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Celebrity Ascent


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Celebrity Ascent, a vessel that embodies sophistication and comfort in every detail. As part of the esteemed Celebrity Cruises fleet, this ship stands as a testament to contemporary elegance and innovative design.

Crafted to provide a haven on the seas, the Celebrity Ascent boasts a range of accommodation options designed to cater to diverse preferences. From luxurious suites exuding opulence to thoughtfully appointed staterooms offering comfort and style, every space has been meticulously designed to ensure a relaxing retreat for guests.

Indulge your culinary desires in the various dining venues meticulously curated by world-renowned chefs. From fine dining experiences to casual eateries, the ship offers an array of gastronomic delights that cater to diverse tastes.

Entertainment options abound, ensuring there's something for every guest's preference. The onboard theatre hosts captivating performances, while stylish lounges provide the perfect setting to unwind or socialise with fellow travellers. The ship's ambiance is complemented by live music, adding to the delightful atmosphere throughout the journey.

Experience rejuvenation and relaxation at the onboard spa and wellness centre. Whether it's a pampering spa treatment or invigorating fitness classes, guests can immerse themselves in moments of serenity while enjoying stunning ocean views.

Beyond the ship's amenities, curated shore excursions offer opportunities to explore diverse destinations. From cultural immersions to adventurous exploits, these experiences promise enriching encounters at each port of call.

The Celebrity Ascent prides itself on offering an exceptional cruise experience, prioritising outstanding service and a commitment to ensuring guests' comfort throughout their journey.

The Celebrity Ascent deck plan showcases several standout features that enrich the onboard experience. A notable inclusion is The Magic Carpet, a versatile space that extends from decks 2 to 16, functioning as a dynamic restaurant, bar, and embarkation area. This movable deck adds an element of novelty and flexibility to the cruise journey.

Passengers occupying suites have exclusive access to The Retreat, an exquisite enclave featuring a private pool, sundeck, lounge, and restaurant. This serene sanctuary offers a luxurious escape for those seeking an elevated level of comfort and privacy. The Retreat's lounge serves daily breakfast and hosts a delightful happy hour, enhancing the indulgent experience.

At the heart of the ship lies the Resort Deck, centred around the main pool area surrounded by artistic trees and overseeing two "martini glass" Jacuzzis, creating a visually stunning and relaxing atmosphere for guests to unwind and soak in the sun.

The Rooftop Garden is a captivating space combining lush greenery reminiscent of childhood playgrounds with sculptural seating that doubles as stages for live musical performances. This multifunctional area hosts daytime yoga sessions, various engaging activities, and in the evenings, transforms into a venue for live music and the innovative 'A Taste of Film' experience, blending movies and dining. The Rooftop Garden Grill, an exclusive eatery within this space, offers gourmet burgers during the day and transforms into an upscale barbecue joint at night.

Additionally, passengers can relish in the culinary delights at a raw bar on Deck 5 and experience the exclusive Luminae at The Retreat. Formerly a section of the main dining room, this standalone restaurant on Deck 11 caters exclusively to suite guests, offering delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, ensuring an exquisite dining experience throughout their voyage aboard the Celebrity Ascent.

On a Celebrity holiday, what graces your plate is as pivotal as your chosen destination. The fusion of gastronomic delights and exotic locales defines each experience. Transported by captivating aromas and tantalising flavours, your dining escapades become a passport to uncharted territories—right from your table. Step aboard the Celebrity Ascent for a culinary odyssey like no other.

Crafted under the expertise of Michelin-starred chef Cornelius Gallagher, the menus unfold as inspired narratives woven from the rich tapestry of global destinations. Every dish reflects the essence of the stunning regions visited during the voyage. Here, onboard culinary virtuosos masterfully wield locally sourced ingredients, transforming them into daily culinary delights. The result? An unparalleled dining extravaganza that redefines the very essence of fine dining at sea.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure where each meal transcends expectations. With each bite, you embark on a sensory exploration, unravelling the nuances of flavours meticulously curated by culinary maestros. Whether it's the delicate infusion of spices from Asia or the robust flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, the dining experience aboard the Celebrity Ascent is an exquisite tapestry of tastes and cultures.

Savour the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship amidst the ocean's embrace. From the freshness of locally caught seafood to the mastery of gourmet creations, each dish is a testament to culinary excellence. It's not just about satisfying your palate; it's about an immersive journey through taste, inviting you to savour every moment of the unparalleled dining experience offered on the Celebrity Ascent.

The Infinite Balcony cabins redefine the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, amplifying cabin size by nearly a quarter through the innovative use of bi-fold doors. Aboard this ship, 918 Infinite Veranda cabins, inclusive of 16 single-accommodation rooms, cater specifically to solo travellers for the first time in Celebrity's history. These cabins, exceeding 5,000 square feet each, offer a seamless blend of comfort and panoramic views.

Iconic Suites, sprawling across more than 5,000 square feet, stand proudly atop the bridge, facing forward to grant occupants the captain's perspective. These suites, boasting two bedrooms and 700-square-foot balconies extending over the bridge wing, provide the epitome of luxury. Each balcony hosts private Jacuzzis and cabanas, offering an exclusive retreat amid the open seas.

Elevating the allure of space, the Edge Villas, occupying two-level suites, feature an elevated master bedroom, expansive living room, and two spacious bathrooms. Spread across decks 14 and 15, the six Edge Villas offer maximum indulgence for discerning guests. These villas' balconies present private plunge pools, inviting occupants to luxuriate in absolute privacy while surrounded by breathtaking ocean vistas.

Onboard, these accommodations redefine the boundaries of luxury, seamlessly integrating sophisticated design with unparalleled comfort. Each option caters to different preferences, from solo travellers seeking tailored spaces to those craving the utmost opulence with panoramic views and exclusive amenities.

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