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5th Apr 2025 | 14 nights | Silversea | Silver Muse

All inclusive, all-suite ships
Executive transfers to/from home*
Ultra-luxury | Butler service for all
All inclusive, all-suite ships
Executive transfers to/from home*
Ultra-luxury | Butler service for all
5th Apr 2025 Saturday
Yokohama (Tokyo)
6th Apr 2025 Sunday
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11th Apr 2025 Friday
11th Apr 2025 Friday
13th Apr 2025 Sunday
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With its 2017 debut, Silver Muse became Silversea's flagship cruise vessel; with 596 passengers, it's the biggest in the fleet and provides a blueprint for how the Italian luxury cruise line plans to evolve. With a monochromatic yet elegant colour palette in brown, tan, beige and cream, Silver Muse personifies a "European luxury," which whispers rather than screams. And you'll see the same materials -- rich fabrics and gleaming marble -- used in your suite as you'll find in many of the lounges and restaurants. It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Silver Muse feels like a hotel, but in the right ways. It has a lovely central staircase that features two winding sets of stairs all the way from bottom to top, and wide corridors. The decor has a strong point of view in that it's so simple. You won't find anything that makes you stop and say, "Wow!", but you'll just genuinely appreciate that everything is comfortable and quietly elegant.

Suites onboard are a highlight, with even the smallest measuring almost 400 square feet, counting the veranda. All suites have lots of things the modern traveller loves: plenty of storage, gorgeous walk-in closets, more outlets than you need and high-end touches like ultra-high thread count sheets and towels. Cabins are personal, quiet and comfortable.

The pool area, too, is a big win. We love the long, wide pool, with space to lounge. Throw in some really excellent casual fare – pizza, salads and burgers -- and it's idyllic for a sea day. In fact, Silver Muse has lots of open outdoor space; the back of Decks 7, 8 and 9 all feature casual outdoor seating.

Silversea put a whopping eight restaurants on Silver Muse, eschewing the traditional main dining room. It's a controversial change that has gone through some tweaks since the ship launched. Originally, all dining was made by reservation, but the line changed Atlantide and Indochine to open seating due to passenger demand. (Dropped, too, was the concept of a dress code attached to each restaurant; attire for evenings is now standardized.) We found food in both venues to be outstanding; on this ship, it's some of the speciality restaurants that don't live up to their billing or extra fees.

Still, passengers who are looking for the outstanding service that's a hallmark of luxury cruising will be pleased on Silver Muse. Butlers take care of your reservations and appointments, wait staff learn your wine preferences, pool attendants suggest drinks and clean your sunglasses. Although it's larger than other Silversea vessels, Silver Muse still feels refined and relaxed -- and so will you during your voyage.

Silver Muse follows a casual dress code during the day, when passengers wear comfortable and weather/activity-appropriate clothing. Shorts, jeans and T-shirts are common around the ship and in port. Swimwear is de rigueur poolside, though not indoors. No jeans, shorts or flip flops are permitted in indoor venues after 6 p.m.

After 6 p.m., the ship has a dress code that changes daily: casual, informal or formal. Casual means women wear pants, blouses, skirts or casual dresses, while men wear open-neck shirts and slacks. Informal is still dressy on Silver Muse; women usually wear nice dresses or pants and blouses, and men wear dress shirts and slacks, often topped with jackets (though no tie). Formal night brings out evening or cocktail attire for women, while men wear suits or dinner jackets with ties; you'll see a few tuxedos.

(If you don't like formal dress, don't worry: on formal nights, you can schedule your meals in Spaccanapoli and Hot Rocks, which always accept casual wear. Just keep in mind that these are outdoors and if the weather's bad, they will be closed. On formal nights, La Terrazza, Kaiseki and Silver Note remain informal.)

Shore Excursions

On shorter sailings of seven or eight days, Silver Muse probably will visit a port each day. Itineraries vary by destination, but, generally, you will spend fairly long days in port, with some overnights in places like Monte Carlo or Livorno. The most popular excursions on Silver Muse are the ones labelled "highlights" or "guided tour." These excursions tend to take place by coach in larger groups, and they involve minimal walking. They focus on at least three highlights of any of the cities Silver Muse visits.

Other options include Silver Shore Expeditions, which focus on adventure excursions, such as hikes or bike rides. Groups for these tend to be intimate. In some ports, passengers also can book Silver Shore Good Citizen excursions, which support local communities by visiting orphanages or preserving wildlife, for example. Some excursions require the use of the Silver Shore Sotto Voce, where guides speak into microphone transmitters while passengers listen through earpieces. This is common in churches or museums, where loud speaking is a no-no. A shore excursions concierge can arrange private or small group tours in virtually any port.

Passengers can book excursions online or with their travel agents from 90 days to a week before they sail, but they also can book onboard at the shore excursion desk or through their butlers. Paperwork explaining each excursion is left in your cabin or you can see it at the shore excursion desk. Symbols designate what type of activity you'll be doing -- Sotto Voce or Expedition, for example -- and they'll also let you know the activity level and whether wheelchairs are permitted. Not all excursions or coaches can accommodate wheelchairs, but passengers can work with a shore excursions concierge to book private wheelchair-accessible excursions. Silver Muse will provide an aide for solo wheelchair travellers, for a fee.

Daytime and Evening Entertainment

The ship's main entertainment venue is the Venetian Lounge located on Deck 5, a lovely space that includes a small stage and rippled fabric draped across the ceiling. Vocal music is the focus of production show entertainment on Silver Muse, and the line has put together shows that highlight great voices across several genres. (The performers actually are called the Voices of Silversea.) We loved the blues and jazz classics, big-band favourites, Sinatra hits and nods to Nina Simone; it's targeted to baby boomers and older. On select sailings, Silver Muse brings onboard guest entertainers, such as violinists and magicians; these can vary dramatically in quality. On our South America trip, a samba troupe got the audience up on its feet while a gaucho act sent people slipping out the side door.

The ship's small casino is located on Deck 7. It offers a variety of slot and table games and never seems crowded.

During the day, passengers can compete in trivia, attend destination lectures, participate in golf putting, pool volleyball and shuffleboard tournaments. There also are pop-up games, such as Name That Tune or Liars' Club. Occasionally, Silver Muse brings onboard gentleman hosts to offer dance classes; at other times, such classes might be led by the cruise director. Martini tasting and cocktail-making sessions are offered poolside. Bridge tournaments, which take place in the card room, might be organized during sailings. An occasional traditional English pub lunch might take place in one of the ship's bars on a sea day.

At night, there might be themed parties, such as a '60s party or black and white gala.


Lectures onboard Silver Muse focus on destinations -- specifically, the destinations you'll visit on your cruise. On longer voyages, the ship also brings on other lecturers; on our South America sailing, we had two -- one a celebrity biographer who talked about Hollywood glory days and another who spoke about South American politics. The onboard cruise consultant also will speak about Silversea's itineraries on both its luxury and expedition brands. International hostesses teach beginning language classes.

Silver Muse Bars and Lounges

Many of the restaurant venues have their own bars, and passengers generally meet there for cocktails before dining. After dinner and the production show, the party usually moves to the Panorama Lounge, which stays open as late as passengers want to hang out (how late depends on the demographics onboard).

Atlantide Bar (Deck 4): Open from about 6 p.m., Atlantide Bar is an actual room just off the main restaurant. It includes a small bar as well as a couple of tables with couches and chairs. Passengers meet here while waiting for dinner, but it's also a comfortable, quiet spot after as well.

Entoca (Deck 4): Really a spot for a pre-dinner drink if you're eating in Indochine and waiting for a table, Entoca offers Asian-inspired cocktails, such as Singapore Slings, and beers like Tsingtao and Sapporo.

Dolce Vita (Deck 5): By far the biggest lounge onboard, Dolce Vita is decorated in a monochromatic brown colour scheme, with leather and velvet chairs and couches, white lamps, low brown tables and marble-covered pillars. The lounge stretches from the reception and shore excursions desk at the back to a small bar at the front; a divider in the middle keeps it intimate. It includes a baby grand piano, and live music is performed at various times throughout the day and into the evenings. There's no dance floor. Dolce Vita and the Pool Bar are the only lounges regularly open during the day.

Silver Note Bar (Deck 7): Open roughly at 8 p.m. each night, the Silver Note Bar lets passengers hang out and listen to jazz, even if they've skipped dinner in the tapas restaurant. Performers sit on a small stage, which includes an even smaller dance floor. It closes late at night.

Arts Cafe (Deck 8): This little cafe is the best spot onboard to grab great coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. It also has lovely views, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. If you're feeling peckish, you can grab pastries in the morning or scones and biscotti in the afternoon. It's one of the more bustling areas onboard.

Connoisseur's Corner (Deck 8): A quiet lounge, Connoisseur's Corner offers fine whiskey, wines and cognac as well as a selection of cigars. Prices are fairly consistent with what you'd find on land; it's nice to see Silver Muse eschew a high markup. It's the only indoor venue that permits smoking of any kind: cigars and cigarettes.

Panorama Lounge (Deck 9): Located at the back of the ship, the Panorama Lounge is decorated with fresh flowers and pops of muted green. It features a small bar with a handful of stools as well as ample seating for three or four around marble-topped tables. It opens to an outdoor seating area featuring white chairs with plush blue cushions. (This area also has a small smoking section.) During the day, the Panorama Lounge is quiet, but the open-air extension gets a bit of use when the weather is pleasant. At night, the lounge turns into a nightclub after dinner, with a DJ spinning dance hits. This is the most popular spot onboard for dancing and late-night drinks; on our South America sailing, this was full well after midnight.

Silver Muse presents a distinctive dining experience, boasting eight designated restaurants sans a central dining area. Throughout the day, various spots offer light bites, and patrons have the freedom to dine at any restaurant of their choosing as frequently as they desire. While reservations are recommended for all venues except Atlantide and Indochine due to their limited capacity, the ship reserves several tables in each venue for walk-in diners.

All restaurants adhere to a similar ethos, emphasizing diverse cuisines with menus rooted in the slow food movement, prioritizing locally sourced, high-quality ingredients whenever feasible. Sustainability is a key focus, with efforts to minimize the use of frozen ingredients common on cruises. Noteworthy are the premium ingredients such as high-quality beef and specialty cheeses like pico, an Italian delicacy with a short shelf life of five days.

The waitstaff utilizes a remote ordering system, ensuring meticulous recording of passenger preferences, dietary requirements, and allergies to enhance personalized service. While dietary restrictions can be indicated prior to sailing, passengers are encouraged to communicate with the maitre d' upon boarding for seamless accommodation. Although some menus may not explicitly denote vegetarian or low-sugar options, the attentive waitstaff readily assists in navigating dining choices.

Menus at Atlantide and Indochine are extensive, refreshed weekly, and feature daily specials reflecting local flavors. Conversely, specialty restaurants offer fixed menus. Notably, the quality of cuisine at the de facto main dining rooms, Atlantide and Indochine, surpasses that of smaller and supplementary fee-based restaurants — a departure from typical cruise ship norms, prompting the addition of more seats to Atlantide to meet demand.

Silver Muse boasts a fine selection of complimentary house wines encompassing various varietals. Patrons seeking a more upscale experience can opt for premium brands at prices akin to those on land, available by the glass or bottle across multiple restaurants.

Kaiseki (Deck 4) offers Japanese fare with a focus on sushi and sashimi during the day, transitioning to a teppanyaki restaurant for dinner. Indochine (Deck 4) stands out with its elegant ambiance and Asian-fusion cuisine inspired by Marco Polo's voyages. Atlantide (Deck 4) serves as a European-style seafood grill for dinner, offering an array of delectable options. La Dame (Deck 4) presents an upscale French dining experience with classic dishes sourced from France. Silver Note (Deck 7) doubles as a jazz club and offers Peruvian fusion cuisine in a lively atmosphere. La Terrazza (Deck 7) transforms from a buffet for breakfast and lunch to an Italian restaurant for dinner, featuring traditional Italian fare. Arts Cafe (Deck 8) serves as a vibrant gathering spot offering light snacks and beverages throughout the day. The Grill/Hot Rocks (Deck 10) offers a casual dining experience with lunch options and an interactive grilling experience for dinner. Spaccanapoli (Deck 11) specializes in freshly made pizza served in an open-air setting. Room service is available 24/7, offering a diverse menu including breakfast selections and an extensive array of dishes.

A noteworthy feature is the All Around Dining service, allowing passengers to order from the room service menu anywhere on the ship outside of restaurant hours.

All cabins on Silver Muse are suites, with spacious balconies in most. They feature elegant décor in shades of brown, grey, and cream, with plush furnishings and amenities. Each suite includes comfortable bedrooms with flexible bedding arrangements and luxurious linens. The living areas vary by category but typically offer a cosy space with a couch, desk, and marble accents. Additionally, suites come equipped with a stocked mini-bar, bathrobes, slippers, and various amenities for guest use.

There are ample sockets and USB ports for charging devices, along with flat-screen HD TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi. Bathrooms are adorned with marble and offer both tubs and showers, with premium bath amenities provided. Teak balconies provide outdoor relaxation space, furnished with patio furniture.

Every suite enjoys personalised butler service, assisting with various tasks and requests throughout the cruise. Accessible cabins and connecting suites are available, accommodating different needs and preferences. Certain suites offer additional features such as two-bedroom configurations or expanded verandas.

Guests staying in higher-tier suites receive enhanced amenities, including complimentary internet, laundry service, and exclusive dining options. Royal and Grand Suites offer spacious layouts with multiple bedrooms and lavish furnishings, while Owner's Suites provide apartment-style living with versatile configurations.

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Deck 5
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Deck 9
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Best for...

Sophisticated international travellers who enjoy unusual destinations yet want a hint of traditional formality, complete with butler service

Not the best for...

Young families and American-centric cruisers who like to be casual all the time

Who goes on Silversea cruise ships?

Silversea caters to Baby Boomers, affluent and often retired, with the leisure and the resources to make Silversea their cruise line of choice. Silversea Expeditions also appeals to that demographic, as well as younger professionals with a desire for active cruising that includes posh cabins and stellar service alongside Zodiac expeditions, snorkelling excursions and in-port hikes. Shorter classic voyages also tend to draw younger passengers. About 60 percent of passengers onboard come from the Americas, the rest from international markets.

Do I have to dress up on a Silversea cruise?

Yes, if you are going on a classic cruise ship; no if you're sailing on a luxury expedition cruise. The classic ships divide evenings among casual resort wear, informal attire (for men, this means a jacket, tie optional, and women wear dresses or pantsuits) and formal nights when eveningwear for women is an evening gown or cocktail dress and men wear tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits, and a tie is required. The dress code is more casual on the expedition vessels, and there are no formal nights.

Is everything free on Silversea cruises?

Silversea cruises are fairly inclusive, with the only extras being shore excursions (except on Silversea's expedition cruises on which they're included in the cruise price), shop purchases, spa and beauty treatments, and send-out laundry. Some speciality restaurants also cost extra (and caviar on the room service menu). Cruise fares include gratuities, unlimited beverages (soft and alcoholic), internet access and round trip transportation into town in most ports. Most itineraries also include transfers to/from the ship, and some even include complimentary round trip economy airfare.

What are Silversea's most popular activities?

Onboard, each Silversea cruise ship has a pool and hot tubs that see a lot of action, and the spa gets a lot of use, as well. Silversea cruisers also enjoy attending lectures on the culture and history of the destinations they visit, and like to spend time in the library. Evening shows, which range from opera-themed to swing-era classics, also draw a crowd. When in port, most Silversea cruisers opt for one of the line's many shore excursion offerings. Expedition cruises bring cruisers together with experts to lead hiking, Zodiac, snorkelling, diving and other small group excursions.

  • Butler service in every suite
  • Complimentary beverages everywhere
  • Gourmet dining
  • Gratuities and personalised service onboard
  • Shore excursions and onboard lectures

Ultra-Luxury Cruises

Every detail taken care of...

Butler Service in Every Suite. All guests are pampered equally aboard our ships. We are the only cruise line in the world to include butler service in every suite, in every category. A staff-to-guest ratio of nearly one to one ensures that your every wish is fulfilled with earnest precision, from the concierge who can customise your voyage to the butler who serves your breakfast in suite.

Beverages in-Suite and throughout the Ship. Select wines, premium spirits, speciality coffees, as well as bottled water, juices and soft drinks are complimentary in all bars and lounges. Your suite’s mini-bar is also stocked with your preferred beverages including wines and spirits. Your butler will replenish them upon request.

Gourmet Dining. Delicious meals created with thought and panache, discerningly elaborated menus with perfectly balanced wine choices and a relaxed atmosphere with erudite friends – dining aboard any Silversea ship is the ultimate experience for people who only want superlatives. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Why not ask the couple you just met to join you? With our open-seating policy, arrive at your leisure and dine with whomever you please.

Gratuities. Our unwavering commitment to flawless service requires an attitude that is totally focused on the part of every member of the staff. Their professional training is readily apparent from the waiter who keeps your water glass filled to the chef who prepares your favourite soufflé à la minute. Yet surprisingly gratuities are not expected. They’re included in your fare. *Please note: Beauty salon and spa treatment gratuities not included.

Ashore Activities and Onboard Lectures. Enjoy included shore excursions – already available with Silversea Expeditions - in all ports and itineraries starting Summer 2022! Whether you travel on an expedition voyage to far flung places or on the ocean going fleet to iconic ports, rest assured the very best of the destination is included in your voyage. What’s more, our experienced and enthusiastic experts and expedition staff will share their knowledge in friendly onboard lectures, meaning you only have to listen to immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of the world!

NEW: Private executive transfer*: Silversea, in partnership with Blacklane, offers chauffeured transportation from guests’ home to their departure airport and home again at the end of their vacation. Silversea covers the cost up to 50 miles. Should the distance of the trip be longer than the covered mileage, guests can pay for the additional miles to Blacklane directly.


  • Air credit
  • Private executive transfer to and from your home
  • Shore excursions (Available on all Expedition voyages and will be available on Classic voyages starting March, April or May 2022 depending on ship and voyage. One per port/per day.)
  • Transfers and luggage handling
  • Complimentary city centre shuttle when applicable
  • Butler service in every suite category
  • Onboard gratuities
  • Multiple open-seated restaurants, serving diverse cuisine and an in-suite 24-hour dining service
  • Sustainable caviar on demand 24 hours per day
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne and selected wines, premium spirits, soft drinks, and more
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi


  • In-country flights on selected itineraries
  • Highly-qualified Expedition Team, comprising experts in their field
  • Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shore-side activities
  • Enrichment lectures by our Expedition Team
  • Complimentary expedition parka in cold water regions
  • Complimentary backpack and water bottle
  • Complimentary use of wetsuits and snorkelling equipment on selected voyages

While Silversea strives to serve guests all listed items, some items may be excluded in certain destinations, such as the Galapagos.

Terms & conditions

Executive transfers: This service will be available for bookings confirmed on or after 22 July, 2021 on voyages starting with the following departure dates in 2022: Silver Moon 30-Mar; Silver Cloud on 1 April; Silver Dawn on 1 April; Silver Origin on 2 April; Silver Wind on 4 April; Silver Explorer on 16 April; Silver Muse on 19 May; Silver Whisper on 22 May; Silver Shadow on 24 May and Silver Spirit on 31 May.

What's included in the Silversea Drinks Package?

What's included in the Silversea Drinks Package?

Complimentary beverages everywhere

Enjoy a glass or bottle of champagne, wine, beer, or premium spirits on the house. They’ll also ensure you’re well stocked with water, juices and soft drinks in the public bars and your suite. The Silversea promise is to keep your mini-bar full of your favourite drinks – alcoholic beverages (including wine, spirits and mixers) or cold bottles of water for hot, sunny days! Your butler will replenish daily, but if you want a little extra, ask, and they’ll ensure you get exactly what you want. No wish is too big or too small. Yes, really!

Prices based on:

Classic Veranda Suite
Classic Veranda Suite

The Classic Veranda Suite provides generous living space for voyagers. Located lower bow, the Classic Veranda Suite offers all the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect aboard — both inside and out. A generous expanse of interior comforts — elegant décor, stunning bathroom and ample seating area, make this a cosy home away from home. But perhaps this suite’s finest asset lies just outside, as floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a private veranda, making every sunset feel as if it is yours alone.

  • Veranda with sitting area, standard vanity, separate shower, and full-size bath
  • Walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • Queen-size bed with luxury bed mattresses, writing desk, and unlimited Standard Wi-Fi
  • 1 large flat screen TV with Interactive Media Library, direct dial telephone, wall mounted USB-C mobile device chargers, and dual voltage 110/220 outlets
  • Butler service with champagne on arrival, pillow menu, refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
  • Plush bathrobe, luxury bath amenities, umbrella, hair dryer, and slippers
  • Located on Deck 5 & 6

Superior Veranda Suite
Superior Veranda Suite

Located on the upper deck, and offering spectacular sunset views, the Superior Veranda Suite has all the comforts and luxury that you can expect aboard. A comfortable living space, attention to detail and a generous expanse of amenities, this stunning suite makes for a cosy home while on the seas. But perhaps this suite’s finest asset lies just outside, as floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a private veranda, making every sunset feel as if it is yours alone.

  • Veranda with sitting area
  • Separate shower and full-size bath
  • Queen size bed with luxury mattresses
  • Walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • Butler service with champagne on arrival
  • Unlimited standard Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, USB-C chargers, stocked bar, bath amenities, and slippers
  • Located on Deck 7, 8 & 9

Deluxe Veranda Suite
Deluxe Veranda Suite

The Deluxe Veranda Suite offers a comfortable living space, close to the heart of the ship. With its preferred mid-ship location and all the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect aboard, the Deluxe Veranda Suite is the savvy traveller’s paradise— both inside and out. Elegant décor, stunning bathroom and ample seating area, make this a cosy home away from home. But perhaps this suite’s finest asset lies just outside, as floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a private veranda, making every sunset feel as if it is yours alone.

  • Veranda, sitting area, walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • Standard vanity, separate shower, full-size bath
  • Queen size bed, writing desk, luxury bed mattresses
  • Unlimited standard Wi-Fi, large flat screen TV with interactive media library, direct dial telephone, wall-mounted USB-C mobile device chargers, dual voltage 110/220 outlets
  • Butler service, champagne on arrival, refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
  • Pillow menu, plush bathrobe, luxury bath amenities, umbrella, hair dryer, slippers
  • Located on Deck 6, 7 & 8

Grand Suite
Grand Suite

Indulge in the epitome of ultra-luxury cruising. The Grand Suite is for those who want to experience sailing in style. The sophistication of the Silversea philosophy coupled with ample interior and exterior space makes this the perfect choice for serious travellers. With the biggest verandas on board, enjoy entertaining new friends or simply sharing intimate meals while contemplating spectacular sunsets. Savour the sense of well-being offered by the luxurious furnishings and modern amenities. Offering an unprecedented level of relaxation, the Grand Suite is the perfect romantic getaway.

  • Separate dining area, living room with sitting area, and walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • King size bed, writing desk, and luxury bed mattresses
  • Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi, 2 large flat-screen TVs with Interactive Media Library, and sound system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Butler service, complimentary laundry, pressing & wet cleaning, and Champagne on arrival
  • Espresso machine, pillow menu, refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
  • Plush bathrobe, luxury bath amenities, hair dryer, and slippers
  • Located on Deck 8 & 9

Owner's Suite
Owner's Suite

Picture yourself taking a delicious breakfast on your private veranda. Imagine watching the sun set, a flute of chilled champagne in hand, setting sail for your next destination. Prestigious, classic and sophisticated, this stylish apartment suite offers the ultimate in finest accommodation on board. Set aside for those who seek a superlative level of space, comfort and service, the Owner’s Suite has it all. The adjoining bedroom, with its en-suite bathroom, offers its own spectacular sea views.

  • Separate dining area, living room with sitting area, double vanity, separate shower, whirlpool bath, walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • King size bed, writing desk, vanity table, luxury bed mattresses
  • Unlimited premium Wi-Fi, 2 large flat screen TVs with interactive media library, sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, direct dial telephone, wall-mounted USB-C mobile device chargers, dual voltage 110/220 outlets
  • Butler service, complimentary laundry, pressing & wet cleaning, dinner for two in La Dame (one evening per voyage), two hours of worldwide phone use (per voyage segment), champagne on arrival
  • Espresso machine, pillow menu, refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences, plush bathrobe, luxury bath amenities, umbrella, hair dryer, slippers
  • Located on Deck 9

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