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8th Sep 2024 | 7 nights | Oceania Cruises | Insignia

Free Wi-Fi & gratuities
Free gourmet speciality dining
Free soft drinks throughout ship & in mini-bar
simply MORE: Champagnes, wines & beers with meals
simply MORE: At least $400 per cabin shore excursion credit
Newport, Rhode Island
Saint George's
Free Wi-Fi & gratuities
Free gourmet speciality dining
Free soft drinks throughout ship & in mini-bar
simply MORE: Champagnes, wines & beers with meals
simply MORE: At least $400 per cabin shore excursion credit
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8th Sep 2024 Sunday
New York, New York
9th Sep 2024 Monday
Newport, Rhode Island
10th Sep 2024 Tuesday
At Sea
11th Sep 2024 Wednesday
12th Sep 2024 Thursday
13th Sep 2024 Friday
13th Sep 2024 Friday
Saint George's
14th Sep 2024 Saturday
At Sea
15th Sep 2024 Sunday
New York, New York

On Oceania's Insignia, size matters. At 670 passengers, the ship is large enough to have most of the familiar attributes of a cruise ship, but onboard the environment is intimate -- and quiet. A few hundred passengers smaller than fleetmates Marina and Riviera, Insignia carries an elegant yet contemporary atmosphere, perfect for a mature crowd looking to travel unique itineraries -- Insignia is used as Oceania's ship for six-month World Cruises -- in comfort. Service onboard Insignia is attentive and professional -- a constant flurry of greetings, many times with your surname intact, ma'ams, sirs and "right away." We never had to ask for much and when we did, we didn't have to wait long for our request to be fulfilled. If you ask for a single piece of toast to be well done, that is precisely what you will get.

Food is a main event, and Insignia's culinary offerings are a true highlight of the sailing. The chandelier in the Grand Dining Room makes the space sparkle, literally, and Versace plates lend an aura of high-end restaurant gravitas to your meals. Oceania consistently invests in its food and wine, most recently adding a full plant-based menu that spans all dining areas. There's no fear of missing out on something aboard Insignia. That's because there's never so much happening that attending a lecture or a game of shuffleboard would create a strain in a tight schedule. For many, that's a relief -- you can lie in the sun and sleep soundly at night knowing you only skipped golf putting. You'll be hard-pressed to find a crowded place onboard (except, perhaps, the buffet at peak mealtimes) -- and that can be both good and bad.

Overall, the essentials -- your room, the food, the surroundings, the crew -- are top-notch on Insignia, and a holiday with plenty of ports will distract from some of the gaps in programming. The ship has a lot of fans, and the contemporary, elegant look, outstanding dining and interesting itineraries will likely bring more into the fold.

Daytime: Country club casual is the term used for daywear, which is much the same as you would find at a resort -- shorts, collared tops, sundresses and so forth.

Evening: There are no formal nights onboard Insignia, but elegant casual is encouraged for the evenings. That means button-downs and slacks for men; skirts, dresses and dressy pants outfits for women. Passengers opting for a less dressy evening can visit the Terrace restaurant for dinner.

Not permitted: No jeans, athletic shoes or sandals, casual T-shirts or hats in the main dining room or speciality restaurants at dinner. Tank tops and swimwear are never accepted at any of the main venues, including tea time. 

Shore Excursions

Oceania has a nice mix of half- and full-day excursions, some of which are expected and some of which are special to the line. There's a Destination desk that can help you choose, or you can prebook excursions using onboard credit. Mobility requirements are always listed on tour descriptions to ensure passengers set the right expectations in regards to walking and transportation options. Private cars and tours can be arranged through the cruise line, whether booked in advance or by visiting the destination concierge onboard. Oceania Select and Oceania Exclusive shore excursions try to offer something special for cruisers; Oceania Select tours are considered "extraordinary" experiences, while Oceania Exclusive tours focus on a small group experience, ranging from 10 to 16 people. On our Western Caribbean cruise, for example, there were several Oceania Select options, including a helicopter tour of Key West, an all-inclusive VIP beach break in an over-the-water bungalow at Turquoise Bay in Roatan; deep-sea fishing, also in Roatan; and excursions to little-visited pyramids in Costa Maya. (There were no Oceania Exclusive tours on our trip). Other Oceania excursions to look for include Wellness Tours arranged around local spa experiences, Food & Wine Trails tours designed to give you a taste of culinary culture and Go Local tours that bring cruise passengers closer to the destination. Not all these types of special excursions will be available on all itineraries -- we didn't have any on our Western Caribbean cruise, for example.

Daytime and Evening Entertainment

There is generally something happening at any given time onboard Insignia, but it's never so much that you feel as if you are missing out. For some, this might mean more time to relax without hassle by the pool, but to others, it might feel a little sluggish. To give you an idea, the primary daytime activities onboard -- even during sea days -- are shuffleboard, golf putting, baggo and some late-afternoon trivia. To be fair, a variety of wine, martini and cognac tastings were held during our sailing, but they do cost you extra. The added lure of lawn games and daily quizzes is the chance to win Big O Points, a clever tactic to draw passenger participation. You receive cards for one, two or three points for winning or participating in daily activities, and at the end of your cruise, these can be redeemed for prizes like a tote bag, golf balls or a sweatshirt. An Officers Challenge was held one sea day, which pitted passengers against entertainment staff and other crew in a friendly competition to win points playing games around the pool deck. A movie was held one afternoon in the lounge, but only on the one day. Tea time is a full-fledged event on Insignia, and every day starting at 4 p.m. (come before that for the coveted seats along the windows), you will find a crowd gathered in Horizons. Evening entertainment is pleasant yet formulaic. A string quartet (which plays during tea) performs at about the same time every night, as does the pianist and the live band for dancing before or after the show.

The main show is held in the Insignia Lounge each night at 9:30 p.m. sharp. The acts switch between the main production cast, who perform song-and-dance routines, and guest entertainers. Special guests onboard our sailing included an Irish comedian and a magician/ventriloquist. The resident production cast had heart, performing Broadway songs and popular music. The cruise director Carson performed an afternoon showcase one day that was personal and heartwarming. Late-night music, dancing and, occasionally, a featured performance or karaoke, are held in Horizons beginning around 10:30 p.m. While there were usually a handful of after-hours revellers, the party seemed to die down around midnight on most nights.

The casino on Insignia is small but well-stocked with blackjack tables, roulette and plenty of slot machines. Blackjack, Texas Hold'em and slot tournaments were held while the ship was at sea. Insignia's casino is entirely smoke-free.


Insignia has an onboard lecturer on most sailings, who gives talks on sea days. On our Western Caribbean sailing, we had Sandy Cares, an expert lecturer on the Caribbean and Central America. She gave four well-attended lectures on various topics related to the area, including the Mayans, pirates and the area's banana trade. She was engaging and upbeat, and the lectures provided a bit of gravitas to the otherwise sun-and-fun-oriented itinerary. Lectures were broadcast on the cabin TVs for the following day. A number of spa and fitness presentations were given about topics like avoiding bad hair days or sore feet, but inevitably ended in a pitch for a product or service. During World Cruises, a small room called the Artist Loft within Horizons Lounge is used to host painting classes and craft gatherings. On shorter cruises, this space is dedicated to jigsaw puzzles -- which were surprisingly popular.


Insignia Bars and Lounges

There are not many bars or lounges onboard Insignia, but the ones it does have are tastefully done. Spaces feel full without being crowded, which is sometimes difficult to achieve on a small ship, and you begin to recognize regulars who hang out in the same places at the same time throughout the voyage.

Martinis (Deck 5): The place for a martini -- or any classic cocktail -- is just off the casino on the main deck. Martinis has about 10 comfortable tan leather seats at the bar, which is set in a lounge that could be the contemporary living room of a well-to-do friend. A fireplace faces a seating area with a modern chandelier straight out of "Mad Men." A piano is also here, and sets are played throughout the evening. Speciality martinis are about $11 or $12, or you can customize your own.

Insignia Lounge (Deck 5): Insignia Lounge serves as the main show lounge onboard and hosts nightly stage performances, team trivia, dancing, cocktail hours, enrichment lectures and occasional movies. The show lounge is pretty cozy with tapestried chairs, small wooden tables and lamps, and decent sightlines from just about any seat. A bar is in the back, and servers will take drink orders before showtime.

Baristas (Deck 5): Adjacent to the Grand Dining Room, Baristas serves as both an espresso bar and the place for a predinner drink. The illy coffee onboard is smooth, and a complimentary menu of cappuccinos and lattes means caffeination won't be hard to come by. For a fee, you could swing by here after dinner for a liquor-infused coffee like an Aspen with Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico and fresh cream for $9. The bar and lounge here serve as an impromptu waiting area for anyone holding out for a table for two at peak hours in the dining room. However, it's comfortable enough to spend time in, looking out the two large windows, people-watching or reading over a finger sandwich or madeleine.

Waves Bar (Deck 9): At the front of the lido deck is Waves Bar, the place to get a cold beer or the drink special of the day while you lounge by the pool. The bar is shaded, and there are about five stools for anyone who wants to keep the barkeep company. There are also a few tables and chairs, shaded by large, blue umbrellas, just in front.

Terrace Cafe Bar (Deck 9): A bar -- with a shiny, golden espresso machine -- is located within the Terrace Cafe to accommodate drink orders for anyone dining inside or outside on Deck 9 aft.

Horizons (Deck 10): The bar with a great view, the lounge for tea and a crucial speciality coffee machine, and the spot for nightlife is all in the same place -- Horizons. Located all the way at the front of the highest interior deck, Horizons offers ample seating with plentiful windows. It's a meeting place for bingo or needlepoint during daylight hours, transformed for tea each afternoon at 4p.m. and hosts the late-night happy hour, trivia and dancing every night. An enclosed smoking lounge as well as the Artist Loft space are located within Horizons, behind glass panes.


Insignia Outside Recreation

Insignia has one pool, located on Deck 9. On each side of the small, rectangular pool is a circular hot tub with teak siding. Deck 9 is the main sun deck, with padded white loungers in the sun and in the shade on each side. We also liked the nautical blue-and-white-striped daybeds -- about 16 or so -- for couples to lounge together or for anyone to stretch out for a sun nap. Daybeds could also be found facing the window on the aft port side. Even with ample seating, loungers fill quickly, and crew are on the lookout for anyone trying to "hold" a chair while they head elsewhere. Additional loungers can be found on Decks 10 and 11, and along the promenade deck outside on Deck 5. The only designated outdoor smoking area on Insignia is the forward starboard corner of the pool deck. Table tennis is offered on Deck 9, while shuffleboard, beanbag toss and golf putting greens are located on Deck 11 forward.


Insignia Services

The front desk, destination services desk, concierge desk and any materials about your port of call are located on Deck 4, at the foot of the grand staircase. Each desk offers a lovely seating area adjacent. Daily crossword puzzles, quizzes, sudoku and the news are available on a table in the reception area. The medical centre is also located toward the front of Deck 4. The desk of the future cruise consultant is right above the lounge, near the boutiques, on Deck 5.

There are two boutiques on Insignia. One is filled with a mix of items from designer bags and perfume to Pringles and everyday necessities; the other is a fine jewellery store. Sales were held throughout the cruise on logo items, costume jewellery and other souvenirs. The boutiques are strategically located on each side of the walk from the main dining room to the bar, casino and show lounge -- it was hard to walk by without taking a quick look around. A card room and computer lounge are located on Deck 9 forward.

In the card room, six card tables are arranged about the room with stately decor. There is a sign-up at the front of the room for social bridge play, and we saw people using it for mahjong. Oceania@Sea, the ship's computer lounge and place for tech troubleshooting, has about 10 desktop computers and a help desk that's manned for about two to three hours at a time in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Wi-Fi is complimentary on Insignia, although it can be very slow, particularly on sea days. Instructions for how to log on to the onboard network are delivered to each cabin, run on the in-cabin televisions and are displayed on a loop outside of the computer lounge on a large, flat-screen TV. Only one device can be used at a time while using an internet plan. You can upgrade to a faster internet service for $9.99 a day.

Insignia's library can be found on Deck 10 in front of the two speciality restaurants. It's a gorgeous space that wraps around with deep leather lounge chairs, a pretty floral sofa, a faux fireplace -- and tons of books, of course, from classics to modern thrillers. A trompe l'oeil ceiling gives the illusion of an overhead aviary with colourful birds in a jungle setting. Two computer desks are located in one corner. It's a quiet and comfortable place to unwind with a book -- whether paper or digital. We also saw many couples browsing through the impressive selection for poolside reading.

A self-serve launderette is located midship on Deck 7, and it's entirely complimentary, including detergent -- a boon for World Cruisers or anyone on a longer cruise. Don't be surprised to find that the laundry room is hopping when you arrive. Washing, pressing and dry cleaning is also available onboard, but for a fee; certain cabin categories get one or more bags included in the fare. There is no art gallery and no photo studio onboard Insignia. In fact, not a single photographer is onboard. We appreciate that the lack of photographers insisting on a portrait or calls to join the art auction contributes to a more relaxed ambience.


Canyon Ranch has been running the spa onboard Insignia, on Deck 9, but it will switch over to Aquamer, run by One Spa World (Steiner), in January 2020. While the providers and treatment menus are changing, the space will not. It feels boutique, especially considering the small size of the ship. A few glass display cases proffer antiaging lotions and other products. A front desk, enveloped in the scents of aromatherapy, faces marble floors that lead to a salon (left) four treatment rooms (forward) and the fitness centre (right).

The salon offers two chairs for hair cutting and styling, a variety of manicures and pedicures, and the services of a makeup consultant. Massages and facials -- also available for couples -- are a bit pricy, starting at $155 for 50 minutes. Specials are run on port days offering an 80-minute treatment at a 50-minute price. Hot tea and cold drinks are available to anyone in the spa, but we didn't notice a relaxation room outside of the chairs in the public waiting area. In each locker room is a steam room with eucalyptus and two spa showers. (Tip: If the two-in-one shower gel and shampoo is destroying your hair, there is gentle shampoo in the locker room showers.) You'll also find a fridge filled with cold drinks -- water and Gatorade -- and ice-cold, scented towels. Through a door in each locker room is access to the Spa Terrace, a heated thalassotherapy pool with jets and gorgeous gold and cerulean tiles that's flanked by two daybeds and a handful of padded loungers. Anyone receiving a treatment or staying in Concierge-level cabins or suites has access to the Spa Terrace. Otherwise, a pass can be purchased for $20 a day; discounted passes are available for an entire cruise. Located all the way at the front of the ship, it's a special place to watch sail-away with 180-degree views.


The fitness centre on Insignia is a substantial size for its passenger capacity and mix. The front of the room offers some open floor space for yoga, Pilates, stretching, exercise balls and other classes. There are also seven bikes for a spin (indoor cycling) class, but the bikes can only be used during this time and under supervision. All fitness classes onboard Insignia, with the exception of personal training, are complimentary. An individual personal training session runs about $99 for 50 minutes or $149 for a couple's training session. Otherwise, you will find about five treadmills, two ellipticals, a rowing machine and a few other weight machines. Two weight benches face a wall of mirrors in the back corner. There are plenty of windows throughout the space, as well as clean towels and a fridge filled with cold water, Gatorade and Vitaminwater. The fitness center on Insignia is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

A walking and jogging track is located on Deck 10. It's listed as 13 laps to a nautical mile, but we're told by the fitness instructor that it's closer to 17 laps for an actual mile. A container with cold bottled water located along the track is a nice touch; it's next to a few seats where you can take a rest in the shade or cheer on the walkers. A large clock is also visible one deck below, so steps can be measured in time as well as distance.

Dining on Insignia is impressive. Quality standards are high and consistent; paired with variety and invention -- plus both speciality restaurants included in the fare -- it's a formula ensuring you'll always be looking forward to your next meal onboard. Oceania has invested in developing healthy menu choices;its plant-based menu is expansive and delicious. All restaurants serve vegetarian or plant-based items at all meals. Other food considerations are marked on the menu, and gluten-free pastries and breads are always available. Alcohol is not included but a team of sommeliers, on hand in every venue, recommend wines; a Grand Dining Room menu section suggests wine pairings. There's a nice list of wines by the glass, and oenophiles should seek out "bin end" bottle sales for bargains.

Two speciality restaurants -- Polo Grill steakhouse and Toscana, an Italian venue--are both hits. Reservation cards line cabin hallways nightly; only one speciality reservation per restaurant is guaranteed for most passengers, but many repeat customers are accommodated. Suite passengers can dine anywhere at any time. But, don't overlook the other venues. The Grand Dining Room feels just that, with an elegant ambience and Versace tablescapes perfect for a leisurely sea day breakfast or lingering dinner. The Terrace buffet offers many of the same dishes, so there's no compromise on quality just because you don't want to dress up. And, we loved Waves' decadent grilled items, like wagyu beef burger; we only wish it was open past 4 p.m. for post-shore excursion snacks.

The Grand Dining Room (Deck 5)

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D): Breakfast is served every day in the Grand Dining Room from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., lunch is noon to 1:30 p.m. and dinner is open seating from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. The hours rarely vary, whether you're in port or at sea. While you don't need reservations to dine in the Grand Dining Room, you can call or speak to the maitre d' about arranging tables for friends or family groups, or to request a specific table or server. At all meals, menus are divided up into easy-to-read sections. There's a lighter section, and plant-based items are marked.

At lunch, you can eat your way around the world with regional menus -- or chose always-available options that include chicken soup or chicken breast, hamburgers, a grilled hot dog, sirloin steak or assorted crudites. A featured chef salad is listed in addition to two entree salads. Don't forget dessert, which has vegetarian choices, too, as well as more traditional indulgences.

By far the most exciting meal in the Grand Dining Room is dinner -- with a bustling staff refilling water, offering a variety of breads or freshly ground pepper, and inventive menus. Every night, two soups, three salads and a host of appetizers and main courses are listed; or, you can order the entire spa menu, the global menu or an entire degustation menu with four courses handpicked by the chef, along with wine pairings by the glass. Jacques Pepin is the executive chef for Oceania Cruises and a list of signature items, like steak-frites or herb-roasted chicken, are always available.

Terrace Cafe (Deck 9)

Meals: B, L, D: For casual dining, head upstairs to the Terrace Cafe, the buffet onboard. This is not a self-serve buffet, as each station is manned with someone who will serve you -- even if it's a single piece of watermelon. Breakfast here is served 7 to 10 a.m., lunch from noon to 2 p.m. and dinner from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Breakfast is a bevy of pastries, fresh fruit, granola and yoghurt parfaits, meats and cheeses, omelettes and dishes like eggs Benedict made to order. The buffet area is small, so it does get crowded and it helps to notice that some stations repeat -- perhaps most importantly the omelette station -- so check both sides before waiting. There is a place to pour your own water, juice or coffee, but if you sit, it can also be brought to you. Themed lunches, like Italian or Asian, mirror those of the main dining room -- sometimes with the same dishes. Other times, you might find an entire roasted pig being carved, with delicate noodle and cucumber salads. At dinner, you will usually find salads, hot and cold starters; a grill where you can order steaks, chops and seafood (including always-available Caribbean lobster); a wok and a pasta station; and several plant-based options. A sushi/sashimi station is usually offered at lunch and dinner. Desserts come individually, and fruit and ice cream are always available. The Terrace café is closed between meals and there are no late-night snacks on offer.

Toscana (Deck 10)

Meals: D: Toscana draws on the flavours of Tuscany to impress palates. We had two truly outstanding meals here, and the food and service are both undeniably thoughtful. Flourishes, like an olive oil and balsamic cart, make the meal feel special, as do the special breads and cheeses that continually appear. If you can dream up any Tuscan favourite, it's here: various risottos and pastas, as well as osso buco and Dover sole. Popular desserts include the tiramisu, but the Toscana Quartet, a sampler of four of the menu's desserts, solves the sweet problem of indecision. The dessert menu is served with a sampling of biscotti. Toscana is open for dinner from 6:30 to 9 p.m. by reservation only. Tables might be shared, so specify seating preference when making your reservation.

Polo Grill (Deck 10)

Meals: D: If you're looking for surf and/or turf in a clubby steakhouse setting, the Polo Grill is undoubtedly the right place. Some of the food feels Old Hollywood -- in the indulgent sense -- with appetizers like oysters Rockefeller, lump crab cakes, pork belly and escargot. Soups, salads and sides could fill you up (lobster mac 'n' cheese or a Caesar made tableside), but the main event is the meat -- choose from a 7-ounce filet mignon, all the way up to a 32-ounce king's cut prime rib (meant for two) -- with all the sauces and seasonings. Seafood shouldn't be disregarded here, with jumbo shrimp and an entire Maine lobster available. Like Toscana, Polo Grill offers a dessert quintet so you don't have to decide between the apple crumb pie, New York cheesecake, creme brulee, fudge brownie a la mode or Key lime pie. Polo Grill is open for dinner from 6:30 to 9 p.m. by reservation only. As with Toscana, you might be asked to share a table.

Horizons (Deck 10)

Meals: B, Afternoon Tea: Horizons has a self-serve speciality coffee machine, which gets a workout at all hours from people seeking cappuccinos and espressos. In the morning hours, there are a few baskets of pastries here, including flaky croissants. Tea is a full affair, served each day from 4 to 5 p.m. Tables are set with white linens and tea cups, a trolley filled with that day's delectable treats is carted around the massive lounge and, all the while, a string quartet serenades in the background. It's a welcome way to mark the end of the day and the beginning of the evening. Anyone with an early dinner reservation beware: Trays of sweet and savoury snacks circle around the room endlessly, so ruining your appetite is a strong possibility if you're not careful.

Waves Grill (Deck 9)

Meals: B, L: This casual venue is located in a shaded area of the pool deck and features wooden tables and chairs arranged along a window and near the grill. A continental breakfast is available at Waves Grill from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. You can find boxes of cereal, a variety of yoghurts and fruit, rolls, sliced meat, cheese and muesli. Additionally, you can order fresh smoothies from the ice cream counter adjacent to the grill. Lunch runs from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and a salad bar with mixed greens and toppings is available as well as prepped cold salads. Order sandwiches, like a Reuben or a Cuban, at the grill (they will be served to your table). Also available are a variety of seven hamburgers, including salmon, tuna or wagyu beef; a hot dog served three ways; or dishes like curried and grilled gravlax, Cajun chicken paillard and herb-marinated mahi mahi. A surf-and-turf sandwich features grilled lobster medallions and sliced filet mignon on a toasted ciabatta roll with jus and remoulade dipping sauce for Parmesan-dusted truffle fries.

The options are definitely a step up from a standard hamburger or hot dog joint. Maybe the best part of the Waves Grill is its ice cream counter, open until 4 p.m. Order a variety of scoops, milkshakes, malts or smoothies, frozen to perfection. Flavours rotate daily, and there are 10 different containers of ice cream/sorbet here (although some popular flavours repeat).

Room Service

There is a full, 24-hour room service menu, plus breakfast. Cooked breakfast (mainly omelettes and eggs) is available to passengers booked in upper-level Concierge cabins and suites. Continental breakfast cards are in the rest of the cabins and need to be put out by 11 p.m. for prompt service the following morning. Options on the room service menu are a step above average, including sushi, French onion soup, a variety of salads featuring one with poached pears and candied walnuts, a salmon club sandwich, Margherita pizza, a beef filet, fettucine Alfredo, a cheese plate, ice cream or sorbet, and a variety of other desserts. Burgers could be beef, turkey or vegetarian, and served with greens instead of fries upon request. Wines can also be ordered by the glass to your room.

Cabins feature light colours and modern furnishings, which go a long way in making the rooms seem larger than they actually are. Lighter shades of blue and taupe dominate, with sea green accents. Modern outlets with USB ports can be found near the deluxe beds, which have padded headboards. While the bathrooms are small, they appear larger, thanks to glass shower doors and new fixtures.

In every cabin onboard Insignia, you will find a safe, hair dryer, shaver, flat-screen TV with live satellite news and programming, cotton robe and slippers, Bulgari amenities, mini-fridge stocked with soda and water (replenished daily), Belgian chocolates at turn-down and an exclusive-to-Oceania bed with 1,000-thread count sheets. Beds can be converted from two twins to a queen. Insignia offers a range of cabin types, including windowless inside cabins and ocean-view rooms with no balcony.

The variety of cabins does widen the passenger mix of those who can afford to buy into the line -- or a World Cruise -- through an interior cabin, which wouldn't be the same story on an all-suite ship. There are only three wheelchair-accessible cabins aboard Insignia, located on Deck 4. These inside cabins (4028, 4034 and 4035) are equipped with slightly more floor space and bathtubs and toilets with support bars.

Inside: There are 25 standard inside cabins onboard Insignia, with 160 square feet of space. Interior cabins have a plush love seat, glass coffee table and a vanity with a stool and a mirror.

Ocean-view: Two categories of standard ocean-view rooms mean you can book either a smaller room with a larger window (Category E is 143 square feet with a panoramic window featuring partially obstructed views) or a larger room with a porthole window (Category D offers 165 square feet). Category E rooms do not have sofas. Deluxe Ocean View rooms offer the best of both worlds, with 165 square feet of space plus a panoramic window.

Veranda: Standard balcony cabins measure 216 square feet, including the private teak veranda. Balcony furniture includes two blue mesh chairs and a small, round wooden table. Interior seating areas are to the side of the bed and slightly more spacious than in lower categories. Concierge-Level Veranda rooms are the same size as other Veranda staterooms but come with a host of added amenities. These extras include priority embarkation, a welcome bottle of Champagne, a dedicated concierge, priority speciality restaurant reservations, hot room service breakfast, unlimited access to the Spa Terrace, an iPad upon request, discounts on faster internet, a logo tote, use of cashmere lap blankets and complimentary shoeshine service, as well as pressing of garments upon embarkation.

Penthouse Suite: These suites are 322 square feet and boast the only bathtubs onboard the entire ship (with the exception of penthouse 8001). Penthouse rooms have a large seating area with a sofa and two chairs, shoe racks in the closet and balcony furniture that includes footrests and a slightly larger table. Penthouse passengers receive all the perks of Concierge-level cruisers with an earlier priority embarkation, online priority dining reservations, use of a laptop computer and 24-hour butler service. Butler service includes course-by-course dining in your cabin from any of the restaurants onboard, packing and unpacking services, last-minute luggage collection, arrangement of shoreside dinner and entertainment reservations, and evening canapes.

Vista Suite: There are four Vista Suites and they are coveted for their views over the ship's bow. A second bathroom, two flat-screen TVs and 786 square feet of space also make for comfortable accommodations. Vista Suite passengers receive all of the Penthouse perks plus a mini-bar setup with six bottles of premium spirits and wine, a fresh fruit basket replenished daily, a Bulgari gift set, a choice of daily printed newspaper and personalized stationary.

Owner's Suite: The largest staterooms aboard Insignia, the six Owner's Suites are 1,000 square feet with an oversized shower and large teak balcony. Corner bedrooms are curtained off from the living areas, and features include a separate writing desk, table and chairs and a TV stand. Passengers in these rooms receive all of the Vista Suite perks.

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Best for...

Foodies, and those who want a more a la carte upscale experience

Not the best for...

Night owls who want a variety of entertainment options

Who goes on Oceania Cruises cruise ships?

Passengers tend to be 50-plus and well travelled, hailing mostly from the U.S. and Canada; generally, the longer the cruise, the older the cruiser. The line also draws travellers from the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Generally, Oceania doesn't have a formal children's program or onboard facilities, but in Alaska, the line offers the Alaska Explorer Youth Program for kids between the ages of 5 and 12, with activities that reflect the region.

Do I have to dress up on a Oceania Cruises cruise?

The dress code onboard Oceania cruise ships is country club casual, intended to partner perfectly with the line's "whatever you want, whenever you want" mindset. Passengers typically do dress up, by their own choice, for occasions like a night dining in Jacques Pepin's onboard restaurant, and you won't see jeans, shorts, T-shirts or tennis shoes in the dining venues.

Is everything free on Oceania Cruises cruises?

Oceania is partially inclusive. All Oceania cruisers get free and unlimited soft drinks, bottled water, speciality coffees, teas and juices, as well as free unlimited internet and at least one reservation at the speciality restaurants. (Repeaters can go again by getting placed on a waiting list.) Oceania cruisers have two fare options: Cruise Only or OLife Choice. Those who select the higher-priced OLife Choice fare receive complimentary round trip airfare and their choice of one of three options: up to eight shore excursions, a free beverage package or up to $800 shipboard credit (more on longer voyages). Passengers in the same stateroom must select the same amenity. Extra costs include shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, spa and beauty services, and shop purchases. Cruisers in higher accommodation categories may have more inclusions.

What are Oceania Cruises's most popular activities?

The spotlight onboard an Oceania sailing is on the destination, and enrichment lectures are always well attended. When the ships are at sea, many passengers head for the English-style library to stake out a huge leather chair and a good book along with pastry and coffee. The fitness centre and spa also get a lot of use, and on Marina and Riviera, the large Artist's Loft studio is usually filled to capacity for creative workshops in painting and drawing, as are the Culinary Center's hands-on cooking classes. Cruisers also show up for martini and wine tastings, lavish afternoon teas and classical string ensembles.

simply MORE

  • Free shore excursion credit*
    • 7-9 nights: $400 | 10-13 nights: $600 | 14-18 nights: $800 | 19-24 nights: $1,200 | 25-30 nights: $1,400 | 31+ nights: $1,800+
    • Choose from over 8000 on offer, including:
      • Go Local Tours, Go Green Tours, Culinary Discovery Tours, Food & Wine Trails, Wellness Discovery Tours, Evening Excursions, Private Car & Driver and more
  • Free Champagne, wine & more with lunch and dinner
    • Over 30 premium label wines, champagnes and many beer selections on offer

Our team will be happy to confirm the exact amounts of credit applicable to your cruise.

In addition to simply MORE inclusions listed above, every cruise with Oceania Cruises offers exceptional included value and includes:

  • Gourmet cuisine throughout - The Finest Cuisine at Sea™
  • Unlimited soft drinks, bottled waters & speciality coffees
  • Shuttle service from ship to city in many ports
  • Room service dining 24 hours a day
  • Free fitness classes in well-equipped gyms
  • Dining in all speciality restaurants
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free onboard launderette
  • Free gratuities

Guests in Concierge Level accommodation also receive:

  • Expanded lunch & dinner room service menu from The Grand Dining Room
  • Free laundry service - up to 3 bags (up to 20 garments per bag)
  • Priority noon ship embarkation
  • Exclusive card-only access to private Concierge Lounge staffed with dedicated Concierge team (Marina/Riviera only)
  • Complimentary welcome bottle of Champagne
  • Priority online speciality restaurant reservations
  • Unlimited access to the Aquamar Spa Terrace
  • iPad® on request for enjoyment onboard*
  • Complimentary Oceania Cruises logo tote bag
  • Cashmere lap blankets for use on your veranda
  • Complimentary pressing of garments upon embarkation (restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary shoeshine service

Guests in Penthouses & Suites also receive (in addition to Concierge Level amenities):

  • Early embarkation from 11 am with priority luggage delivery (certain ships/grades from noon)
  • 24-hour Butler services include:
    • Course-by-course in-suite dining*
    • Order from any of the speciality restaurants
    • Co-ordination of shoreside dinner & entertainment reservations
    • Last-minute luggage collection
    • Packing and unpacking upon request
    • Complimentary garment pressing & shoeshine
    • Gourmet evening canapés
  • Complimentary in-suite bar setup with 6 full-size bottles of premium spirits and wines*
  • Fresh fruit basket replenished daily* 
  • Optional private in-suite embarkations day lunch from noon to 2 pm in Owner's Suites
  • Customised entertainment system (Marina/Riviera only)
  • Bulgari gift set* and a variety of amenities
  • Choice of daily printed newspaper
  • Complimentary Oceania Cruises logo tote bag and personalised stationery*
  • Choice of pillow from a luxurious selection

*Restrictions and limitations apply

What's included in the Oceania Drinks Package?

What's included in the Oceania Drinks Package?

Oceania's beverage packages enhance your onboard experience while offering excellent value and the luxury of convenience. Receive a 20% discount on any of the exclusive La Reserve wine pairing dinners on board Marina, Riviera and Vista when you upgrade to the Prestige Select beverage package.

As part of the simply MORE offer, enjoy champagne, wine and beer with lunch and dinner at the onboard restaurants. Featuring much more than just house pours, the selection includes dozens of premium label wines and Champagnes and beer selections from around the world:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Still and sparkling water
  • Premium coffees and teas
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Beer
  • Wine by the glass

Prestige Select: Upgrade from the House Select beverage package included with the simply MORE offer to enjoy unlimited premium spirits, Champagne, wine and beer wherever and whenever you wish for US$30.00 per guest, per day.

Introducing simply MORE

Introducing simply MORE

Oceania Cruises, the leading culinary and destination-focused cruise line, offers guests an enhanced experience with its new value promise called simply MORE. Guests will receive:

  • Free shore excursion credit*
    • Choose from over 8000 on offer, including:
      • Go Local Tours, Go Green Tours, Culinary Discovery Tours, Food & Wine Trails, Wellness Discovery Tours, Evening Excursions, Private Car & Driver and more
  • Free Champagne, wine & more with lunch and dinner
    • Over 30 premium label wines, champagnes and many beer selections on offer
  • Free gourmet speciality dining
  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Free gratuities

The promise aims to create lasting memories and provide access to indulgent experiences. Alongside these new inclusions, Oceania Cruises offers amenities such as gourmet dining, 24-hour room service, unlimited WiFi, and fitness classes. The generous shore excursion credit can be used for various tours, and the beverage package features premium wines, Champagnes, and beers.

Terms & conditions

*Amounts may vary; above amounts are guidelines and will be confirmed by our cruise advisers. Solo guests paying full tariff (200%) will receive the full amount, or a reduced amount if paying a reduced solo supplement

Prices based on:

Inside Stateroom
Inside Stateroom

  • 160 square feet stateroom
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Vanity desk
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Queen or two twin beds

Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom
Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom

  • 165-square-foot stateroom
  • Queen or two twin bed accommodations
  • Spacious seating area
  • Vanity desk
  • Breakfast table

Veranda Stateroom
Veranda Stateroom

  • 216-square-foot stateroom
  • Private teak veranda
  • Vanity desk
  • Breakfast table
  • Choice of queen or two twin beds

Concierge Veranda
Concierge Veranda

  • 216-square-foot stateroom
  • Private teak veranda
  • Flat-screen television
  • Plush seating area
  • Spacious closet

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