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View of Silversea's Silver Wind cruise ship at sea

For highly personalised cruise holidays and excellent standards of service aboard a small, luxurious and sophisticated cruise ship, choose cruise holidays aboard Silver Wind. Second in the Silversea fleet, Silver Wind offers intimate, elegant cruising and the lifestyle on board Silver Wind is one of fewer guests, more space and features Silversea’s renowned personalised service to ensure that guests received the best in every aspect of their cruise holidays.

Relaxing and unwind during cruise holidays aboard Silver Wind is very easy to do. There are no loud announcements, no schedules, a variety of spacious public rooms and plenty of open deck space to enjoy, as well as a good mix of international passengers for enjoyable and relaxing cruise holidays.

So, Silver Wind is best suited to both regular and first-time cruisers looking for relaxed cruise holidays aboard a small and sophisticated cruise ship which delivers high standards in service, dining and accommodation.

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