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Africa is a a huge continent with a 70,000 mile coastline - explore its people and amazing wildlife. Our Africa includes both the east and west coasts but not the northern coast - this is included in the Mediterranean cruise area. Your cruise ship provides you with a safe base from which to explore the wonders and wildlife of this continent. Islands like St Helena, Zanzibar, Madagascar and Mauritius are within your reach.

West Coast

Most ships visiting this region are on world cruises particularly the west coast which has infrequent visits. Cape Town is always included on such cruises but there is much to be seen in ports like Walvis Bay (Namibia), Sao Tome, Lome (Togo), Accra (Ghana) and Dakar (Senegal). You may also call at remote Atlantic Islands like St Helena and Ascension.

Indian Ocean Islands

On the east coast where the waters of the Indian Ocean are warmer, there are some out and return cruises from ports like Mombasa and Cape Town visiting the islands of the Indian Ocean. Madagascar offers wonderful wildlife while islands like Mauritius and French Reunion provide beautiful beaches, mountainous scenery and great snorkelling.

East Coast

World cruises may sail south from the Red Sea down the east coast of Africa calling at Djibouti, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Zanzibar and Madagascar and onward to South Africa and Cape Town. There are also cruises to and from Cape Town that will call at Port Elizabeth and Durban before visiting islands like Madagascar, Mayotte and and finishing in Mauritius.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides information about visa requirements and up to date travel advice. Visit:

MSC Sinfonia


27 Nov 17 - - 4 nts Cruise-Only

Durban; Pomene, Mozambique; Durban 

MSC Sinfonia


15 Dec 17 - - 3 nts Cruise-Only

Durban; Portuguese Island, Mozambique; Durban 



21 Dec 17 - - 30 nts Cruise-Only

Cape Town; Mossel Bay; Port Elizabeth; Durban; Richards Bay, South Africa; Maputo; Dar... 

Crystal Symphony


22 Dec 17 - - 16 nts Cruise-Only

Cape Town, South Africa; Maputo, Mozambique; Richards Bay, South Africa; Durban, South... 

MSC Sinfonia


26 Dec 17 - - 11 nts Cruise-Only

Durban; La Possession, Reunion; Mauritius; Durban 



10 Jan 18 - - 16 nts Fly-Cruise

Cape Town; Port Elizabeth; Richards Bay; Durban; Mossel Bay; Cape Town