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Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is the new luxury lifestyle travel brand launched by the MSC Group with the ambition to redefine the luxury cruise category.

The concept: Vibrant, cosmopolitan, relaxed European luxury at sea. Instead of cruises, we create journeys – of the mind, and across the oceans of the world. Visits to places on and off the beaten track.

On board: Spaces that offer guests relaxed luxury, creating a home at sea. Restoring life’s essential balance with a combination of discovery and appreciation for wellbeing and nature. This is what our new discerning travellers have asked for and this is what they will enjoy on Explora Journeys.

Who goes on Explora Journeys cruise ships?

Explora Journeys cruise ships attract discerning travellers seeking luxury experiences intertwined with cultural immersion. Their clientele typically comprises affluent individuals with a penchant for exploration, aged between 30 to 60, who appreciate fine dining, curated excursions, and personalised service. These voyagers value authenticity, preferring intimate settings over mass tourism, and are often well-travelled, seeking unique destinations and meaningful connections with local communities. Explora Journeys caters to those who crave adventure, comfort, and the opportunity to create lasting memories in elegant surroundings, making it a choice for those who seek refinement and discovery on the high seas.

Do I have to dress up on a Explora Journeys cruise?

On an Explora Journeys cruise, there's no formal dress code. While smart casual attire is recommended for dining and public areas, there's no strict requirement for formal wear. Feel comfortable in elegant yet relaxed clothing, suitable for both onboard activities and exploring destinations. Enjoy the freedom to express your style while maintaining a respectful atmosphere onboard.

Is everything free on Explora Journeys cruises?

Explora Journeys cruises offer a nearly all-inclusive experience, covering accommodation, dining, beverages, gratuities, and select shore excursions. However, some premium experiences, such as certain shore excursions, spa treatments, and exclusive dining options, may incur additional charges.

What are Explora Journeys's most popular activities?

Explora Journeys, renowned for bespoke travel experiences, offers a plethora of captivating activities. Their most sought-after include immersive cultural excursions, where guests engage with local customs and traditions. Nature enthusiasts relish in guided hikes through breathtaking landscapes, discovering hidden gems and wildlife encounters. Culinary delights await with exclusive cooking classes, showcasing regional cuisines. Relaxation is paramount with luxurious spa treatments and wellness retreats, rejuvenating both body and mind. For the adventurous, thrilling water sports and adrenaline-fueled activities provide exhilarating experiences. With meticulous attention to detail, Explora Journeys ensures unforgettable adventures tailored to every traveller's desires.

Best for...

Explora Journeys is best for luxury travellers seeking bespoke experiences, pampering, and exploration aboard intimate ships.

Not the best for...

Explora Journeys may not suit budget-conscious travellers seeking economical options. It's tailored for luxury voyagers desiring premium experiences. Those preferring off-the-beaten-path exploration or minimalistic travel may find its offerings excessive.

What's Included

Explora Journeys is poised to redefine luxury ocean travel for the next generation of discerning luxury travellers. The brands mission is to offer our guests a chance to experience an `Ocean State of Mind`, a mindset created when we escape to the ocean, relax, create memories and reconnect with what matters most in our lives. We offer an ocean escape that celebrates discovery, across three levels, social discovery, active discovery and self discovery. Our European family roots and sense of style is reflected in the modern, cosmopolitan , boutique hotel vibe of our ships. Vibrant yet intimate. The customer centric nature of our brand ensures our guests and travel advisor community

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