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Resilient Lady


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The 2,700-passenger Resilient Lady was the third vessel to join the Virgin Voyages' expanding fleet.

Like its sisters, Resilient Lady offers numerous inclusions in the fare, such as a basic beverage package, gratuities, Wi-Fi and fitness classes, the latter reflecting the adult-only line's "Vitamin Sea" ethos of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Resilient Lady Offers Non-Standard Cruising Fun

Set sail on the Resilient Lady by Virgin Voyages, a ship breaking boundaries in the world of cruising! Imagine a luxurious and environmentally conscious getaway – that's what this ship is all about. This isn't your typical cruise; it's adults-only and designed for everyone who loves adventure and relaxation. You'll feel the vibrant energy and an inviting atmosphere from the moment you board. Indulge in top-notch dining experiences curated by incredible chefs, discover serene wellness areas for ultimate relaxation, and enjoy comfy, modern cabins that cater to your every need. But here's the kicker – they're also serious about caring for our planet! With eco-friendly practices and innovative technologies, the Resilient Lady sails the seas responsibly. So, whether you're a travel enthusiast, a relaxation seeker, or an eco-conscious explorer, this ship promises an unforgettable journey for everyone looking to cruise in style!

Resilient Lady Will Feature Energy-Saving Technology

All staterooms will have sensors that detect whether or not the cabin is occupied, allowing the blinds to shut automatically and the air conditioning and lighting to adjust to optimal power-saving settings. Virgin Voyages uses Climeon, a technology that utilizes heat generated from the ship's engines to produce electricity thereby decreasing the demand for fuel. Virgin Voyages is also offsetting its direct climate change emissions by purchasing carbon offsets by supporting renewable energy initiatives such as wind and solar projects.

Resilient Lady Specs

Resilient Lady is 110,000 gross tons and will carry 2,700 passengers at full capacity, with 1,150 crew.

Daytime Activities on Resilient Lady

On Virgin Voyages' Resilient Lady, your daily schedule isn't slipped under your cabin door – it's all on the app, and they encourage you to use it. The app's fantastic, not reliant on Wi-Fi, and details activities, events, shows, and bookings for classes like Yoga or Pilates. During the day, The Roundabout hosts a DJ and provides ample seating for people-watching. Workout classes, including themed ones like '80s workouts, are available on deck and in the Manor. The Social Club offers free games like air hockey and foosball, while The Arcade has classic video games like Space Invaders. Want to mix things up? Try a mixology, coffee crafting class, or a Squid Ink tattoo. Pro Tip: Fitness classes fill up fast; book early.

Nightlife Aboard Resilient Lady

At night, the ship buzzes with live music, DJ sets, dancing, and spontaneous performances in various public spaces. Venture into The Dock, and you might witness impromptu musical performances or the band playing the engaging show Phantom Tales, a mix of micro-plays and soulful songs. Additionally, Scarlet Lady features the resident sexologist Dr. A in the late-night lounge Never Sleep Alone, an interactive show that pushes boundaries and involves the audience in playful and daring ways.

The ship also offers a vibrant nightlife scene with a DJ spinning tunes in The Roundabout. The Casino, located on Deck 6, offers various games and promotions, including Scarlet Night, where guests are encouraged to wear red and join the party on the pool deck after the top-deck show, Odysea.

Theatre and Entertainment

The Red Room, not your typical theatre, boasts flexible seating arrangements that adapt to each show. We witnessed Duel Reality, a spectacular performance blending West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet with street dancing and acrobatics, creating an immersive and thrilling experience.

The Manor, the ship's nightclub, stands out with its double-height space, dance floor, and varied entertainment, hosting live bands and DJ sets.

Bars and Nightlife Selection

Resilient Lady offers a plethora of bars and lounges. Richard's Rooftop is a VIP space with craft cocktails and a relaxed ambience. Draught Haus, below a circular stairway, serves various beers and unique concoctions. For an elegant experience, visit Sip Lounge, reminiscent of a 1920s Art Deco bar, offering Champagnes, cocktails, and even High Tea. The Groupie is perfect for karaoke enthusiasts, boasting private karaoke booths. Grounds Club offers top-notch coffee and pastries, ideal for a morning pick-me-up.

Outdoor Activities and Relaxation

The Aquatic Club on Deck 15 features pools and hot tubs, though the main pool is more for lounging than swimming. There is ample space for sunbathing, with both loungers and private cabanas. While pricey, the Redemption Spa's Thermal Suite offers various calming experiences, from mudrooms to saunas and breathtaking views.

Fitness and Wellness

Virgin goes all out with fitness, offering dedicated spaces like Bike and Burn and Build & Balance for workouts. They've even installed a bright-red running track above Deck 16 and equipped the ship with basketball courts, outdoor training, and a boxing ring. Fitness classes are free and plentiful, and even a dedicated yoga instructor is available. It's a fitness enthusiast's paradise at sea.

Virgin Voyages' 20+ Award-Winning Eateries

Virgin Voyages is revolutionising the onboard dining experience, crafting each dish with fresh ingredients and a made-to-order ethos. Their culinary repertoire spans from delectable food truck classics to extravagant ten-course tasting feasts. Endorsed by a collective of Michelin-starred chefs, these gastronomic marvels have secured accolades, including the coveted 'Best Dining' title from Cruise Critic in the UK and USA, along with a slew of awards from revered publications like Conde Nast, Travel Weekly, Cosmopolitan, and Travel + Leisure. Here's a glimpse into some of the standout venues:

The Wake - Steak & Seafood

Radiating sophistication and nostalgia, The Wake reinvents the classic mid-20th-century chophouse with a modern twist. Descending the grand staircase reveals an ambience reminiscent of a bygone steakhouse era, offering breathtaking views of the ship's wake.

Razzle Dazzle - Unique Flavours

A haven for relaxed and chic dining experiences at sea, Razzle Dazzle serves breakfast, a sensational all-day boozy brunch, and dinner. Whether seeking healthy fare or indulgent coconut milk fairy french toast, this vibrant hub reimagines beloved American comfort classics amidst striking decor.

Pink Agave - Elevated Mexican Cuisine

Transporting guests to Mexico's vibrant culinary landscape, Pink Agave offers a taste beyond the ordinary taco. With bold flavours designed for sharing, this venue immerses diners in authentic Mexican cuisine, accompanied by an impressive array of tequila and mezcal found nowhere else at sea.

Gunbae - Dynamic Korean BBQ

Celebrating the joy of hands-on meat grilling and savouring soju, Gunbae offers an immersive Korean BBQ experience. Vibrant and interactive, it sets the stage with a traditional Korean drinking game and a complimentary shot of soju, fostering lively social connections.

Extra Virgin - Tempting Italian Fare

Embracing Italian traditions, Extra Virgin showcases dishes inspired by diverse regions of Italy. This culinary journey celebrates cultural richness and flavoursome delights, from shared antipasti to freshly crafted pasta and grilled meats.

The Test Kitchen - Culinary Experimentation

A culinary adventure awaits at The Test Kitchen, resembling a laboratory and a dining destination. With evolving tasting menus curated by visionary chefs, this avant-garde culinary academy promises an unconventional gastronomic experience.

And that's not all...

Indulge in 24-hour room service, delectable ice cream, all-day pizza, tapas-style plates, The Galley's freshly prepared bento boxes and expertly crafted burgers. Calories don't count on holiday - but if you want to burn off your brunch, the array of included fitness classes and access to cutting-edge gym equipment has you covered.

Resilient Lady's Cabin Experience

Resilient Lady's cabins epitomize a modern and playful ambience, offering a range of accommodations from cosy interiors to luxurious suites designed to evoke a rock star lifestyle. Most cabins feature "terraces" (balconies in traditional terms), and an impressive 93% of staterooms provide scenic ocean views. The ship houses 46 cabins tailored for solo travellers, predominantly inside staterooms and ten accessible rooms spread across various categories.

Cabin Features Aboard Resilient Lady

Resilient Lady's cabins are characterised by contemporary designs prioritising guest comfort, even within limited spaces. Intelligent furniture choices enable dual functionality, with sofas converting into beds for added convenience. While the bathrooms may be compact, they feature generously sized showers, albeit compromising on sink and vanity space.

Standard cabin amenities include queen beds convertible into twin setups, desks, chairs, sofas, night tables, mini-fridges, wardrobes, and safes. Technological conveniences abound with large flat-screen TVs, multiple U.S. outlets, USB charging ports, and a tablet controlling room features like lighting and temperature.

Refreshing water carafes are provided during morning servicing and evening turndown, a thoughtful touch ensuring guest comfort throughout their stay.

Cabin Categories on Resilient Lady

The ship offers cabins across three primary categories: inside rooms without exterior access, outside rooms featuring portholes for natural light, and balconies allowing private verandas.

In line with standard cruise ship dimensions, cabins on Resilient Lady range from compact 105-square-foot spaces to expansive suites spanning 2,147 square feet – exceeding the size of many New York City apartments.

Suites and Balcony Cabins

Balcony cabins on Resilient Lady cover a comfortable 265 square feet, boasting modern decor with vibrant accents and spacious verandas. However, storage space under the bed might be limited due to convertible furniture.

Resilient Lady's suites, named "Rockstar Quarters" and "Mega Rockstar Quarters," exude an exclusive vibe, featuring mood lighting and amenities like record players, blending nostalgia with contemporary luxury.

Starting at 352 square feet, suites offer exclusive perks such as access to "Richard's Rooftop," dedicated agents, premium Wi-Fi, bar tabs, and more.

Cabin Bathrooms

Cabin bathrooms exhibit utilitarian designs, providing essential facilities, including toilets, basins, and modest storage shelves. Showers are more extensive than typical cruise-ship setups, featuring glass doors, rain showerheads, and branded amenities by Virgin.

Suite bathrooms boast luxurious touches such as marble finishes, peek-a-boo showers, and upgraded Red Flower bath products.

Accessible cabins offer barrier-free shower entry, grab rails, folding benches, and raised toilet heights for enhanced accessibility.

Cabin Recommendations

For Solo Travelers: Consider specially designed solo traveller cabins for stunning views without single supplements.

Budget-Friendly: Opt for a straightforward inside cabin for convenient access near elevator banks.

Group Accommodation: Book a Sea Terrace cabin accommodating four individuals with additional beds.

Unparalleled Views: Explore the Cheeky Corner suites on the ship's aft corners for breathtaking vistas.

Value Splurge: Indulge in the Brilliant Suite, offering exceptional value with spacious interiors, a generous balcony, and entry-level Rock Star perks.

Ultimate Luxury: Experience opulence in the Massive Suite, boasting lavish amenities, a large balcony, and ample space for gatherings.

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