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Cruise Destinations

Cape Town & the majestic Table Mountain


Africa is a huge continent with a 70,000-mile coastline - explore its people and amazing wildlife. Our Africa includes both the east and west coasts but not the northern coast - this is included in the Mediterranean cruise...

Alaska is full of surprises at every turn


Alaska offers the most beautiful coastlines in the world and is a world-class cruise ship destination from May through to September. Cruising is often what people think about when they first consider a trip to Alaska and...

A family of Capybara at the shores of the Amazon rainforest in Manu National Park, Peru


 AmazonSouth America offers an incredible mix of ancient civilisations, unique islands, colonial history, dramatic fjords and mountains, vibrant cities and tropical rivers and rainforest. Cruises in this region fall into...

Chinstrap Penguins in Antarctica


The majestic white continent of Antarctica is a vast, white wilderness that has enthralled and mystified us for generations - nowhere else on earth compares to this magnificent place. Experience the extremes of the most ancient...

Experience the magical Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, pictured here in the Lofoten Islands


The Arctic is a polar region located in the far northern extremes of the planet. Encircling the planet, the region consists of the Arctic Ocean, parts of the far north of Alaska, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. From a point of...

A kangaroo posing for the camera on a Queensland beach

Australia & New Zealand

Australasia features the rugged islands of New Zealand, the diversity of Australia, the jungles of Papua New Guinea and tropical Indonesia (Bali). Normally part of a world cruise itinerary, there are a growing number of ships...

The stunning Peterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia


Northern Europe has the medieval cities of the Baltic Sea, the dramatic Norwegian Fjords, the historic cities and islands of Western Europe and the volcanoes of Iceland. The Baltic is surrounded by historic medieval cities...

King's Wharf, Bermuda is one of the key destinations for cruise ships


Cruises to Bermuda can typically be taken from New York or Boston but are increasingly available from some other eastern seaboard cities. Bermuda is a collection of 150 islands (only 20 are inhabited) lying 600 miles southeast...

The Dance Theatre in Sevastopol has a stunning location

Black Sea

From the Black Sea, experience the different cultures of eastern block countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine or explore the north coast of Turkey. The Black Sea is a more off-beat destination offering the chance to visit...

Durdle Door, Dorset is situated on the stunning 'Jurassic Coast'

British Isles

Fancy a cruise holiday a little closer to home? Set sail on a cruise around the British Isles and remember just why you love your home country so much. From the winding streets of Edinburgh to the sea air of the Channel...

The famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canada & New England

The East Coast of the USA hosts the warm seas of Bermuda, the Autumn colours of New England and Canada and the battlefields of Colonial USA. Bermuda offers warm summer weather, great beaches and a British ambience on these...

Las Teresitas Beach, Tenerife

Canary & Atlantic Islands

Canary Islands An enticing blend of Spanish charm and African sunshine, the Canary Islands are scattered like treasures in the Atlantic Ocean. Just off the coast of Africa, the Canary Island year-round sunshine has made it one...

The dramatic Pitons in St. Lucia are a distinctive symbol of the island, and the region

Caribbean & Bahamas

Caribbean warm seas wash the beaches of hundreds of beautiful vibrant islands and the cultural influences of Europe, Africa and Latin America. Almost guaranteed sunshine, a friendly welcome and proximity to US mainland ports...

Central America is home to a vast number of exotic species including the Keel-billed Toucan

Central America

Central America offers a diverse mix of people and cultures - influences from Spain & Africa combine in the history and architecture of the region. You'll find throbbing cities, like Panama City for example, which offers a...

Dubai offers a fascinating mix of the ultra-modern and the traditional

Dubai & The Middle East

A Middle East cruise offers the wonders of Egypt, the warm waters of the Red Sea and the modern cities, ancient fortifications, deserts, oases and beaches of the Persian Gulf. The Red Sea ports give access to beach and diving...

The Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands are stunning when in bloom


Explore, discover and fall in love with the world's most romantic continent during cruise holidays to Europe. This part of the world is famed for its beautiful cities, picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine and rich cultural...

The sight of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, at sunrise is simply breathtaking

Far East

The Far East is exotic Asia - from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the south through the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China to Korea and Japan in the north. This is a vast area that remains...

A traditional seafront restaurant in Mykonos, the perfect place to enjoy a meze platter.

Greek Islands

Picture perfect beaches and ancient ruins in the birthplace of poetry and art, that’s the Greek Islands for you. Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which...

Experience traditional dance in Hawaii or the islands of the Pacific

Hawaii & South Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is vast and home to Hawaii and the South Sea Islands - a Polynesian welcome, great beaches, reefs and waving palm trees. The eight major Hawaiian islands are volcanic and as a result they all have their own...

The Taj Mahal is on the 'bucket list' of many travellers

India & Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean offers cruising along the coasts of Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and on to Singapore or exploring the coral atolls of the Maldives and Seychelles. The size of the region and the vast distances cruised make for more...

Colourful fishing boats on display in Marsaxlokk, Malta


The Mediterranean is the Cradle of Civilisation with summer sun, glamourous resorts, historic cities and idyllic islands. The world's largest inland sea, enclosed by three continents, it is Europe's most popular cruising...

Las Vegas offers round-the-clock entertainment for all

North America

Cruise holidays to North America offer a great deal of choice for holiday goers. Choose between crossing the Atlantic by ship or aeroplane, cruising along the east or west coast of North America, and also between a huge array...

Sognefjord is one of the most famous fjords in Norway

Norwegian Fjords

One of the most spectacular regions of the world, many argue that the only way to truly appreciate the scenery of the Norwegian Fjords is to sail through them.Norwegian Fjords cruises call at the gateway cities of Bergen and...

A voyage through the Panama Canal is one of the greatest travel experiences available

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the wonders of the modern world - cruise up and over Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Panama Canal cruises travel between Miami and Los Angeles or San Diego or the...

Cairo is easily accessed from Port Sokhna, a popular port of call on Red Sea cruises

Red Sea

A Middle East cruise offers the wonders of Egypt, the warm waters of the Red Sea and the modern cities, ancient fortifications, deserts, oases and beaches of the Persian Gulf. The Red Sea ports give access to beach and diving...

The scenery in Patagonia, and throughout South America, is breathtaking

South America

South America offers an incredible mix of ancient civilisations, unique islands, colonial history, dramatic fjords and mountains, vibrant cities and tropical rivers and rainforest. Cruises in this region fall into many...

St. Helena offers dramatic scenery

South Atlantic Islands

The islands of Tristan da Cunha, Ascension and St. Helena, amongst some of the remote places on the planet, offer many a treasure of the intrepid traveller. Tristan da Cunha is a volcanic island rising fairly steeply to over...

A transatlantic crossing is not just a cruise but a journey


Transatlantic cruises could be for you if you like lots of days at sea. Travelling across the Atlantic they may go directly to their destination port or cruise the destination region for a few days. In the main, these are...

The Big Sur on the California coast offers outstanding views and is perfect for a scenic drive

West Coast & Mexico

West US & Mexico The Mexican Riviera or California coast for fun, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest or whales and exotic jungles further south. There are three distinct areas to this region - the busy fun cruises of the...

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World Cruise Sectors


Stunning sunset in Mauritius

World Cruises

The classic cruise experience, circling the globe to explore new regions. Visiting more than 30 ports on a 3 month voyage, World-wide also includes segments of those cruises that cross two or more regions. Cruises can go in...

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