxury and comfort, whilst sailing guests to the Galapagos Islands, one of the most incredible destinations for wildlife on earth, off the coast of Ecuador. Designed to navigate and explore the waterways of the islands, the ship is equipped with a fleet of zodiac boats, ideal for the offshore excursions into remote areas.

Silverseas Galapagos ship

Ideal for adventurous couples and groups of friends, the amenities and facilities available on board match that of a larger ship, whilst maintaining an intimate atmosphere. With a capacity of only 100 guests, the Silver Galapagos offers a once in a lifetime experience enjoyed amongst likeminded people, as well as a knowledgeable Expedition Team and certified Galapagos park guides. With a personalised butler service on board, fine dining and ocean-view rooms, sailing on the Silver Galapagos will be the trip of a lifetime.

Silverseas Galapagos ship

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