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11th Nov 2024 | 9 nights | Oceania Cruises | Vista

Free Wi-Fi & gratuities
Free gourmet speciality dining
Free soft drinks throughout ship & in mini-bar
simply MORE: Champagnes, wines & beers with meals
simply MORE: At least $400 per cabin shore excursion credit
Argostoli, Kefalonia
Palermo, Sicily
Free Wi-Fi & gratuities
Free gourmet speciality dining
Free soft drinks throughout ship & in mini-bar
simply MORE: Champagnes, wines & beers with meals
simply MORE: At least $400 per cabin shore excursion credit
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11th Nov 2024 Monday
Piraeus (Athens)
12th Nov 2024 Tuesday
13th Nov 2024 Wednesday
Argostoli, Kefalonia
14th Nov 2024 Thursday
15th Nov 2024 Friday
16th Nov 2024 Saturday
At Sea
17th Nov 2024 Sunday
18th Nov 2024 Monday
Palermo, Sicily
19th Nov 2024 Tuesday
20th Nov 2024 Wednesday
Civitavecchia (Rome)

The first new ship to be built for Oceania Cruises in over a decade, Vista is, at first blush, quite similar in appearance to fleetmates Marina and Riviera. From the outside, the trio are nearly identical, save for a few differing stylistic and architectural changes here and there. The three ships even share the same basic dimensions: a length of 785 to 791 feet and tonnage that hovers around 67,000 for each. But that's where the similarities end. On the inside, Oceania has gone back to the drawing board with Vista, crafting new interior spaces, accommodations and venues that draw the best features of Oceania's past vessels and refine them with additional flair and style. And it works: stepping aboard Vista, you could be forgiven for thinking you've wandered into a high-end hotel rather than a cruise ship that is nestled firmly in the "upper premium" category, where the price of admission is significantly less than many all-inclusive luxury cruise lines.

Stepping onboard Vista, there's a sense of grandeur and glamour that might not be expected for a ship of this size. A sweeping staircase rises attractively from Deck 5 to 6, framing a rotunda of sorts that acts as a bookend for the ship's shops, dining venues, shore excursion and purser's desks. The glamourous atrium is the place to see and be seen aboard Vista (and is instantly Instagrammable -- expect to see plenty of passengers posing there). But it also sets the tone for Vista's interior décor, which presents itself as delightfully lavish and endlessly interesting. Wandering the decks is a journey in discovery. Don't expect stale pastels and minimalist design here; Vista has a bold, imaginative interior design palette that brings hues of champagne and caviar, accented with healthy splashes of gold and nautical hues. Couple that with a huge assortment of bars and dining options and a generous amount of ingeniously designed open deck space that somehow manages to never feel crowded, and Oceania manages to exude a sort of "home-away-from-home" feeling -- if, that is, your home featured immaculate wainscotting, plush deckchairs, and plenty of marble. Cabins are lavishly presented, with beds so soft and inviting that simply getting out of bed in the morning is something of a chore. But you'll want to: Vista, like the rest of Oceania's fleet, sails port-intensive itineraries to places you might not expect and stays there longer than many competitors. The result is a ship that punches above its weight. Were Vista to debut for a luxury cruise line, it would fit right in, both in terms of style, design and comfort.

Oceania thought of the little things, too, when designing Vista. Cabin carpeting is only made from naturally-occurring wool colours and not dyes that passengers can react to, and butter and flour for the onboard croissants are imported from France. Everything about Vista feels, well, *la dolce vita* -- for a fraction of the price. If there's an immediate con of the ship, it's that ceilings in general in several public spaces feel rather low compared with other vessels. If you're over six foot two, you might have to watch your step. The lead ship in Oceania's new Allura-class, Vista, will be joined by a sister ship, perhaps unsurprisingly named Allura, in 2025.

Oceania's Vista Deck Plan

The ship includes unexpected and creative spaces. Oceania fully embraces its "upper premium" pedigree and runs with it, crafting cosy and inviting spaces -- both indoors and out -- that exist only for the pleasure of passengers aboard Vista. To that end, Vista sports a magnificent Library on Deck 14 that is divided into three sections -- all of which are just steps away from the nearby Baristas coffee bar and the brand-new onboard Bakery. Hundreds of titles are present, from modern fiction to classics, and with a generous selection of nonfiction books covering a plethora of topics -- including maritime history, for those interested. Oceania has also raised the bar on creative spaces aboard Vista as well. The line's Culinary Center has been dramatically expanded aboard Vista, and features interactive cooking stations with induction ranges next to an adjacent classroom for demonstrations and presentations. Across the corridor, the new Artist's Loft features two Artists-In-Residence per sailing, each of whom sell their creations onboard in addition to offering up masterclasses that highlight their unique individual style and techniques. It's adjacent to the LYNC Digital Center -- perfect for those looking to brush up on their image editing skills or simply catch up on some emails. But the newest and cosiest space onboard (perhaps too cosy for its own good, given its popularity), is the superb Founders Bar on Deck 6. Tucked away on the port side of the ship just aft of the Casino, this bar -- which Oceania's own deck plans still list as the "Casino Bar" -- is a den of craft cocktail mixology. Frequently packed to standing room only on our sailing, people come here for the intimate atmosphere that really gets hopping in the post-dinner hours and the luscious drinks that are delivered with no small amount of flair, thanks to "flavour blaster" garnishes: smoke bubbles that burst and dissipate dramatically. It's also the place to be for high-end bourbon, rye, scotch and whisky, like WhistlePig's cleverly named (and beautifully tasty) Boss Hog V: The Spirit of Mauve.  

Other unexpected pleasures aboard Oceania's new Vista include dedicated courts for pickleball, croquet/bocce and shuffleboard; a generously-sized mini-golf course forward of the radar mast on Deck 15; and plenty of secluded chaise lounges scattered amongst the central Pool Deck on Deck 12, attractively sheltered from the wind via faux slatted wood panels.

Cabins on Oceania's Vista are lavish and luxurious. Oceania went all-out when designing the cabins aboard Vista, all offering private balconies. In fact, even the smallest room is still generously sized at 261 square feet, and the bulk of cabins onboard hover around 300 square feet, leaving plenty of space to lounge around. That's a good thing, because you'll want to spend time in these cabins, which are graced with rich hues of grey and marble and accented by recessed lighting that softly illuminates rooms by day and night. Beds are soft; linens are high-quality and crisp to the touch; and bathrooms are stocked with Bulgari toiletries as a matter of course. Bathrooms -- which can politely be described as cavernous at nearly every cabin grade -- have so much free space you could almost do a cartwheel. Almost. Ditto for the glass-enclosed shower, which is generously sized. You'll need to outstretch your arms to touch the walls here; something that is a rarity among oceangoing ships, where tight bathrooms and smaller showers have become the butt of every cruise ship comedian's repertoire. Passengers will also find plenty of power options, from North American and European-style outlets to USB and Lightning charging ports that are located literally everywhere you could think of. Things only get better from there. Vista's top-end suites are a sight to behold, including the three mammoth Owner's Suites that take up the entire width of the aft portions of Decks 8, 9 and 10 and span a whopping 2,400 square feet apiece.

Vista has 12 different dining options onboard -- three of which are new for a ship of its size. Oceania's Vista offers an astonishing 12 different dining options onboard, including three all-new venues for the line. And with the consistently high level of quality present in the cuisine onboard, passengers are unlikely to find themselves wanting for culinary delights -- whether it's simpler fare like pizza, or full-blown, multi-course dining extravaganzas. In addition to standard cruise expectations like the Main Dining Room and Terrace Café buffet, Vista introduces a new casual option: the Aquamar Kitchen. Here, passengers can indulge with fresh-made power juices, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages while dining on a variety of avocado toasts and muesli for breakfast, while lunches trot out a variety of healthy poke and buddha bowls, pitas, sandwiches and other fare with flavours inspired from around the globe. For those at peace with the calories consumed on a cruise, The Bakery on Deck 14 adjacent to Baristas coffee bar does not disappoint. Freshly-baked produce of all kinds is available here from morning until evening. The croissants are authentically French, thanks to ingredients imported directly from France, while the beignets will have you thinking you've stumbled onto Bourbon Street. The last new entrant to the culinary scene aboard Vista is Ember. Oceania's take on a modern American steakhouse, Ember blends California's wine heritage with more relaxed, casual steakhouse elements. The focus here is on good, flavorful food paired with wines from Oceania's cellar or American craft beers. It's a nice counterpart to the more formal, heavy, rich steakhouse experience found on many ships, with an atmosphere that is relaxed and convivial. Rounding out the classic dining options onboard Vista are Oceania favourites Toscana (Italian), Polo Grill (formal steakhouse), Red Ginger (Asian), poolside staple Waves Grill, and the exclusive small-table dining experience Privee (degustation). Vista also offers round-the-clock room service.

Theatre and Shows on Vista

The Vista Lounge located on Deck 5, functions as a lecture and enrichment area by day. By night, this classy space -- with its vibrant purple faux velvet theatre-style seating -- becomes a space for performing artists, comedians and Broadway-style revues starring the Vista Production Cast. One cool thing we noticed about the Vista Lounge: several double-wide seats are available next to the aisles, perfect for couples who'd rather sit together or those who find the set-width theatre seating a bit of a tough squeeze.

Daily Things to Do on Vista

Like most small-ship premium and luxury lines, activities aboard Oceania's new Vista tend to revolve around quieter, more cerebral pursuits. You won't find belly flop contests or loud public address announcements hurrying you off to Bingo or Art Auctions. Instead, Oceania fills its days with trivia, art classes, cooking classes and demonstrations, Spa seminars, casino tournaments and Afternoon Tea. The atmosphere onboard is social, so don't be surprised to find yourself caught up in conversation with new friends or indulging in a game of cards or pickleball. Think of the ship as your own private yacht: grab a book and a deck chair, maybe a cool drink, and let Oceania do the heavy lifting.

Nightlife on Vista

Nights are truly where Vista shines, with live music present in multiple venues during the pre-and-post-dinner cocktail hours. Production shows in the Vista Theater draw a good crowd, while others will prefer to head to one of the ship's numerous bars and lounges for a drink and conversation. Dinner is also a form of nightlife onboard Vista -- particularly if you're dining in one of the ship's speciality dining venues. Expect dinners to last a good two hours from start to finish, and plan your evening accordingly. Other than that, expect to spend lots of time conversing with other passengers, or listening to music in Martinis, or partying the night away in Horizons -- a surprisingly lively late-night venue.

Vista Bars and Lounges

Passengers aboard Vista are certainly not lacking in the bars and lounges department. From the grand, forward-facing Horizons Lounge, with its sweeping 180-degree views overlooking the bow of the ship high from its perch atop Deck 14; to the cosy and intimate Waves Pool Bar, there's sure to be a spot that speaks to every cruiser onboard. Each bar aboard Vista offers its own distinctive menus, so be sure to try them all. Horizons focuses on cocktails, while Martinis on Deck 6 brings James Bond's favourite drink to life. Even the coffee shop, Baristas, turns into an upscale wine bar known as Baristas Aperitivo by night, with its curved bank of windows overlooking the main pool deck offering a great vantage point for sunsets at sea.

Our Picks:

For the Cocktail Connoisseur:  The Founders Bar on Deck 6 is the place to be if you like your cocktails hand-crafted and original. This small space just aft of the casino on the port side of the ship is easy to miss, but we guarantee it will be your favorite hangout in no time at all, thanks to a menu of innovative libations presented with flair, including "flavour blaster" smoke bubbles and aromatic misters.

For Something Different: Grab a glass of wine at Baristas Aperitivo on Deck 14, the onboard coffee bar that turns into a wine bar around 5pm each evening. It's a cool use of the coffee shop in the after-hours -- one that we would like to see more cruise lines adopt.

For the Musically Inclined: Martinis on Deck 6 is the place to be for pre-and-post dinner drinks and tunes. Amble up to the intimate bar, or grab a seat in one of the plush loungers and chairs that aesthetically line the room. Stay for a while: this is the place to see and be seen onboard.

For The Designated Driver: An abundance of clever nonalcoholic cocktail creations are present at the Aquamar Kitchen, while a few are offered on the menu at Horizons and the Founders Bar. Made with Lyre's de-alcoholized spirits, they taste remarkably like the real thing -- with none of the next-day regret.

Aquamar Spa & Vitality Center aboard Vista

Residing on Deck 15 forward, the Aquamar Spa & Vitality Center is larger and more elaborate than those found aboard many ships of this size. Treatment rooms are clustered in a circle around the centre of the room, with sweeping corridors passing attractively to the port and starboard sides of the room. These give way to the ship's male and female steam saunas and change facilities. The Aquamar Spa offers all the standard treatments you'd expect from a shipboard spa, from classic massages and poultice rubs to more exotic treatments like full-body wraps. The star of the spa, however, is the Aquamar Spa Terrace -- a sweeping outdoor sun deck exclusively for those purchasing treatments, day passes, or who have access as part of their suite perks. This all-outdoor area includes a soothing hydrotherapy pool perched atop an elevated partition, surrounded on the lower level by two whirlpool hot tubs, plush padded chaise loungers, and a bank of heated ceramic loungers tucked away on the port and starboard sides nearest to the spa entrance. It's soothing and relaxing -- though incredibly sun-lit. We can see it being popular with sun worshippers in the Med, and cosy and comforting on cooler itineraries. Salon services are offered for men and women, with each having their own dedicated enclave aboard Vista. The Styling Salon is a bright, airy affair with stations positioned seaside, all of which are stocked with luxury products. Men can retreat to the leatherbound confines of The Barber Shop, an old-timey seagoing barbery that offers cuts, straight-razor shaves and soothing head and neck massages.

Fitness and Gym on Vista

As part of the Aquamar Spa and Vitality Center, Oceania's Vista has a well-equipped Fitness Center located just outside the main spa entrance. In addition to being fully stocked with all the latest Technogym equipment, Oceania also offers complimentary fitness classes, including Pilates, yoga, spin, strength body training, boot camp and core conditioning -- all things that typically are extra cost activities on other cruise lines

Pools and Hot Tubs aboard Oceania's Vista

There is one main pool aboard Vista, located on Deck 12, flanked by two large whirlpool hot tubs. It's really all a ship the size and capacity of Vista needs: our inaugural sailing was fully booked, but the port-intensive nature of Oceania's itineraries means the pool is really only used heavily on sea days. The pool deck itself is one of the most attractively-designed we've seen, with sweeping dividers made of faux wood to help carve out little niches for passengers to relax in. A hydrotherapy pool and additional whirlpool tubs are available as part of the Aquamar Spa Terrace all the way forward on Deck 15, but that's only available as an extra-cost add-on, unless you purchase a spa treatment or have access included in Concierge-level suites or above.

Sun Decks aboard Vista

Vista offers abundant open deck space, primarily on Decks 12, 14, 15 and 16. This encompasses the ship's Pool Deck, while a jogging track encircles the funnel on Deck 15 and offers some pretty spectacular views of the ship and its surroundings. All the way forward, plenty of cosy nooks are available on Decks 15, 15 and 16, with the latter offering mini-golf and sporting options within the shadow of the ship's forward radar mast. Vista lacks a traditional wraparound promenade deck, but you won't miss it: it's never hard to find a space by the rail, and deck chairs can be had with ease.

Services and Wi-Fi on Vista Aboard Oceania's Vista

Guest Relations, the Concierge Desk, and the Shore Excursion department can all be found on Deck 5, at the foot of the sweeping central atrium and staircase. Flanking all three are the ship's boutiques, which offer the requisite high-end perfumes, clothing, watches and accessories you might expect from a line of Oceania's calibre. Curiously, we could not find basic sundries like Tylenol or Advil -- we were told Tylenol could only be dispensed by the ship's infirmary, which would cost $150 for a consult. Wi-Fi internet packages are available for purchase for a nominal fee, and the ship's Starlink connection is decently good, if perhaps not as fast as we were expecting. Complimentary self-serve launderettes are available onboard on Decks 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 and are open from 7am to 10pm daily. Ironing boards and irons are also located in each, while valet laundry is included as a perk for those staying in Concierge-class and above suites.

Oceania Cruises has always made cuisine a staple of the cruise experience across its entire fleet, and Vista is no exception. The ship offers 12 different venues, ranging from a casual but oh-so-tasty Bakery to the small-table private dining experience offered to just 10 guests in Privee. What's more, Oceania doesn't charge for any of its speciality restaurants (excluding Privee), meaning passengers have the ultimate choice in deciding what they want to eat, and where. While reservations will need to be made for most of Vista's speciality restaurants, this can be done either pre-cruise via Oceania's cruise planner, or once onboard.

Oceania Cruises proclaims its cuisine to be the finest at sea, and to be sure, it does not disappoint. You'll be hard-pressed to find a restaurant, menu or dish that you don't fall absolutely head over heels for, and the quality of food and ingredients used is excellent across the board. Little moments of "surprise and delight" are scattered throughout the dining experience onboard Vista. It could be the superb olive oil trolley that's rolled out at dinners in the Italian-themed Toscana restaurant, or the amazing Sea Day Brunch that is offered in the Grand Dining Room on longer sailings, complete with a tower of jumbo prawns, caviar and cheese stations, and selections like fresh crepes made to order. Cruisers who have sailed with Oceania in the past may notice that Vista lacks La Reserve, the exclusive extra-cost venue present on the line's other vessels that offers multi-course meals paired with exquisite wines or glasses of bubbles. Another Oceania signature, Jacques, is also missing aboard Vista -- but dishes by chef Jacques Pepin have been worked into the menus in The Grand Dining Room. And, with so much other choice available onboard -- including the new venues -- passengers are not hard done by for choice. If there's one area where Oceania's cuisine fell a little flat, it was in the relative lack of vegan and vegetarian options in select dining venues. Some, like the Aquamar Kitchen and The Grand Dining Room, offer more than others -- the selection in Toscana was noticeably lacking. Complimentary room service is available across all cabin categories.

Free Restaurants Oceania's Vista

The Grand Dining Room (Deck 6): A rotating menu of reimagined cruise favourites graces this elegant and opulent dining room, which ranks as one of the most architecturally-interesting we've ever seen at sea. Clad in white and separated into three distinct sections, The Grand Dining Room is adorned with murals hand-painted by Canadian artists that reflect trees and landscapes. The effect is so subtle, we nearly missed it. On the cuisine front, this venue -- open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on most days -- offers all the cruise staples you'd come to expect, along with selections from chef Jacques Pepin and lighter fare from the Aquamar menu.

The Terrace Café (Deck 12): Oceania's answer to the standard cruise ship buffet is an elegant affair, with high-quality furnishings and a spectacular outdoor terrace overlooking the ship's stern. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here, with menus rotating each day.

Red Ginger (Deck 5): Tucked away on Deck 5 just past the high-end boutiques is Red Ginger, a superb Asian-themed restaurant that offers plenty of flavours -- and spice -- for those who want their meals on the more adventurous side. Starters like Tuna Tataki and Vietnamese Spring Rolls did not disappoint, while entrees reflect the breadth of Asian cuisine, from Lobster Pad Thai to the Salmon Claypot and Thai Vegetable Curry. Open for dinner, reservations required.

Ember (Deck 5): Oceania's take on a modern American steakhouse, Ember is defined by its accessible cuisine and California-esque styling. Steaks are obviously the prime offering here, but Ember distinguishes itself by offering up some excellent wine pairings and more casual fare like Fish & Chips and Ember Mac & Cheese. Open for dinner, reservations required.

Waves Grill (Deck 12): A pseudo-companion to The Terrace Café just aft, this semi-indoor/outdoor dining venue functions as a sort of buffet overflow area during the breakfast hours, but at lunch and dinner offers its own take on Oceania's casual selections. A wide variety of burgers and sandwiches are offered here by lunch and dinner, along with two varieties of hot dog (classic and Mexican) -- plus made-to-order pizza and starters like fresh-made burrata -- an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and fresh cream. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aquamar Kitchen (Deck 12): Located on the port side of the ship directly opposite Waves Grill, the Aquamar Kitchen is a brand-new venue for Oceania cruises. On the menu are healthier alternatives, like avocado toasts, muesli, smoothies and fresh-made power juices by breakfast, with bowls, wraps and plant-based dishes making their appearance at lunch -- along with a section of great mocktails made with Lyre's de-alcoholized spirits (booze is, of course, available too.). Open for breakfast and lunch.

Bakery (Deck 14): Situated as part of Baristas coffee bar that surrounds the forward-end of Vista's funnel casing, the Bakery aboard Vista is an indulgent pit-stop. Fresh-made croissants (using ingredients imported from France), macarons, beignets and more reside here. Opening hours tend to mirror daytime hours for Baristas, and may change depending on itinerary and ports of call.

Toscana (Deck 14): Oceania's ode to all things Italian, Toscana rockets up the experience thanks to a superb olive oil cart that is rolled out early on in the dinner. That sets the tone for some superb antipasti, pasta and entrée dishes. But while Toscana offers a healthy dose of all the Italian favourites you've come to expect, new dishes -- like Vista godmother Giada de Laurentiis' Signature Capri-Inspired Lemon Spaghetti topped with jumbo shrimp -- transform the dining experience. Open for dinner, reservations required.

Polo Grill (Dec 14): In contrast to the more casual Ember, Polo Grill is Oceania's signature, upscale (some might say 'Old School') steakhouse experience. Food here is rich and filling, from hearty bisques to steaks cooked to perfection, or the equally-classic Surf & Turf combinations. Slathered in butter and complemented by décor that feels equally rich, the cuisine will satisfy meat-atarians. Open for dinner, reservations required.

What Restaurants Cost Extra on Vista

Privee (Deck 14), $$$$: Sandwiched into a small but visually fascinating room at the stern of the ship between Polo Grill and Toscana, Privee is focused on small-group degustation and pairing dinners. Guests can choose between two distinct menus: the Dom Perignon Experience that pairs champagne vintages alongside elevated cuisine; or the specially-curated Odyssey Menu that offers exciting wine pairings along with dishes custom-crafted for the occasion. Open for dinner, reservations required.

Cruise Critic Restaurant Picks on Vista

We found it tough to go wrong with breakfasts in Aquamar Kitchen. The superb views, the light and airy décor, and the healthier fare here kept us coming back for more, as did the smoothies, power juices, and fresh-brewed coffee. For a classy dining experience, however, it's hard to beat The Grand Dining Room, which recreates all the elegance and opulence of the classic transatlantic ocean liners with a menu that is every bit the room's equal. That's not to say you should avoid the speciality restaurants; just know that The Grand Dining Room is, by no means, a step down affair.

Dietary Restrictions on Vista

Allergies are taken seriously aboard Vista. Preferences can be communicated beforehand during the booking process, and passengers can then visit the Restaurant Manager for a full briefing. Menus are handed out the evening before for those with intolerances or allergies to make selections for the next day, but the fact that most passengers will want to jump around between restaurants sort of defeats the purpose. However, all wait staff we interacted with took our allergies seriously and diligently checked to ensure we could have the requested dishes. Vegetarian options and plant-based options are present in nearly every restaurant, though their variety and abundance can vary wildly. The Grand Dining Room and Aquamar Kitchen offered the best selection, in our unscientific opinion, while Toscana had just a handful of dishes suited for vegetarians and vegans -- and no entrees.

Cabins aboard Oceania Cruises' Vista are generously sized, starting at a very pleasant 240 square feet for the French Veranda Staterooms and rising to an astonishing 2,400-square feet for Vista's three massive Owner's Suites. All cabins aboard Vista offer ocean views and balconies. Most passengers sailing aboard Vista, however, will stay in one of the ship's Veranda or Concierge Veranda staterooms that make up the bulk of accommodations onboard. These 290-square foot wonders include full balconies, Oceania's Tranquility Bed adorned with 1,000 thread-count linens, complimentary still and sparkling Vero water, a mini-fridge with complimentary in-room soft drinks, complimentary movies-on-demand, and a comfortable seating area and desk/vanity. Storage space is decent if perhaps not generous when it comes to the in-room closet, but a plethora of drawers (and additional storage space in the bathroom) means most shouldn't have any issues unpacking for a weeklong or 10-day voyage.  Oceania provides plush robes and slippers for guests to use onboard.

What really stands out about these rooms is the high-quality décor. The fit and finish are exceptional, and furnishings and materials feel suitably high-end. The bathrooms are generously sized (a rarity among standard cruise ship cabins) and offer backlit mirrors, ample storage space, pillowy-soft towels, Bulgari toiletries, and oversized rainforest showers that are among the largest we've experienced at sea. Say goodbye to the old jokes about clingy shower curtains and soaping up the walls to wash yourself; these showers rival their on-land counterparts (though tall passengers, take note: there's not a lot of clearance between your head and the showerhead once you're in the shower itself). Within the cabin, designers at Studio Dado thought of all the little details: a blue-hued nightlight can be turned on with the push of a button, illuminating the entrance to the bathroom. Lighting itself has multiple options, from attractive backlit panels to bedside wall sconces at the Concierge level and soft overhead lighting that somehow manages to be bright enough by day, and cozy enough at night. You also won't have to fight to charge your devices onboard, either: the ship features dozens of power port options, from North American and European-style outlets to USB ports and USB-C (also known as Lightning) ports -- all of which are positioned at each bedside table and at the generously-sized desk and vanity area. Soundproofing is good; we barely heard any noise outside our Concierge Veranda stateroom on Deck 9, and excellent fit-and-finish mean no creaking ceiling tiles or ill-fitting balcony doors to keep you up at night. Oceania uses a digital system near the door entrance to control several aspects of each cabin, from temperature to "Do Not Disturb" and "Make Up Room" signals. A QR code shown on the display supposedly allows you to control these features via your phone, but this was not operational on our preview voyage.

Concierge-class staterooms (also available as rooms designated for solo travelers) add some nice perks, including the use of a dedicated Concierge Lounge on Deck 9, unlimited use of the Aquamar Spa Terrace, room service options available to order from the menu at The Grand Dining Room, and free laundry service. Things only get more lavish as passengers move up the accommodations scale. Penthouse Suites add more living space with 440 square feet overall, along with a walk-in closet and bathroom that offers dual vanities. These suites also have all the features included with Concierge level staterooms but add butler service and the use of an exclusive Executive Lounge on Deck 11. Vista's 14 Oceania Suites really ratchet up the luxury, with between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, plus some truly opulent design details surrounding the king-sized bed, dressing room and marble-clad bathroom. These homes-away-from-home also offer a small guest studio that either functions as a study or a bedroom for a third person. A crescent-shaped soaker tub and oversized shower round out the bathroom offerings at this level, along with a full-sized teak-clad balcony.

Eight Vista Suites are the penultimate word in sophistication aboard Vista. These 1,450 to 1,850-square foot masterpieces are designed, according to Oceania, to emulate seaside villas. In that, they succeed: a full-sized dressing room gives way to a wardrobe area with 5 double closets and a spacious, marble-clad bathroom with views overlooking the bow of the ship. Crossing through the bedroom, passengers arrive at a gargantuan living area that opens up to a massive, forward-facing balcony that wraps attractively around the bow of the ship. All that space is great for entertaining, and Oceania has Vista Suite passengers covered, day or night, with 24-hour butler service. The most opulent luxury, though, is reserved for Vista's three magnificent Owner's Suites.

Oceania's Owners Suites Offer Lavish Luxury

The three Owners Suites aboard Oceania's Vista rival those found aboard most luxury cruise lines -- and indeed, these superlative rooms wouldn't be out of place on the most expensive vessel. The cabin for the one percent of the one percent, these three rooms span the entire width of the ship on Decks 8, 9 and 10 and overlook the stern of the vessel. A home on the high seas, these 2,400-square foot masterpieces are styled entirely in Ralph Lauren Home, accessed by a double-doored entry that leads into a grand foyer, followed by a dedicated dining room housing a Brook Street Salon dining table adorned with Holbrook Directors Chairs. The room has its own living room, rosewood cocktail bar, two massive teak verandas, an oversized Cote d'Azur king size bed, mammoth walk-in closets, and a a grand master bathroom with a large soaker tub and an oceanview shower. No detail has been overlooked in these three Owner's Suites, which offer soothing woodtones, elegant wainscotting, nautical hues, and an abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.

Cabins to Avoid on Vista

There really aren't any cabins worth avoiding on Vista, with the usual disclaimer that light sleepers may want to avoid cabins near the ship's two elevator banks and stair towers to minimize potential outside noise.

Cruise Critic's Cabin Picks on Vista

On a Budget: French Veranda staterooms are as opulent as the more expensive Veranda and Concierge Veranda prices, for a fraction of the cost. Though these rooms lack step-out balconies, open deck space isn't difficult to find on a ship of this size, making the need for an actual balcony more of a nicety than a requirement.

Splash: Oceania Suites are a great indulgence. They're more affordable than the Vista and Owner's Suites, but still have enough size and bling to make staying in one a very special experience.

Splurge: The Owner's Suites are a veritable dream come true -- but they, naturally, carry a price tag fit for a king.  If there's one accommodation we dream about and aspire to cruise in, however, it's this.

Deck 16
Deck 16
Deck 15
Deck 15
Deck 14
Deck 14
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Deck 12
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Deck 11
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Deck 10
Deck 9
Deck 9
Deck 8
Deck 8
Deck 7
Deck 7
Deck 6
Deck 6
Deck 5
Deck 5

Best for...

Foodies, and those who want a more a la carte upscale experience

Not the best for...

Night owls who want a variety of entertainment options

Who goes on Oceania Cruises cruise ships?

Passengers tend to be 50-plus and well travelled, hailing mostly from the U.S. and Canada; generally, the longer the cruise, the older the cruiser. The line also draws travellers from the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Generally, Oceania doesn't have a formal children's program or onboard facilities, but in Alaska, the line offers the Alaska Explorer Youth Program for kids between the ages of 5 and 12, with activities that reflect the region.

Do I have to dress up on a Oceania Cruises cruise?

The dress code onboard Oceania cruise ships is country club casual, intended to partner perfectly with the line's "whatever you want, whenever you want" mindset. Passengers typically do dress up, by their own choice, for occasions like a night dining in Jacques Pepin's onboard restaurant, and you won't see jeans, shorts, T-shirts or tennis shoes in the dining venues.

Is everything free on Oceania Cruises cruises?

Oceania is partially inclusive. All Oceania cruisers get free and unlimited soft drinks, bottled water, speciality coffees, teas and juices, as well as free unlimited internet and at least one reservation at the speciality restaurants. (Repeaters can go again by getting placed on a waiting list.) Oceania cruisers have two fare options: Cruise Only or OLife Choice. Those who select the higher-priced OLife Choice fare receive complimentary round trip airfare and their choice of one of three options: up to eight shore excursions, a free beverage package or up to $800 shipboard credit (more on longer voyages). Passengers in the same stateroom must select the same amenity. Extra costs include shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, spa and beauty services, and shop purchases. Cruisers in higher accommodation categories may have more inclusions.

What are Oceania Cruises's most popular activities?

The spotlight onboard an Oceania sailing is on the destination, and enrichment lectures are always well attended. When the ships are at sea, many passengers head for the English-style library to stake out a huge leather chair and a good book along with pastry and coffee. The fitness centre and spa also get a lot of use, and on Marina and Riviera, the large Artist's Loft studio is usually filled to capacity for creative workshops in painting and drawing, as are the Culinary Center's hands-on cooking classes. Cruisers also show up for martini and wine tastings, lavish afternoon teas and classical string ensembles.

simply MORE

  • Free shore excursion credit*
    • 7-9 nights: $400 | 10-13 nights: $600 | 14-18 nights: $800 | 19-24 nights: $1,200 | 25-30 nights: $1,400 | 31+ nights: $1,800+
    • Choose from over 8000 on offer, including:
      • Go Local Tours, Go Green Tours, Culinary Discovery Tours, Food & Wine Trails, Wellness Discovery Tours, Evening Excursions, Private Car & Driver and more
  • Free Champagne, wine & more with lunch and dinner
    • Over 30 premium label wines, champagnes and many beer selections on offer

Our team will be happy to confirm the exact amounts of credit applicable to your cruise.

In addition to simply MORE inclusions listed above, every cruise with Oceania Cruises offers exceptional included value and includes:

  • Gourmet cuisine throughout - The Finest Cuisine at Sea™
  • Unlimited soft drinks, bottled waters & speciality coffees
  • Shuttle service from ship to city in many ports
  • Room service dining 24 hours a day
  • Free fitness classes in well-equipped gyms
  • Dining in all speciality restaurants
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free onboard launderette
  • Free gratuities

Guests in Concierge Level accommodation also receive:

  • Expanded lunch & dinner room service menu from The Grand Dining Room
  • Free laundry service - up to 3 bags (up to 20 garments per bag)
  • Priority noon ship embarkation
  • Exclusive card-only access to private Concierge Lounge staffed with dedicated Concierge team (Marina/Riviera only)
  • Complimentary welcome bottle of Champagne
  • Priority online speciality restaurant reservations
  • Unlimited access to the Aquamar Spa Terrace
  • iPad® on request for enjoyment onboard*
  • Complimentary Oceania Cruises logo tote bag
  • Cashmere lap blankets for use on your veranda
  • Complimentary pressing of garments upon embarkation (restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary shoeshine service

Guests in Penthouses & Suites also receive (in addition to Concierge Level amenities):

  • Early embarkation from 11 am with priority luggage delivery (certain ships/grades from noon)
  • 24-hour Butler services include:
    • Course-by-course in-suite dining*
    • Order from any of the speciality restaurants
    • Co-ordination of shoreside dinner & entertainment reservations
    • Last-minute luggage collection
    • Packing and unpacking upon request
    • Complimentary garment pressing & shoeshine
    • Gourmet evening canapés
  • Complimentary in-suite bar setup with 6 full-size bottles of premium spirits and wines*
  • Fresh fruit basket replenished daily* 
  • Optional private in-suite embarkations day lunch from noon to 2 pm in Owner's Suites
  • Customised entertainment system (Marina/Riviera only)
  • Bulgari gift set* and a variety of amenities
  • Choice of daily printed newspaper
  • Complimentary Oceania Cruises logo tote bag and personalised stationery*
  • Choice of pillow from a luxurious selection

*Restrictions and limitations apply

What's included in the Oceania Drinks Package?

What's included in the Oceania Drinks Package?

Oceania's beverage packages enhance your onboard experience while offering excellent value and the luxury of convenience. Receive a 20% discount on any of the exclusive La Reserve wine pairing dinners on board Marina, Riviera and Vista when you upgrade to the Prestige Select beverage package.

As part of the simply MORE offer, enjoy champagne, wine and beer with lunch and dinner at the onboard restaurants. Featuring much more than just house pours, the selection includes dozens of premium label wines and Champagnes and beer selections from around the world:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Still and sparkling water
  • Premium coffees and teas
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Beer
  • Wine by the glass

Prestige Select: Upgrade from the House Select beverage package included with the simply MORE offer to enjoy unlimited premium spirits, Champagne, wine and beer wherever and whenever you wish for US$30.00 per guest, per day.

Introducing simply MORE

Introducing simply MORE

Oceania Cruises, the leading culinary and destination-focused cruise line, offers guests an enhanced experience with its new value promise called simply MORE. Guests will receive:

  • Free shore excursion credit*
    • Choose from over 8000 on offer, including:
      • Go Local Tours, Go Green Tours, Culinary Discovery Tours, Food & Wine Trails, Wellness Discovery Tours, Evening Excursions, Private Car & Driver and more
  • Free Champagne, wine & more with lunch and dinner
    • Over 30 premium label wines, champagnes and many beer selections on offer
  • Free gourmet speciality dining
  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Free gratuities

The promise aims to create lasting memories and provide access to indulgent experiences. Alongside these new inclusions, Oceania Cruises offers amenities such as gourmet dining, 24-hour room service, unlimited WiFi, and fitness classes. The generous shore excursion credit can be used for various tours, and the beverage package features premium wines, Champagnes, and beers.

Terms & conditions

*Amounts may vary; above amounts are guidelines and will be confirmed by our cruise advisers. Solo guests paying full tariff (200%) will receive the full amount, or a reduced amount if paying a reduced solo supplement

Prices based on:

Veranda Stateroom
Veranda Stateroom

  • Approximately 290 square feet
  • Spacious closet
  • Tranquility Bed (exclusive to Oceania)
  • Complimentary soft drinks replenished daily in mini-bar
  • Marble bathroom rainforest shower and Bulgari amenities
  • Private veranda overlooking the sea

Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom
Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom

  • Approximately 291 square feet
  • Spacious closet
  • Queen-sized Tranquility Bed
  • Comfortable sitting area
  • Marble bathroom with rainfall shower
  • Private veranda overlooking the sea
  • Concierge Level accommodation services & amenities include:
    • Expanded lunch & dinner room service menu from The Grand Dining Room, complimentary laundry service (up to 3 bags), priority embarkation, exclusive Concierge Lounge access staffed by a dedicated Concierge, welcome champagne, priority restaurant reservations, unlimited access to Aquamar Spa Terrace and more

Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite

  • An overabundance of space and elevated levels of luxury define the Penthouse Suite experience.
  • Approximately 440 square feet
  • Walk-in closet
  • King-sized bed
  • Comfortable sitting and dining area
  • Oversized bathroom with dual vanities
  • Large private veranda overlooking the sea
  • Extra Suite services & amenities include:
    • Complimentary laundry service (up to 3 bags), priority embarkation, 24-hour butler service, exclusive Executive Lounge access staffed by a dedicated Concierge, welcome champagne, priority restaurant reservations, unlimited access to Aquamar Spa Terrace and more

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