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The majestic white continent of Antarctica is a vast, white wilderness that has enthralled and mystified us for generations - nowhere else on earth compares to this magnificent place. Experience the extremes of the most ancient of natural forces; snow, ice, rock, water, wind. Such is the raw nature of travel to Antarctica that all travellers, whether scientist or tourist, must accept that the weather determines the success of the trip, and flexibility and the willingness to acknowledge the power of these elements should be respected at all times.

The content is home to a vast range of extraordinary species; enormous migrating whales, seals, emperor penguin, millions of seabirds and more. Such is the remote nature of the continent that most wildlife react with indifference to the presence of humans, allowing for visitors to get closer whilst remaining sensitive to their need for space and to protect their young.

Step onto the continent and you'll be following in the footsteps of revered explorers who attempted to explore this vast continent, sometimes paying the ultimate price in doing so. Close your eyes and you'll be able to imagine the feeling of solitude and the immense challenge that they faced head-on in their pursuit of knowledge. You may also be able to visit some of the historic huts, perfectly preserved in the ice.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office provides information about visa requirements and up to date travel advice. Visit:

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