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French Daze & Ibiza Nights

4th Aug 2024 | 7 nights | Virgin Voyages | Scarlet Lady

Adult only | All dining, tips & Wi-Fi included
Essential drinks & group work-out classes included
Palma de Mallorca
Adult only | All dining, tips & Wi-Fi included
Essential drinks & group work-out classes included
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8th Aug 2024 Thursday
Palma de Mallorca
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11th Aug 2024 Sunday

With Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages has ripped up the rule book with a cruise ship experience that caters for a demographic that may have never thought of cruising as a holiday option. The ship made its debut on the world stage in February 2020, but it was not until August 2021 that Virgin's Scarlet Lady set out on its inaugural cruise, starting with a series of short sailings to nowhere in the U.K. before moving to Miami in fall 2021. It's safe to say that the line's first adults-only ship (more are on their way) divides opinion. You want on trend food, late night sexy shows and a tattoo? Scarlet Lady could be for you. You want set dining times, formal nights and revue-style entertainment? Perhaps look elsewhere. But before you roll your eyes, it's not just about clever word play and simply renaming traditional cruise venues -- Virgin has genuinely tried to do something different.

The Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship Offers a Hip Adult-Only Experience

From the moment you board, the ship sets the mood. You walk into a glass-encased entrance which refracts light in a stream of rainbow colours, leading into what Virgin calls "the roundabout." There's a DJ spinning vinyl records at great volume, people are sitting around sipping cocktails, tattooed baristas hurry back and forth -- it's designed to be like a hip hotel lobby, not your typical cruise ship atrium. And that's the aesthetic Virgin is trying to create. Scarlet Lady is more similar to a W Hotel than it is to a cruise ship, from the mood lighting in the corridors and the design of the cabins to the main reception and the dining venues. It manages to deftly combine this with nautical touches and a nod to tradition, however. The promenade deck wraps right around the ship (rare in modern vessels), for example, but it's not an empty space with a few spots for deck chairs -- it's got seating, bars and restaurants, creating a buzzing atmosphere on a warm Caribbean night. Scarlet Lady’s deck plans are well laid out, and keep fun and rest separate, so that passengers can get a good night’s sleep after hitting the lively bars and music venues onboard. Only two decks have a mix of cabins and entertainment – namely decks 5 and 15, which are also the only ones that could be subject to more noise coming from above: Deck 5 is right below the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady’s casino and the atrium; deck 15 is also home to the pool, the gym, and some restaurants. With a maximum capacity of 2,770 passengers, Scarlet Lady could be a loud, hectic ship, but Virgin Voyages has gone to great lengths to make sure noise is kept at bay, with soundproofing and vibration-reducing systems in cabins and public areas.

Virgin Voyages Has Put a Lot of Thought into Scarlet Lady Activities, Cabins and Restaurants

The Virgin way is not just show. Special attention has been given to the food, which is exceptional. There is no main dining room, and each restaurant gets its own galley, executive chef and team, meaning both the food and the service is outstanding. We were genuinely impressed by the quality and the variety, from molecular gastronomy Test Kitchen (our favourite) to Korean BBQ Gunbae and vegetarian Razzle Dazzle and The Galley, essentially a food hall at sea. We were blown away by the entertainment -- a show called Duel Reality, which is a riff on Romeo & Juliet/West Side Story, with some of the most amazing -- in fact, the most amazing -- acrobatics we have ever seen. And it's immersive if you are in the front row. An impressive 86 percent of Scarlet Lady cruise ship’s cabins (or Sea Terraces) have a balcony, which are deeper and wider than on many other ships -- and each has a hammock, which is a really lovely touch. The cabins' design, with the walls at a slight angle, makes them less cookie-cutter than your traditional cruise ship, though it does mean shower rooms are smaller (yet they still have modern glass doors). Staff are cheery (wait for your first “Ahoy”) and empowered – sleeves rolled up, tattoos on display, piercings and stylish haircuts de rigueur. There’s a vibe onboard this ship like no other, almost like you are a specially invited guest. That’s a “rockstar” in Virgin parlance, and really that’s how the ship and the crew make you feel.

Drinks on Virgin Voyages

One of the most common questions among those planning a cruise is, Are drinks included? Virgin Voyages has gone the extra mile with its inclusions and offers a range of free basic beverages that include branded sodas to all passengers. This is a notch above the standard water-tea-coffee offerings in most other lines. Alcoholic drinks are to be purchased separately and drink and beverage packages are not offered. Virgin Voyages drink costs are comparable to other cruise lines, however, and the prices include tips, so there are no surprises when settling the bill. 

Daytime Things to Do on Scarlet Lady

You won't find a paper program left on your bed every evening telling you the next day's events -- you'll find it all on your app, which you are heartily encouraged to use. By cruise ship standards, it's a great app and does not rely on Wi-Fi. It shows you all the day-to-day activities for which you need to make bookings for such as Yoga or Pilates classes, shows, performances, restaurants and events -- and suggestions for other things you might want to try out. There is always something going on in The Roundabout, with a DJ mixing tunes and plenty of seats to sit and people watch. Daytime events include workout classes on deck and in the Manor -- some themed, such as an 80s workout (no charge). Social Club has a selection of free games available such as air hockey, foosball and shuffleboard. Adjacent to here is The Arcade, which has a selection of classic video games like Space Invaders and Pacman. You can book a mixology class (for a fee) and a coffee crafting class -- or you could always get a tattoo at Squid Ink. *Tip: Fitness classes fill up fast; book early.

Nightlife on Scarlet Lady

The ship really comes into its own at night, with live music, a DJ, dancing and impromptu performances taking place in almost all the public spaces. In terms of regular performances, drop into The Dock and you may find someone next to you starts playing a musical instrument before all the band rise up around you and start performing a wonderful piece called Phantom Tales, which is a folky-type series of micro-plays and mournful songs. The band also sometimes perform outside on deck.

You'll want to book ahead for Never Sleep Alone, in which resident sexologist, Dr. A, dispenses her unique brand of fearless and playful advice in this interactive, late-night cabaret that puts you at the helm of your sexual destiny. It's not for the faint of heart -- and if you're in the front row, expect to be dragged onto stage to perform, ahem, simulated sex acts or learn top tips.

You'll also find a DJ spinning tunes in the Roundabout.

You'll find the Casino on Deck 6, right outside the Manor and on your way from the Red Room to Sip, the ship's Champagne bar. There is small bar here as well as Smoking Room at the back. There are 115 slots as well as craps, roulette, electronic Texas Hold 'em and Baccarat. *Tip: Promotions take place every day; check your app for details. And once a cruise there is Scarlet Night, where you are encouraged to wear red and join the party on the pool deck after the top-deck show, Odysea.

Theatre and Shows on Scarlet Lady

The Red Room would be called the main theatre on other ships, and would show Broadway-style productions and/or musically-led revue type shows. On Scarlet Lady it's a little different: Seats are not fixed and can be configured so audiences are in the round, facing each other or in a more traditional theatre layout. The seats can also be pushed back completely so the stage becomes a dance floor. We watched one of the best shows we've seen at sea -- Duel Reality -- in which West Side Story and Romeo Juliet are given a contemporary twist with street dancing, gravity defying acrobatics and if you are in the front row, an immersive twist. 

"The best nightclub at sea," as CEO Tom McAlpin calls **The Manor** certainly a step up from what you find on many ships. Accessed by a mirrored, glittering corridor opening out into a double-height space with a dance floor, retractable stage and lots of seating both on the dance floor and hidden around the club, it's a stand-out venue. On any given night you might get a live band followed by a DJ set. You can choose to be a part of the action or look down from the gallery which surrounds the dance floor above. It is named after the original Virgin recording studio. *Tip: Take a selfie in the glittering corridor.

Bars & Nightlife

Scarlet Lady has a multitude of places to drink both inside and outside. Unlike most cruise lines, the ship does not offer a drink package. Instead, you can set up a "bar tab" that gives you incentives for pre-paying before you arrive.

Our Picks

**For a Rock Star:** You'll have to be resident in Rock Star Quarters (or know someone who is) to get in to Richard's Rooftop on Deck 16, but it's worth it (think Nikki Beach), with craft cocktails, a DJ set and plenty of space to chill.

**For a Pint:** Draught Haus, nestled below the sweeping circular stairway and offering eight beers on tap, a wide range of bottled artisanal beers, shots, shot-cocktails and boilermakers. The bar also offer a growler service, so you can enjoy beers anywhere on the ship.

**For Something Elegant:** A bright pink Jeroboam of Moet greets you in the doorway of Sip Lounge and sets the tone for this beautifully designed bar which curves along the side of the ship. The bar itself is stunning, reminiscent of a 1920s Art Deco New York bar, all glass and brass, serving a wide range of Champagnes and cocktails; as well as High Tea in the afternoon. You can also use the Virgin app to "shake for Champagne" service anywhere on the ship.

**For a Quiet Drink:** There's nowhere "quiet" exactly onboard, but you might find a teeny bit in The Dock House (Deck 7), towards the aft of the ship during the day (at night you may get some impromptu music pop up).

**For a Sing Song:** The Groupie is the ship's karaoke area. Bag one of four private karaoke booths with your friends and sing your hearts out.

**For a Fine Cup of Joe:** Grounds Club. The coffee here is outstanding, hand crafted to perfection, with a selection of fresh pastries. The perfect morning pick-me-up.

Outside Recreation on Scarlet Lady

Pools and Hot Tubs on Scarlet Lady

There are just two pools onboard, which we feel is a bit of a design flaw. Both are part of The Aquatic Club on Deck 15. The main pool is tiny in terms of swimming area, but bigger when you include the dipping space. There is a second pool towards the aft which is supposedly the biggest Jacuzzi at sea. There is a hot tub beside it.

Sun decks on Scarlet Lady

There is plenty of space dedicated to sunbathing -- most of Deck 15 around the two pools and all the way to the aft of the ship where you'll find large circular loungers for sprawling. In addition, there are numbered Dutch-influenced hooded beach chairs called Strandkorb. On Deck 16, there is even more sunbathing space, including private cabanas with drink service to rent; Richard's Rooftop bar for suite guests and an area called The Perch where there's a large net, inspired by sailing ships, where you can lounge.

Redemption Spa and Thermal Suite on Scarlet Lady

We love this space's Thermal Suite and are happy to admit that we spent a considerable amount of time here. Is it worth $70 for a day pass? No, not really, unless you stay all day; but if you do like a thermal suite, then this is one of the best we've spent time in. What stood out for us was the variety of experiences: a mud room; a steam room; a salt room; a sauna; two cold tubs and one hot tub and a pool; plus plenty of heated loungers with lovely views out of the porthole windows, almost at sea level. It was tranquil and calming; a lovely space to retreat to from the craziness on the rest of this ship. There are all the usual treatments available with a hefty price tag attached. One thing that you'll notice is that pampering services such as the salon and mani pedis have been split away from the overall spa area. We love that the nail salon is right near the pool -- where better to fix a chipped pedi? The salon is down below, and right next to the first M.A.C. makeup store at sea.

Fitness and Gyms on Scarlet Lady

Virgin has gone all out with fitness, with a lot of real estate dedicated to it. You'll find everything on the upper decks including two rooms dedicated to fitness -- **Bike and Burn**, which has treadmills and stationary bikes. On the other side, there's **Build & Balance**, which has weights and a yoga studio -- with (hallelujah!) a dedicated yoga instructor, who knows her downward dogs from her vinyasas. In another first at sea, the ships has a bright-red, raised dedicated running/walking track above Deck 16. Having a separate track means you'll never have to dodge deck chairs, disgruntled passengers or heavily laden waiters. It's clearly marked (6 laps = a mile) and there are two lanes. Again, it's a case of rethinking what works and what doesn't and coming up with an elegant solution. There's also a basketball cage and a separate "Athletics Club" with outdoor training equipment and even a boxing ring. Fitness classes are free and offered all day long.

Free Restaurants on Scarlet Lady

All dining is included in the Scarlet Lady cruise fare and there is no main dining room. If you want to splurge on something fancy like fruits de mer or a fine cut steak or Champagne, however, that will cost you extra. There are a total of nine restaurants to choose from covering everything from Italian to Korean, Mexican and a first-at-sea, vegetarian. Virgin has done away with shared galleys, so each venue has its own kitchen, staff, chef and servers, meaning the quality and service is high across the board. Test Kitchen, for example, is as good as any fine dining venue we've eaten at in London or New York -- and is free. The line has also brought in some big names to help oversee the food -- Brad Farmerie of PUBLIC in NYC and Sohui Kim of the Good Fork and Insa in NYC are just two. Each venue also has its own bar with specific drinks, so if you want to go to one restaurant for a drink or snack, then another for dinner, the ship is set up to do so.

Extra Virgin: Scarlet Lady's trattoria-inspired Italian venue serves regional dishes and handmade pasta made daily. Also on the menu are a variety of Amari, digestive and other traditional Italian aperitifs. The wine menu will feature an infographic to help diners better understand Italian wine and pick out the right option for them. Extra Virgin also has an Aperitivo hour each day with drink specials and small plates.

Gunbae: Meaning cheers or bottoms up in Korean, Gunbae is a Korean BBQ restaurant featuring specially designed flameless grills built into the tables so that diners can cook their own meals if they so wish (or get your server to). The entire experience begins with a complimentary round of soju (like sake)for the table plus a drinking game. The food is fine, not exceptional; it's the setting and the participating that makes this a memorable night. There's also a fatal flaw if you are mixed eaters: vegetarians have to have their food cooked first and so eat out of time with the carnivores.

Pink Agave (Deck 5): Pink Agave is an upscale Mexican restaurant featuring electric blue metallic lighting fixtures, oversized banquet tables and porthole windows. On the menu don't expect typical Tex-Mex fare like quesadillas, tortillas and nachos, instead you'll find real Mexican items such as tlayudas, memelas, sopas, tortas, esquites, and tamales like you'd find in Mexico City. All meant to be sharing plates, so they come in around mid-sized. Be warned, though, portions err on the large side so when it comes to ordering your appetizer you may want to plan ahead. The restaurant features a bar area in the foyer with what the line is claiming to be the largest collection of mezcals at sea. There is also a private dining room for larger groups.

Test Kitchen (Deck 6): This restaurant is designed to encourage diners to think about their food from a new perspective. The entryway features lighting fixtures that mimic the periodic table to get people into the mood of the laboratory-like environment with design elements that include metallic furniture, beakers and test tubes. The chef-driven set menus are presented in the form of an ingredient list and diners follow along as the chef combines the list of flavours throughout the course of the meal Test Kitchen offers a six-course tasting menu based on different ingredients that day, with the food based around that. You can pair it with wine or cocktails or beer for a $35 additional fee. The food is exquisitely prepared and presented and carefully explained, and the whole meal lasts around two and a half hours. On land, this would cost you at least $150, perhaps more, and would carry a significant upcharge on other ships. If you're lucky, you can meet the British chef afterwards who will explain how he wanted to create a restaurant experience as good as any on land, and he has succeeded. This venue also hosts a number of different experiences throughout the voyage from cooking classes, to mixology school and even coffee labs.

The Dock House (Deck 7): Set at the back of the ship on Deck 7, this alfresco eatery is a beach club-inspired space serving Mediterranean small plates, salads, dips and mezzes. Flame-grilled skewers are also be available for those who want a hot meal. In the evening, there's live music, which can start unexpectedly all around you (look out who you are sitting next to). There is also an inside area called The Dock for pre-dinner cocktails.

The Galley: This space acts as the buffet, but is modelled after the popular food halls or market places (think Whole Foods or a deli) you'll find in many cities, The Galley is where you can grab a quick, casual meal throughout the day. Rather than the traditional islands or rows with different foods, this is a mixture of counters and food areas. Menus are via QR code, but orders are taken in person (you can help yourself to drinks though, and brand sodas are included). Among the options on offer are a dedicated bakery and pastry shop, a panini shop, a burger grill, a taco shack, a sushi bar with bento boxes, a noodle bar, a soup and salad stand, and a 24-hour American-style diner where breakfast is served all day.

The Pizza Place (Deck 6): Pizza lovers can choose off the classic menu at this spot, where pies are always made fresh, or design their own based on a variety of ingredients. The casual spot has a beach club-inspired design with white and pastel coloured furniture, as well as hammocks for lounging.

Razzle Dazzle: Razzle Dazzle is the first vegetarian restaurant at sea, and we applaud Virgin for that. The cuisine here is astonishingly varied and made even this meat eater sit up and take notice (it also helps that if you do drag your meat-eating friend here, there are a few non-veg options hidden away). It gets its name and design from the practice of camouflaging ships during World Wars I and II using patterns of black and white paint. On the menu is a selection of vegetarian and vegan fare, as well as a juice bar. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast might include: "Avo toast: siracha, watermelon radish, finger lime, toasted seeds." and "Coconut milk fairy toast: brioche, condensed milk, rainbow sprinkles," and that's just for breakfast. It's all very Insta-friendly, but is it edible? Well annoyingly it is. We opted for a turmeric egg scramble: sofrito, salted yoghurt, mint and ztb sourdough. It's always fun to try food items you've never heard of. Dinner options might include mushroom tartare, gazpacho or melon salad; mains might include "fish" (crispy banana blossom) and chips; or an impossible burger. Under the naughty section you can choose pasta with fennel braised pork, salmon and chicken options. But food's not the only thing on the menu at Razzle Dazzle; diners will be treated to a performance by Scarlet Lady's resident drag performer and friends. For an extra fee, you can also can opt to enjoy bottomless drag-inspired cocktails.

The Wake: The largest restaurant onboard, this 5,866-square-foot dining venue is located at the back of the ship, offering beautiful views of the ship's wake. It's also the nearest the ship comes to a MDR in terms of layout, location and fanciness -- if you're going to dress up one night, it would be to come here. The Wake serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. At night, it is very much a steak and seafood space with offerings that include salads and ceviche to start, a raw bar (with an upcharge) and a selection of steaks (some with a surcharge), lamb chops, chicken and fish. The New York strip was a contender for the best we have had at sea. Note, there are limited vegetarian options. There is an excellent wine selection, with grape varietals from around the world (though note it's not cheap).

Our Picks:

**Veggie:** If you are vegetarian or a vegan, there's only one choice -- Razzle Dazzle.

**Experimental:** Test Kitchen gets our vote for best experience -- if you are foodie and enjoy your wines, then definitely opt for this.

**With friends:** Gunbae is a lot of fun if you are in a group and you like Korean cuisine.

**Surf & Turf:** The Wake: serves an outstanding selection of steaks and seafood options.

The vast majority of the Scarlet Lady cruise ship’s cabins have balconies (or terraces, as Virgin calls them); and 93 percent have ocean views. There are three basic cabin types on Scarlet Lady: Insider (Interior, no window), Sea View (with a porthole window), and Sea Terrace (with a balcony and rope hammock). Everything else is a variation on this, including the suites (Rock Star Quarters), of which there are a wide range. Note too, that cabin numbers are the same either side of the ship, they are not odd or even -- the letter A is Port side, Z is starboard (this is a nod to airline configuration). There are no key cards; Virgin uses wearable tech that opens your door and pays your bills. Expect everything you would expect in a hotel room, just in a smaller space. A standard cabin on Scarlet Lady varies from 105-265 square feet (by contrast, a typical hotel room in the U.S. is around 330 sq ft).

The Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship Rooms Feature Lots of Thoughtful Touches

At 105 square feet, the Inside cabin on the Scarlet Lady cruise ship is the smallest of all three types and a tad snug by industry standards. However, to create a feeling of more space, Virgin has tweaked the typical layout you might expect on a cruise ship.

That goes as far as the patented design so the cabins are not a uniform shape. Some start narrow and open up, then either side they start slightly wider then narrow, creating an illusion of extra space. There's also no separate sofa (see below), and most furniture can be stored away, which makes them feel more spacious.

All cabins have a double bed which can be divided into two, although friends traveling together should note; you'll be sleeping foot to foot in an L shape configuration, as opposed to having the beds pulled apart side by side. During the day, the bed becomes a sofa. Pullman beds drop from the ceiling if you're looking to fit more people inside. There is a flat-screen interactive TV, a fixed iPad which controls most of what's going on in your room (TV, lighting and curtains, which open when you come into your cabin), hanging space hidden by a curtain, drawers, safe, a mini fridge, fixed desk with numerous charging and USB points, a stool and a small table, both of which fit under the desk, and a chair. There are also charging points beside the bed.

Sea Terrace cabins have balconies that are square-shaped and include two chairs and a signature Virgin red hammock.

A few nice touches: Two carafes of water are left by the desk every day and there is an evening turn down service in which your sofa will be returned to bed mode. There are no "Make up my Room" or Do Not Disturb" signs -- there is a switch in the wardrobe. All standard cabins have a shower room with glass doors, a large rain shower head plus a hand-held spray, Virgin-branded shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and a clothesline for drying. There is a single basin with and a small cupboard with shelves below as well as the toilet

Scarlet Lady Suites Were Designed by Tom Dixon and Come with Great Perks

There are 78 suites in Scarlet Lady's "Rock Star Quarters", a semi-enclave towards the top and front of the ship designed by Tom Dixon. These vary in style and layout and are divided into two categories: Mega Rockstars and Rockstars (see below). All eight suite types come with the following perks: · VIP boarding through a separate entrance · Priority booking access · Dedicated onboard agents on call 24/7 · Dedicated wardrobe team to help them unpack and complimentary pressing service and nightly express swimsuit drying service · Access to "Richard's Rooftop", a top-deck sundeck and bar · Upgraded Wi-Fi and complimentary on-demand in-room movies · Fully stocked, in-room bar (first round on Virgin) All suites come with the following features: loungers, a hammock (or hammocks); a living area with large sofas and foot stools and a marble desk; a "Peek-a-boo" inside shower (you'll be able to see your cabin mate bathing), marble bathrooms, king-sized beds and a glass vanity. However, the Massive is the only one which has an actual separate bedroom (Guitar room).

RockStar Suites on Scarlet Lady

Brilliant (481.7 sq ft): This has a sofa which converts into a bed and is the only suite at this level that is designed to sleep up to four people. There are 18 of these.

Cheeky Corner Suite: There are 14 of these, which come in three versions and vary considerably in size when you include the terrace square footage: Biggest Terrace (6), Even Bigger Terrace (4) and Pretty Big Terrace (4). It has a corner sofa and a large wardrobe.

Seriously Suite (352 sq ft): This is the ship's most popular suite. Sleep two; 24 onboard.

Sweet Aft Suite: There are seven of these, all at the aft of the ship and like the Cheeky Corner, come in three types depending on the size of their terraces (416-661 sq ft).

Mega Rockstar Suites All Mega Rockstar Suites come with the following additional perks: · Hair and makeup team available · Free access to the Redemption Spa thermal suite · Complimentary laundry · Curated "Shore Things" (excursions) at every port · Dedicated riders to deal with specific requests These suites also have an outdoor ("Peek-a-View") shower, a turntable with your choice of vinyl, as well as all the features above.

Massive: This 2,147 sq ft space is really a homage to the Virgin brand, complete with a guitar room, gold discs and a turntable with your choice of vinyl. There are two bedrooms (the guitar room acts as the second bedroom); the main has a vast double bed and a marble-lined bathroom with a tub, a "Peek-a-Boo" shower which looks into the main bedroom and out to sea. The living room has a bottomless bar, a huge circular sofa and the turntable. The terrace is huge, with a hot tub, dining table with stairs (so you can dance on top, a la Richard Branson, should you wish), a huge sofa and arm chairs and a raised area for sun salutations. There are two of these onboard. Sleeps up to four.

The other three suite types are (considerably) scaled down versions of the Massive:

Fab: (950 sq ft.). An open wall separates the space in these suites, so creating a living area with a sofa that converts to a bed and a separate half bathroom. Sleeps up to four. There are two of these.

Posh: (833 sq ft.). Similar but smaller to Fab, and also with a separate living area that can convert into a bedroom. Sleeps up to four. There are two of these.

Gorgeous: (570 sq ft.). This also has separate living and lounge areas and can sleep up to four. There are nine of these.

Cruise Critic's Best Cabins on Scarlet Lady

**On a budget:** Insider. These range from a stomach-inhaling 105 square feet (tiny) to 177 square feet. If you plan to party all night and use your cabin as a crash pad only then go for one of these.

**Standard:** Sea Terrace. These are ideal for most couples and with a price tag of around $500 per cabin, per cruise, it's worth it for the extra space and the balcony.

Deck 4
Deck 5
Deck 6
Deck 7
Deck 8
Deck 9
Deck 10
Deck 11
Deck 12
Deck 13
Deck 14
Deck 15
Deck 16
Deck 17

Best for...

Anyone with an active Instagram account and those looking for a trendy downtown vibe on their holiday

Not the best for...

Early-to-bed travellers and anyone who is looking for a traditional at-sea experience

Who goes on Virgin Voyages cruise ships?

Virgin Voyages will appeal to a broad range of travellers. Early reports are that most booked guests are aged 37-62 with an average age of 47. Most have cruised before but are looking to try a new take on the cruise experience. The new-to-cruise customers the brand is likely to appeal to most are those curious about a holiday at sea, those who like stylish accommodation and excellent service, plus the feeling that they can indulge by night and detox by day, enjoying time with their travelling companions.

Do I have to dress up on a Virgin Voyages cruise?

No. There is no dress code on Virgin Voyages ships, but given expect lots of chic "rent a runway"-style threads in the evening.

Is everything free on Virgin Voyages cruises?

No, but cruise fares will be fairly inclusive, especially for a big-ship cruise line. The cruise fare will include all dining, gratuities (even in the spa), basic drinks (soda, bottled and sparkling water, juices), basic Wi-Fi and group fitness classes. Extra charges will include streaming Wi-Fi, alcoholic drinks, shore excursions, and spa and beauty treatments. Cruisers staying in one of the line's RockStar Quarters will receive perks such as early boarding through a VIP entrance, priority access to booking, 24/7 access to "RockStar" agents who can fulfil any of your Rock Star needs, as well as the ability to create a rider (wish list) of just about anything they want their suite stocked with.

What are Virgin Voyages's most popular activities?

The nightlife is one of the main draws of the ship, with lots of bars and lounges and unusual night activities, including aerialists, comedy, pop-up music, interactive theatre and more. (There are no traditional big-stage production shows.) Additionally, the fleet is designed around a "Vitamin Sea" philosophy that emphasizes daytime relaxation and wellness. The line expects cruisers to participate in a detox, retox array of activities throughout the day

  • Cruise ship rooms tricked out with tech to make your life easier. And cooler.
  • Access to all the premium dining at 20+ eateries with menus curated by Michelin star chefs
  • All soft drinks & water including soda, tea & coffee
  • Group fitness classes
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gratuities
  • Award-winning entertainment

What's included in the Virgin Voyages Drinks Package?

What's included in the Virgin Voyages Drinks Package?

Virgin Voyages offers a refreshing approach to onboard drinks, prioritising fair pricing and flexibility. Say goodbye to restrictive packages with unreasonable rules and hello to good value for all.


Enjoy a selection of popular beers including Heineken, Amstel Light, Kalik, and Corona, priced between $6-7 per bottle (Tip included).

Basic Cocktails

Indulge in classic cocktails featuring Absolut, Buffalo Trace, Bacardi Superior, and Beefeater spirits, priced at $10 each (Tip included).

Wine by the Glass

Savour a variety of wines with 40% priced under $11 per glass (Tip included). Please note that beverage selections and pricing may vary based on ship locations.

Bar Tab Bonus

Pre-purchase a $100, $200, or $300 Bar Tab and receive bonus onboard credit to enhance your drink experience.

What's a Bar Tab, and how does it work?

Bar Tabs are pre-purchased onboard credits exclusively for drinks, including alcohol, fresh-pressed juices, and specialty coffees. They can be bought up to 24 hours before sailing and used onboard or at The Beach Club at Bimini.

What’s in it for me?

Receive up to $50 onboard credit for premium drinks when you add a Bar Tab to your booking, helping you stay within budget while enjoying extra perks.

Is this a bar package?

No, Virgin Voyages doesn't offer traditional bar packages. Instead, fair pricing is incorporated into voyage fares, covering essential drinks and tips, eliminating the need to calculate daily drink quotas or subsidise others' habits.

Can I use it to buy drinks for other people?

Absolutely! Your Bar Tab covers premium drinks for anyone - yourself, cabin mates, or newfound friends. Unlike conventional packages, there's no requirement for all cabin occupants to purchase a Bar Tab.

Fancy some bubbles?

Virgin Voyages knows how to celebrate with Möet Chandon Impérial® and on-demand champagne service. Just shake your Virgin Voyages App for a sparkling surprise delivered to you anytime, anywhere onboard.

With Virgin Voyages, enjoy transparent pricing, flexible options, and exceptional service for all your drink preferences. Raise your glass and toast to a voyage filled with memorable moments and refreshing libations. Cheers to fair pricing!

Dining the Virgin Voyages Way

20+ Eateries On Board: Discover Award-Winning Dining From Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages are rethinking the way people dine on board. With fresh ingredients and everything made-to-order, they offer everything from food truck favourites to epic, ten-course tasting menus. These gastronomic experiences have been signed off by a Michelin-starred chef collective and have earned them the accolade of 'Best Dining' with Cruise Critic in both the UK and USA, alongside a host of other awards from Conde Nast, Travel Weekly, Cosmopolitan and Travel + Leisure magazine. Here are some of the highlights...

The Wake - Steak & Seafood

Blending elegance and a touch of nostalgia while offering breathtaking vistas of the ship's wake, The Wake reimagines the traditional mid-20th-century chophouses with a contemporary flair. Stepping into The Wake is an experience in its own right; descending the grand staircase unveils a realm reminiscent of the classic steakhouse era.

Razzle Dazzle - Fare with Flare

The ultimate choice for relaxed and trendy dining at sea – serving breakfast, a show-stopping all-day boozy brunch and dinner. Your health-conscious pal craves something wholesome while you're eyeing the coconut milk fairy french toast? Look no further. This destination has it all. With its striking decor and an adventurous new dinner selection, this vibrant hub reinterprets beloved American comfort classics.

Pink Agave - Elevated Mexican

Inspired by Mexico's passionate culture and tantalising culinary landscape, Pink Agave offers an encounter beyond the ordinary taco. Designed for sharing and embracing bold flavours, it whisks you away on a sensory voyage through the lively avenues of Mexico City, immersing you in authentic local cuisine. The attentive crew guide you through a meticulously crafted dining escapade, complemented by the most extensive array of tequila and mezcal found at sea.

Gumbae - Lively Korean BBQ

For those who relish hands-on meat grilling and savouring soju, our Korean BBQ stands out as the ultimate destination, fostering lively social connections. Vibrant, interactive, and immensely enjoyable, Gunbae sets the stage for every meal with a traditional Korean drinking game, complete with a complimentary shot of soju.

Extra Virgin - Irresistible Italian

Immersing you in the heart of Italian customs, Extra Virgin specialises in dishes inspired by the various regions of Italy. Indulge in the tradition of sharing antipasti and savouring freshly prepared pasta - this culinary journey is as culturally enriching as it is flavourful. Delight in the grilled meats, relish the seafood offerings and don't miss out on the homemade gelato from the Affogato cart.

The Test Kitchen - A Culinary Adventure

Crafted exclusively for the adventurous palates aboard, the Test Kitchen resembles a laboratory as much as a dining destination—an unconventional fusion of an eatery and an avant-garde culinary academy. Drawing inspiration from Escoffier's Ma Cuisine, its ever-evolving tasting menus, curated by visionary chefs, unfold in unprecedented ways.

And that's not all...

You can get 24-hour room service, tasty ice cream, pizza all day, casual tapas-style plates, and The Galley - where you can grab a freshly prepared bento box, a perfectly designed burger, and more. Calories don't count on holiday - but if you want to burn off your brunch, the array of included fitness classes and access to cutting-edge gym equipment has you covered.

Prices based on:

The Sea Terrace
The Sea Terrace

  • Saddle leather lounge chair
  • Champagne table
  • Terrace hammock
  • European queen transitional seabed
  • Roomier Rainshower
  • Mood lighting
  • Glam area
  • In-room 4K TV
  • Steamer and hairdryer
  • In-room safe
  • Flexible wardrobe for luggage and clothes
  • Mini bar
  • Approx. interior size: 185 sq. ft.
  • Approx. terrace size: 40.3 sq. ft.

Cabin Grade

£1,278 pp

Massive Suite
Massive Suite

  • Personalised bottomless in-room bar
  • Private limo transfer to/from ship
  • RockStar Agent service
  • RockStar rider
  • Curated port experiences
  • Hair & makeup squad
  • Thermal Suite daily access
  • Early access to bookable experiences
  • Richard's Rooftop access
  • Better Faster Stronger premium Wi-Fi with streaming
  • Exclusive express check-in during embarkation
  • VIP Access at The Beach Club at Bimini
  • Pack and unpack services
  • Daily pressing service and complimentary laundry
  • Upgraded bed and bath amenities
  • Separate glam room with standalone tub
  • Circular sofa for hosting
  • Terrace conversation pit
  • 2 separate wardrobes in glam room
  • Extra half bathroom
  • Music room
  • Terrace hot tub and runway table
  • Lookout Point - stargazing lounge area
  • Full-length hammock
  • European king bed
  • Large marble bathroom with indoor Peek-a-Boo shower and plush bathrobes
  • Outdoor Peek-a-View shower
  • In-room 4K TV
  • Steamer and hairdryer
  • In-room safe
  • Vinyl record player
  • Approx. interior size: 830 sq. ft.
  • Approx. terrace size: 1317 sq. ft.

Cabin Grade

£8,416 pp

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