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Silver Whisper

View of Silversea's Silver Whisper cruise ship at sea

Are you in love with the idea of luxury cruise holidays, but not so in love with the idea of crowds, queues and noise? If so, then Silver Whisper could be the ideal cruise ship for your dream cruise holidays. This small cruise ship has a maximum capacity of just 382 and offers a wide range of facilities and amenities across its seven passenger decks, as well as an enjoyable yet relaxed atmosphere to enjoy throughout cruise holidays.

Guests will be immediately impressed by Silver Whisper's elegant and contemporary décor as well as Silversea Cruises' exceptionally high standards of service which help to make luxury cruise holidays aboard this cruise ship extra special.

Plus, you can choose Silversea Cruises' 'Personalised Voyages' to tailor your cruise holidays to suit your needs. Choose any ports on Silver Whisper's itinerary as your ports of embarkation and disembarkation for flexible and enjoyable cruise holidays.

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