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Celebrity Beyond


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Celebrity Beyond is Celebrity Cruises' third Edge-class ship, and, normally, you wouldn’t expect a lot of change from one ship to the next. But so many improvements have been made to the 3,260-passenger vessel, including adding length as well as an extra deck, that the Celebrity Beyond experience does, in fact, surpass its predecessors.

The most popular areas have been redesigned. More and different types of suites have been added, with enlarged and improved amenities. Bars and theatres have been added and upgraded. The ship features more stylized design from names such as Kelly Hoppen and Nate Berkus; a new menu and better entertainment in the unusual Eden space and a restaurant from Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, his first at sea.

It all adds up to an onboard experience that is sophisticated, chic and adult-focused with a bit of flash; while Celebrity does allow children onboard, the vibe is not family forward. Think chic and urbane, with a raft of inclusions -- drinks and Wi-Fi -- meant to make an upscale vacation at sea a no brainer.

The Celebrity Beyond Deck Plan Includes More Outdoor Areas, More Bars

With an additional 65 feet of space, Celebrity Beyond's deck plan has more room in exactly the right areas. The ship's buffet, the Oceanview Café, has an enlarged bakery and a bar convenient to the pizza, as well as two additional food stations. Seating areas created by British designer Kelly Hoppen have been added at the ship's main pool, the Resort Deck, and the for-fee cabanas there now face the right direction: the pool where the action is.

Other outdoor areas where you'll notice more space than on Beyond's sister ships include the Rooftop Garden, which has become more usable, with more arty coverings to protect loungers from the elements. You'll find two plunge pools in this area, although be warned that these are not hot tubs and also give people walking by a distorted full body view of those swimming, not unlike a fun house mirror.

The Sunset Bar at the back of the ship is the most notable renovation on Celebrity Beyond. American designer Nate Berkus has transformed the space into a terraced, two-deck area heavy on Moroccan and Mediterranean influences. It's a fabulous place to linger, not just at sunset but even during the heat of the day, as there is plenty of shaded seating.

Inside the ship, the deck plan around the central Grand Plaza has been altered slightly to make room for a new bar, World Class, which features craft cocktails. The Martini Bar and the large chandelier that flashes and plays music has also been centred within the Grand Plaza, allowing more people to enjoy the "flair" of the talented bartenders. Fine Cut steakhouse no longer has an outdoor area; instead the specialty restaurant has more seating, including in "wine barrels" that overlook the Grand Plaza action, as well as supersized window seats for romantic sea views at dinner.

Celebrity Beyond Rooms Include New Suites with Expanded Retreat, Watch for Overhang

If you're looking for the suite life, Celebrity Beyond has more choices than before, and the amenities are also upsized. Highlights include the 1,892-square-foot Iconic Suite, where you're treated the same views as the bridge with a ton of private outdoor space. There's also a two-story Edge Villa that has fantastic design by Hoppen, as well as its own cute plunge pool.

That said, be careful with where you book your suite, or room, particularly if you're a sun lover. Because the top deck on Celebrity Beyond stretches a bit over the ship itself, many of the rooms on the higher deck don't get any sun on their balconies (infinite or otherwise). If you like to sit outside on your own deck for sun, you'll want to avoid these, as well as the rooms that sit underneath the Magic Carpet.

And to be honest, sun in your room might not matter, as the Retreat area for suite guests has an extra deck and more space, as well as a larger lounge. Luminae, the suite restaurant, is also nicer and larger, with better views.

AquaClass lovers also have a new choice in rooms, with Sky Suites that combine the spa amenities of the category with Retreat access and personal concierge service. Still, we were surprised that the AquaClass upgrade didn't come with any changes to Blu, the dedicated restaurant. It's still walled off, without windows and a lot of natural light.

The Infinite Verandas that debuted on Celebrity Edge remains a staple of Celebrity Beyond. We're still fans, although we don't love the layout that puts the bed so close to the closet. Check your cabin against the ship's deck plan carefully, and choose the layout that puts the beds closer to the balcony, if possible.

Food on Celebrity Beyond: Lots of Choices, Daniel Boulud's Le Voyage is a Winner

Like other Edge-class ships, Celebrity Beyond has four smaller main dining rooms that are included in the fare, as opposed to a large, traditional main dining room. This set up means that eating out always feels intimate and less "banquet-hall" than on some other cruise lines.

The Oceanview Café buffet also has plenty of choices, at all hours of the day; the new bar at the pizza area, plus the proximity to the Sunset Bar makes it a nice choice if you want to stay casual. The Sunset Bar also has a new menu of $8 eats, such as hummus and flatbreads, for afternoon noshes. You have to search to find some venues; the Mast Grill is particularly hard to find on the Resort Deck, and many people forget about that healthy choices are available at both the Solarium and the Eden Café.

Specialty restaurants on Celebrity Beyond abound, from sushi at Raw on 5 to upscale outdoor at the Rooftop Grill. While the Fine Cut steakhouse has served as a traditional date night splurge, we prefer Eden, which has a new menu from Celebrity's own Cornelius Gallagher centred around seafood and fresh ingredients. The dishes here appear as works of arts, and the cocktails are no slouch either.

The star of Celebrity Beyond's dining is Le Voyage, the first restaurant at sea from Daniel Boulud (who has his own Michelin stars). It's a stunning space, with dishes inspired by Boulud's international travels; the French menu has Thai, Brazilian and other global touches. You'll feel like you're in a fancy land restaurant -- our meal lived up to the $75 price tag.

Theatre and Shows on Celebrity Beyond

**The Theatre.** The main theatre on Celebrity Beyond has experienced a major glow-up from its Edge-class siblings. It now has technologically advanced full screens behind it that are used to enhance and supplement shows, making them next level.

Celebrity Beyond boasts three new shows. Elements uses what has become a Celebrity standard -- acrobatics, dancing and music. The other two, Arte and Stage Door, are lovely surprises. Arte features paintings that come to life on screen, often to dramatic effect. Stage Door goes beyond the typical Broadway/West End show, with filmed commentary on the musicals before numbers and engrossing clips of the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the background as the music is performed. There's even a duet where a live performer sings with a recorded performance of a Broadway star.

**Eden.** Eden has come a long way from when it first debuted on Celebrity Edge. The garden-inspired space has always inspired oohs and ahhs, as it contains multi-levelled seating, aft views and two restaurants. But the original Edenist performers drew cringes for their overly interactive style. The current crop of Eden performers on Celebrity Beyond are a bit saucy -- think Berlin cabaret -- rather than intrusive. They are talented and funny, with singing, dancing and gymnastics as part of the show. The House of Decadence show does have some audience participation, but it's campy and fun, as opposed to creepy.

**The Club.** The nightclub on Celebrity Beyond has actually been lightened up, thanks to the addition of a row of windows on the top level. This has turned it more into a multi-purpose space, rather than just a club. The same performers in Eden do a jazz-inspired show here, so if you like their style, seek it out.

Daily Things to Do on Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Beyond has a wide range of activities, from trivia to spa and shopping seminars. There are also plenty of places to relax, from the Rooftop Garden to the indoor Solarium to the newly cantilevered Sunset Bar. This is a ship where you can stay as active as you want during the day, or not.

The Celebrity app does a good job of outlining what's going on. While Celebrity Beyond is not a ship that hosts hairy chest contests, there are occasionally events and parties at the Resort pool deck, including a Sailaway party from every port. Movies are often played during sea day afternoons at the Rooftop Garden.

All in all, expect the overall vibe to be more chill rather than thrill.

Nightlife on Celebrity Beyond

Entertainment after dinner is central to Celebrity Beyond, with most people settling into a show at the theatre or in Eden or hanging at one of the many bars onboard. Live music or movies can be found at the Rooftop Garden, and you'll always find a crowd, sipping martinis, in the Grand Plaza, waiting for the next show from the expert shaker-tossing bartenders.

The Club has live music as well, and also turns into a nightclub after midnight. Eden hosts a Silent Disco, usually held once per cruise.

Celebrity Beyond has a casino, and it's blissfully smoke free. It's also off on its own, away from the Grand Plaza, so you can choose whether you want to listen to all the bells and whistles. You'll find slots as well as gaming tables for poker (three card and Texas Hold'em), blackjack, craps and roulette. Tournaments are held regularly; check the app for details.

Celebrity Beyond Bars and Lounges

Due to guest feedback, Celebrity Beyond has more bars and lounges than its siblings do -- and several of the ones that are familiar to Celebrity guests already have been given lovely makeovers. Here are a few of our favourites.

**For the best views:** The Sunset Bar has been revamped completely on Celebrity Beyond, and wow, is it a stunner. Designed by Berkus, the back of the ship bar has a Moroccan and Mediterranean feel, with cantilevered seating that spans two decks. You'll find seats in the sun and shade here, as well as specialty cocktails and a small bites menu. At sunset, it's downright magical.

**For a Sailaway alternative:** The Magic Carpet concept that debuted on Celebrity Edge is also on Celebrity Beyond -- and it remains an attractive bar with excellent sea views, particularly during sailaways.

**For poolside drinks:** Hoppen has put her stylish spin on the Pool Bar at the revamped Resort Deck, with new sunken seating areas that are not only stylish, but comfy and coveted.

**For a dash of showmanship**: The Martini Bar in the Grand Plaza is a Celebrity must-do. A flashing chandelier that has "shows" set to music are a rollicking accompaniment to the flair shown by the agile bartenders.

**For the cocktail lover:** The World Class craft cocktail bar is a new addition to an Edge-class ship. This small bar serves up innovative drinks in a corner that allows you to either watch all of the Grand Plaza action from above, or sneak away into a quiet corner.

**For an anytime pop in:** The lovely Eden bar can change its vibe by the hour, depending on what's going on. Quiet during the day, buzzy during trivia or absolutely hopping before a show or the Silent Disco, Eden has excellent cocktails and seating that either allows you to be part of it all or watch the action above.

Pools and Hot Tubs on Celebrity Beyond

**The Resort Deck.** Celebrity Beyond's main pool area has been expanded, with more seating and a swimming area that is one of the longest at sea. Like its Edge-class siblings, Celebrity Beyond has a signature sculpture that appears heavily in Instagram pics and TikTok videos -- an elephant being held up by a human.

The for-fee cabanas that line the Resort Deck are as visually stunning as ever -- and now they make more sense. Each one now faces the pool and all the action there, as opposed to a corridor. We can see people being more apt to plunk down the $499-per day rental fee, which gets you water, beer, sodas, fresh fruit skewers, limited food selection, cold towels and facial spray. You also get a choice of a bottle of wine, vodka or Champagne.

**Tip:** There are only a handful of in-pool loungers that sit on the lip of the pool, so show up early if you want to snag one.

Two large martini glass-shaped hot tubs anchor the upper Resort Deck. These can fill up during sea days. What's fun is to go out to the Resort Deck at night, when coloured LED lights add a festive atmosphere. This is also where Celebrity holds a Pride party once per cruise.

**The Solarium.** The adults-only solarium is covered by a glass dome and provides a nice escape if the elements are not cooperating. A giant hot tub surrounds a large pool and there are plenty of lounge chairs looking out. You get quite a bit of foot traffic between the Oceanview Café and the Resort Deck, but the Solarium is still an excellent place to relax and read.

**The Rooftop Garden.** Two new plunge pools have been added to one side ship near the Rooftop Garden. Two things you need to know about these pools. For one, they are pools and not hot tubs. And two, the pools distort the bodies within, almost like a fun house, which everyone can see as you're walking by.

The Retreat on Celebrity Beyond

Open exclusively to suite guests, the Retreat area was also fairly luxe on the other Edge-class ships. On Celebrity Beyond, more space has been added, both to the indoor lounge and within the outdoor areas, which has an entire extra deck added. A large pool is the centrepiece of the outdoor space, which is all attractively designed by Hoppen. Snag a swinging chair at the back of the pool if you can.

The Retreat is designed as a space where you can spend the entire sea day, if you wish. There's a bar and café where you can have breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack, and there are other options inside. A wide variety of seating options, ranging from clustered sofa areas to large daybeds and lounge chairs, are sprinkled throughout. Two hot tubs are also within the complex.

For our money, The Retreat is one of the best suite guest areas at sea. Between The Retreat and Luminae, it's worth upgrading to a Sky Suite so you can take advantage.

Sundecks on Celebrity Beyond

The two decks surrounding the main pool have plenty of loungers, many facing outward so you can enjoy the sea views. We like that there are options both in the sun and shade.

The Rooftop Garden isn't a sundeck, per se, but it's a lovely place to relax during a sea day. New on Celebrity Beyond are enhanced coverings to ward off sun and wind. We saw plenty of people taking afternoon naps on the tranquil sofas.

Services and Wi-Fi on Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Beyond has a guest services and shore excursion desk on Deck 3, in a space just off the Grand Plaza. There's a medical centre on Deck 2. Celebrity Beyond doesn't offer self-serve laundry, but you can send your laundry out for a fee.

Celebrity Beyond has several onboard boutiques, some with some higher end items. The first Stella McCartney boutique at sea is on the ship, and which also has a partnership with Marni and the New York jeweller Effy. Other designer names you'll find include Cartier, Bulgari and Montblanc. New for Celebrity Beyond is a La Maison du Chocolat pop up, located, ironically, across from the healthier restaurant onboard, Blu.

Celebrity has joined other cruise ships in the What Goes Around Comes Around program that offers preowned luxury goods, such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags, for sale. Goop products (but not the infamous female-centric candle) are now featured front and centre in the spa boutique, as are Beekman 1802 products made from goat's milk.

Basic Wi-Fi is included in all Celebrity Beyond fares. You can pay to upgrade to a premium package; suite guests get premium included in their fare. We found the Wi-Fi effortless onboard. We were able to log into our company's VPN and also stream Peloton classes on our phone.

The Celebrity app is one of the best at sea and is intuitive. We didn't miss a paper program at all onboard.

Spa and Thermal Suite on Celebrity Beyond

Wellness is a pillar of the Celebrity Cruises brand, and with Celebrity Beyond, actress and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow enters the picture as the line's Wellness Ambassador. You'll find goop products for sale in the stores and also as amenities in AquaClass.

Celebrity Beyond's spa is light and airy, designed by Hoppen. It's really the perfect place to relax and splurge a little on yourself, especially because many of the offerings are somewhat unusual. You'll find some high-tech facial, wrap and massage treatments on tap, with four specialty massage beds, including an I-dome with an infrared sauna and a quartz bed that purports to have special energy healing properties.

Lingo aside, we tried the Ocean Spa Wave bed, which is essentially a combo algae wrap/massage that takes place on a table that undulates like a waterbed. Special headphones add to the sensory experience. It's one of the best massages that we've had on a ship, and worth the hefty price as an indulgence.

**Tip:** Spa specials are usually offered on port days. Also note that an 18 percent gratuity is automatically added to the price of all treatments.

Beyond the spa treatment rooms, there are plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself at the hair and nail salon, the teeth-whitening room and the Kérastase Institute. Men have a barber shop.

SEA Thermal Suite on Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity has been a pioneer in thermal suites, and the SEA Thermal Suite has many of the features that first appeared on ships, including heated ceramic loungers. There are seven areas within the suite, including a salt therapy room, a water and colour therapy rainfall corridor, a hammam, an aroma steam mist room, a crystalarium and an infrared desert.

We were a bit disappointed that Celebrity Beyond lacks the swinging "birdcage" style chairs that are found in the spa on sisters Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex. We also missed having a thalassotherapy pool; there is wasted space outside the spa that could be used for some kind of water feature.

The SEA thermal suite is available to all passengers who book AquaClass, or you can buy sailing-long passes for an extra fee. Day passes aren't available.

Fitness and Gym on Celebrity Beyond

Fitness is front and centre on Celebrity Beyond, with a huge gym and the latest in equipment and classes, including Pelotons and F-45 training. The excellent health club at sea has top-notch cardio and resistance training, complete with inspiring sea views -- it's one of our favourite gyms at sea.

You'll also find a wide array of free weights, from dumbbells to kettlebells. You can take fitness classes, too, although the more intense ones have a fee. The jogging track on Celebrity Beyond is also better than what you find on most ships, with a sloped ramp that takes you between two decks, making the track more challenging. It's mostly clear of the deck chairs, and it's long enough that you won't get bored going round and round (five laps equals a mile).

Food on Celebrity Beyond is modern yet accessible at the same time; there are 18 restaurants. You won't be shocked by any of the dishes in the main restaurants, but you also won't be disappointed either, as you'll have plenty of choice. While you can easily have a lovely week on Celebrity Beyond by just eating at the included restaurants, the eight specialty restaurants are diverse and provide an extra level of date-night oomph to your trip.

Free Restaurants on Celebrity Beyond

**Main Dining Rooms** The four main restaurants onboard Celebrity Beyond are Tuscan, Cyprus, Cosmopolitan and Normandie. Each restaurant has a few exclusive dishes but otherwise they serve roughly the same menu every night. You can eat when you want or pick a set dining time. Every restaurant serves dinner, but breakfast and lunch can rotate, depending on the day.

**Oceanview Café Buffet** The buffet on Celebrity Beyond, Oceanview Café, is much lighter and brighter than what you might expect. On this ship, it has more stations than its Edge-class counterparts, as well as an extra bakery. A bar has been added at the back near the pizza station and convenient to outdoor seating. You can really get almost anything here. Of note are the Indian selections, which are worth seeking out, but a wide variety of other offerings are also on tap. The crew is still serving passengers (as opposed to a self-serve option) and will continue to do so.

**Blu** The AquaClass-dedicated restaurant has healthier ingredients and a more intimate atmosphere than what you find in the other dining rooms.

**Luminae** The suite passenger restaurant has become even better on Celebrity Beyond, compared with the sister vessels. It's larger, for one thing, with windows that stretch across the front of the ship. It's also more strategically located within The Retreat, so it feels more like a private "ship within a ship" experience.

**Mast Grill** You have to look a bit to find the ship's grill on the Retreat Deck, as it's wedged a level down from the poolside bar and lounging area. This is the place for midday burgers, dogs and other casual eats.

**Café al Bacio** Perhaps our favourite coffee shop on a cruise ship, Café al Bacio not only has the specialty coffee drinks that you can purchase, but it also features a rotating selection of pastries and small bites all day long. The almond croissants are delicious.

**Spa Café and Juice Bar** Another venue that can be difficult to find, the Spa Café is tucked away inside the Solarium Pool area. Light bites at breakfast and lunch are complimentary -- the yogurt parfaits are worth seeking out -- and you can pay to have goop-branded smoothies.

**Eden Café** Eden is a gorgeous venue on the ship, and one of the best ways to experience it during the day is by having a nosh here. It's open for breakfast and lunch, and there's also outdoor seating.

What Restaurants Cost Extra on Celebrity Beyond

**Dinner on the Edge** **$$$$** You'll have to seek out this meal, which is offered only once per cruise. But it's worth it to dine on the Magic Carpet poised above the water on Deck 14. The meal doesn't come with a set menu; instead, it's a chef's choice of items. These dinners sell out so if you're interested, ask when you board.

**Le Voyage** **$$$$** Now this restaurant, the first from Daniel Boulud, will require you to book before you even board the ship. The intimate 50-seat venue has staggered seating and restricted covers, so the soft space always feels as close to Michelin-starred dining as you can get (well, as close as you can get considering that you can hear the loud Martini Bar when the doors open). You can splurge on the six-course tasting menu with or without paired wines (for an extra fee), but the regular experience is special, too. A lovely date night at sea.

**Eden Restaurant ** **$$$** Not quite as exclusive as Le Voyage, Eden is no slouch when it comes to serving up an upscale date-night dinner. The menu has been redesigned by Celebrity's Cornelius Gallagher, who earned a Michelin star of his own at the New York restaurant Oceana. The result is an innovative menu that offers excellent ingredients such as Nova Scotia lobster and free-range lamb. The cocktails are also carefully made with an eye toward presentation, and if the pretty drinks and food aren't enough for your Instagram, there are awesome wake views.

**Fine Cut Steakhouse ** **$$$** The popular steakhouse has been expanded on Celebrity Beyond to have more seats, and while you can't sit outside anymore, the window-side views now make up for it (or if you want to watch the action in the Grand Plaza, there are new wine barrel booths that overlook it all). You'll find steakhouse staples here -- lots of beef cuts, as well as pork, fish and chicken. Indulge in some sides, but be warned that portions are large.

**Le Petit Chef at Le Bistro** **$$$** Now for something that we wouldn't describe as date night. Le Petit Chef combines dining with animation, where a small show takes place on your plate before you receive each course. We've found that this something that you'll either love or think is absolutely ridiculous; kids for sure will love it. Whether you think the small chef is the bomb, the food is plentiful and decent, with a meat course, a pasta course and dessert.

**Rooftop Garden Grill** ** $ (lunch), $$ (dinner)** If you haven't spent a lot of time on the Rooftop Garden, do yourself a favour and book yourself into lunch or dinner to give yourself time to enjoy. On Celebrity Beyond, the space is slightly larger than it is on the sister ships, and there is better protection from wind, sun, rain and the elements. (It's also chicer, with a Hoppen design.) Lunch has tasty handhelds and salads, whereas dinner is more substantial: think crispy cauliflower apps, hickory smoked grilled Branzino, seafood kebobs and other grilled items. Absolutely save room for the mason jar s'mores.

**Raw on 5** **$** Come hungry with your friends to this Japanese restaurant that specialises in sushi, sashimi, noodle bowls and seafood towers. Pricing is à la carte, or you can choose Raw on 5 in a specialty dining package that gives you a certain credit.

**Le Bistro ** **$** People sometimes forget about this French bistro, which is only open for lunch; the space is used by Le Petit Chef at night. That would be a mistake. The French onion soup is to die for here, as are the mussels and frites; fresh sandwiches on baguette or the array of buttery pastries.

**Sunset Bar** **$** The revamped Sunset Bar not only looks amazing, but it comes with a menu of reasonably priced Mediterranean noshes.

Cruise Critic Restaurant Picks on Celebrity Beyond

We loved the new Le Voyage restaurant on Celebrity Beyond; we'd pick that as our splurge date-night meal, as it seemed special from the first pour of Veuve to the last chocolate truffle. But don't miss the complimentary pastries at Café Bacio or the Indian food station in the Oceanview Café. Other for fee options not to miss include the raw bar and sushi at Raw on Five and the delicious French specialties at Le Grand Bistro.

Dietary Restrictions on Celebrity Beyond

Dietary restrictions are taken seriously on Celebrity, and the line has a program called DineAware that focuses specifically on crew awareness for food allergies and intolerances. You should tell your server at any restaurant if you have a food allergy so they can accommodate. Menus in the main dining rooms are marked with gluten-free, vegetarian, sugar-free and lactose-free symbols. The buffet has areas where vegan as well as gluten-free dishes are marked; there are also a wide array of gluten-free pastries and breads available. Separate galleys are used to prevent cross-contamination.

Celebrity Beyond has 1,646 cabins and can fit 3,260 passengers at double occupancy; maximum capacity is 3,731. Most cabins -- 81% -- have balconies, although on Celebrity's Edge-class ships, these are Infinite Verandas, with a window that comes down and forms more of a sunroom, as opposed to an actual step-out balcony.

Celebrity Beyond does carry 350 more passengers than its Edge-class siblings, and to accommodate them, the ship has an additional 179 rooms, including 22 more suites. There are 32 infinite veranda cabins for solo travellers, 178 connecting rooms, and also 25 accessible staterooms.

What to Expect in Rooms on Celebrity Beyond

The smallest cabins on Celebrity Beyond start at 181 square feet, which -- while smaller than a standard hotel room -- is a nice starting size for a large cruise ship. While not everyone likes infinite veranda staterooms, primarily because some people just prefer to be able to actually step outside, we prefer them because they do provide a bump in indoor space.

All cabins come with two twin beds that can be combined to form a queen- or king-sized bed (Celebrity bills its beds as having cashmere mattresses, and they are super comfy), nightstands, an interactive TV, closet, safe, refrigerator, desk and chair, sofa and dresser. There's a large power outlet station on the desk with outlets for both U.S. and European chargers, as well as USBs. There is also a USB plug on one side of the bed, which is unfortunate for one person in the room.

The infinite verandas have two chairs and a small table; you control the balcony window from the door. The app also has lighting and climate control buttons so you can adjust everything from your phone when you're in bed.

All in all, the rooms are airy and well designed, with a neutral colour palette interspersed with pops of colour. You'll feel at home.

Cabin Bathrooms on Celebrity Beyond

The bathrooms on Celebrity Beyond feel and look modern, although you'd still be hard-pressed to have more than one person using them at a time, at least in the non-suite cabins. The showers have glass doors and a foot bar for shaving. Hair dryers are provided. Included toiletries are shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.

Aqua Class Suites on Celebrity Beyond

AquaClass is what Celebrity has traditionally called its spa class, and on Celebrity Beyond, a bit more attention has been paid to the category, thanks to the line's partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness company, goop.

All AquaClass rooms on Celebrity Beyond include access to the ship's Sea Thermal spa area, the dedicated restaurant Blu for breakfast and dinner, upgraded shower amenities, yoga mats for use while you're onboard, and water refreshed daily. The rooms also have an enhanced shower, although we heard mixed reviews of this feature while we were onboard.

New to Celebrity Beyond are 20 AquaClass Sky Suites, which combine the amenities of AquaClass with the perks of the suites, including access to The Retreat. These cabins are 319 square feet and feature large spa tub/showers in their very large bathrooms.

Sky Suites and Other Suites on Celebrity Beyond

Sky Suites are the entry-level suite on Celebrity Beyond. Moving up to this level of room gets you not only more space -- the cabins start at 298 square feet and go to 319 square feet -- but more amenities such as Retreat access and dining at Luminae. Bathrooms in Sky Suites also have large spa tubs.

Sky Suite passengers and above also get premium drinks, premium Wi-Fi, onboard and shore excursion credit, as well as access to a personal concierge (e.g. butler). One note: If you want a Sky Suite that faces the ocean as opposed to the wall, make sure it's not underneath the Magic Carpet space, which moves up and down the side of the ship.

Sky Suites are only the beginning; Celebrity Beyond features a number of different suite offerings, all designed by Hoppen. You can go all the way up to the two-bedroom Iconic Suite, which has a whopping 1,892 square-feet of interior space and a 698 square-foot outdoor area that extends over the bridge and has its own hot tub and double daybed.

Cabins to Avoid on Celebrity Beyond

A few things to check when picking your room or suite: If you like having sun on your balcony, you are going to want to make sure that you're either on a lower deck to avoid shade from the top deck overhang or that you're on the opposite side of the ship from the Magic Carpet, which often hangs out at Deck 16 and casts a shadow below.

Some infinite veranda rooms also have the beds in the area closer to the balcony, as opposed to being up against the closet. We prefer the former, as the area between the beds and the closet can get cramped with two people.

Cruise Critic's Cabin Picks

**Budget.** Celebrity Beyond has double the number of solo infinite balcony cabins than the other Edge-class ships, so why not grab 182 square feet all to yourself?

**Splash.** We think the Sky Suites are some of the best introductory suites in the industry, thanks to all the attendant perks such as The Retreat and Luminae.

**Splurge.** The new Edge-class two-story suites have a lot of design flair, plus their own plunge pool.

**Family.** For the well-heeled family that wants a lot of amenities and no hassle (plus free laundry), the Penthouse Suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and lots of room to spread out.

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