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Arctic & Northern Lights cruises

Arctic & Northern Lights cruises including Norway, Iceland & Greenland

The remote Arctic, the northernmost region of the Earth centred on the North Pole, is characterised by its distinctive polar features of landscape, climate, plant and animal life. It’s a region blessed with natural beauty: from boiling mud pools and spurting geysers to glorious glaciers and stunning waterfalls.

Derived from the Greek, Arktos, referring to the northern constellation of the Bear, the Arctic is a region only recently fully-charted by bold explorers and navigators from the last century. Going beyond the Arctic Circle delivers a region of outstanding natural beauty and a mystical remoteness that many find beguiling.

Arctic cruises offer an eclectic mix of experiences: from the awe-inspiring blue icebergs of Qaqortoq to walking in the footsteps of Erik the Red from the village of Narsarsuaq. Any passion for scenery, natural beauty and wildlife is easily satiated in breathtaking landscapes witnessed on an Arctic voyage. The opportunity to catch a glimpse of whales, manatees, seals or a multitude of bird life adds to the Arctic’s distinct personality.

The spellbinding Norwegian Fjords are a natural wonderland of sheer cliffs, towering mountains, mighty waterfalls and rolling valleys, interspersed with charming, chocolate box towns and villages. Cruising with Fred. Olsen is the best way to experience this incredible region. They divert away from well-travelled sea routes and into glassy, near-silent waterways such as the astonishing, UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord to show you the more scenic paths, and bring you closer to jaw-dropping highlights including the Briksdal Glacier; the Seven Sisters and Fureberg waterfalls; Flam’s world-famous railway; and many more.

Beyond the magical fjordland, a thousand years of history and culture is packed into enchanting cities: Hanseatic Bergen, famed for its Bryggen Wharf and Mount Fløyen; Oslo, the cosmopolitan capital; and stylish Stavanger are sure to delight. Venture even further to Norway’s Arctic north and your adventures may feature chances to visit remarkably remote islands and settlements in the Svalbard archipelago; uncover Alta’s fascinating Sami culture; explore unspoilt Arctic wilderness via a traditional husky-pulled sled; or even marvel at the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.


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