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River Cruising


Do you know that we also offer river cruises?


Ocean cruises take you to countries, River cruises take you through countries.


River cruises are not yet featured on our website - Call us on 0800 023 1273


Although we don't advertise that we sell River Cruise's, we have access to all of the major River Cruise brands. Our prices are very competitive so before you call them directly please get in touch with us.

Embarking on a River Cruises will take you on unforgettable journeys across some of the world's most enchanting rivers whilst offering great dining, exceptional service and exciting itineraries. There is nothing more rewarding or relaxing than seeing the world from its great rivers. A river cruise can be one of the most culturally enriching travel experiences you can have. 

Maybe you've done most things, cruised the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Canary Islands and you just want to do something different. You might be missing out on the rest of Europe and the world. Most cruise ships are unable to go off the beaten track due to the sheer size of them. Many of the world's most beautiful cities lay within easy reach of the most beautiful rivers which cannot accommodate the cruise ship. You may think that river ships are 'bleak' or 'bland' but now thanks to the modern-day they continue to evolve, exuding style, elegance and offering something a little different. 

Compared to ocean ships, river cruise ships are much smaller, this allows them to sail deeper into the ports and the cities on your itinerary. River cruises tend to sail during the morning and night, mooring through the day so you can explore. There are no 'sea days', everyday is a new destination, making it a truly immersive cruising holiday. Outdoor space is maximised on a river cruise ship, featuring all-weather seating areas, swimming pools, and alfresco dining. River cruises usually cater to between 150 - 300 guests giving you a much more intimate cruising experience.

The options are endless, it isn't just Europe that you can venture too, there are some amazing itineraries around the world such as the Yangtze River in China, the Mekong in Asia, and the Mississippi in America for example. 

Most River Cruises include: ✔️Return flights ✔️River-view staterooms ✔️All onboard meals ✔️Selected drinks with lunch and dinner ✔️An included shore excursion in nearly every port ✔️Evening entertainment ✔️Onboard gratuities. River cruise ships carry around 200 passengers which means you'll benefit from no queuing, a more intimate experience, luxurious accommodation and a range of on-shore activities. 

Here's a list of our River Cruise friends:

  • AMA Waterways - Includes shore excursions in every port of call. All dining onboard (including The Chef's Table, speciality restaurant), Fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, Wi-Fi, and bicycles that you can use to explore on your own.
  • APT River Cruises - Fuel your wonder with the incredible River Cruising destinations. Relax on one of APT's award-winning river ships.
  • A-Rosa - Wake up in a new city everyday. Cruise along at a relaxed pace
  • Avalon - Avalon's Suite Ships feature one-of-a-kind Panorama Suites, with the widest-opening windows, the industry's only Open-Air Balcony, and beds facing the incredible views
  • CroisiEurope River Cruises - CroisiEurope has a fleet of more than 56 luxury cruise ships, sailing on the most beautiful rivers in Europe and worldwide. 
  • Crystal River Cruises - Voted #1 River Cruise Travel + Leisure's 2020 World's Best Awards
  • Emerald Waterways - An Emerald Waterways river cruise takes you on an unforgettable journey across some of the world’s most enchanting rivers. 
  • Fred. Olsen River Cruises - Expertly crafted to offer relaxing and rewarding and unforgettable cruise holiday
  • Hebridean River CruisesA truly unique way to see Europe. From onboard the majestic river cruiser, Royal Crown, you can sail into the heart of iconic towns and romantic cities
  • Leger River Cruises - Stepping on board a Leger river cruise holiday offers more than you may think.
  • Scenic River Cruises -  everything's included. From the moment you step onboard your luxurious Scenic Space-Ship you rarely, if ever, have to dip into your wallet to pay for anything. 
  • Uniworld River CruisesTheir collection of boutique hotels is known for their destination-inspired interior décor, gracious service and carefully selected amenities
  • Viking - Journey into the heart of Europe, Russia, Asia, Egypt, the Upper and Lower Mississippi, and beyond on a culturally immersive scenic cruise. 


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